ColorChallenge - Red Monday

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I was going through my gallery and suddenly found out this particular RED ROSE. One of the most beautiful flower that is out there.

To say that the flower has its own charm and we do have used it at one point of our life and that sure was a memorable one. ;) Our life is full of surprises and when it turns out to be good than we do sure enjoy it but unfortunately if it does not than we do not take it so lightly but to accept the faith of life you do should learn when to get down and from where to rise !

The Beauty of the Nature is immense it is us that needs time to get look at it.Take some time out everyone ;)


Copyright © 2018 the image is captured by me

Have a pleasant day everyone !

Stay Blessed My Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


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Wooow! So beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Thanks you love

Great to see you after a long time !

Pretty butterfly! ❤ Gorgeous! I love the contrast and wonderful colours! 👌

Thanks my friend but seems like you have mistaken it for BUTTERFLY ;)

Khop sundur Lal rose...i like it

Glad that you did :)

Hey friend @rehan12 that's lovely red rose friend 😊 nice Photography

Thanks my friend :)

Thanks for being here !

a beautiful color

Thanks man !

You are welcome, friend

beautiful rose,I love this flower

Thanks mate

Awesome shot dear amazing artist you are, I think you are a great nature lover ,keep it up dear God bless you
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Thanks for your beautiful words mate !

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