Voting Weight for SP less than 500 - SP小于500也可以通过程序来设置点赞百分比

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It is said that, if you have less than 500 SP, you won't see this voting weight bar when you upvote.

It means that each vote is 100%, which you could verify on steemd.
如果看不到条,你的点赞是100%的,在 steemd 上查询是这样的:

I write a Python script to verify this:

def vote(id, key, url, score = 100.0):
  wif = {
      "posting": key
    steem = Steem(keys=wif)    
    return(, score, id))

For example, vote('some_id_less_than_500sp', key, 'some_url', 30) is successful even for minnows with less than 500 SP
比如 vote('some_id_less_than_500sp', key, 'some_url', 30) 是成功的:

Apart from this, I learn that:

If a post or comment has been voted, when you upvote it again:

  • If the voting weight is the same as last time, nothing will happen i.e. nor the blockchain will not accept your vote, neither it will consume your voting power.
  • However, if the voting weight for that post or comment is different, the blockchain will accept this vote, update the voting weight and you will consume the voting power.


  • 如果点赞百分比和已经点赞的百分比是一样的,那么系统不会接受你的这次投票,不会消耗你的 Voting Power
  • 如果点赞百分比和上次点赞的不一样, 那么系统会授受你的这次投票,并且更新你的投票比重和消耗你的 Voting Power

You could also enforce a duplicate-upvote-check locally, marking a vote has been done in local file system or database.


def vote(id, key, url, score = 100.0):
  wif = {
      "posting": key
  fn = id + '_' + md5(url) + '_' + str(score) 
  ok = not os.path.isfile(fn)
  if not ok:
    print("voted already: " + fn)  
    steem = Steem(keys=wif)    
    print("voted: " + fn)
    return(, score, id))

This actually is 50% of the voting robots such as @randowhale and @minnowbooster where the 50% rest is to listen the transactions of the wallet, make votes and record them in the database (or filesystem).

这样其实已经完成了 @randowhale 或者 @minnowbooster 点赞机器人的50%工作, 剩下50%就是 监听钱包到帐,然后根据钱的数量 投个票, 记录在数据库(或者文件中).

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试试看 ,py大法好!

經過差不多兩個月,很高興昨天終於看到這條 bar 😊




哈哈~ 小時候沒有那個百分比比較不困擾啊 XD

痛苦的一大原因就是 拥有选择