Toke Back with the Weekly Recap #16

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Welcome Back to the Weekly Recap

What up everyone, another edition of the weekly recap here. We have a contest this week for a chance to win some Steem Basic Income, just guess a number between 0 and 420 and leave it in the comments section of the contest post as well as join our discord where the draw will take place.

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Thanks again to all the delegators, trail makers, radio host's and all other contributors of this great community. We're now supporting 113 accounts with our daily upvotes! Lets overgrow Steem and the World with this amazing plant and all its miracles!

Now on to the Recap!

Can I fertilize my cannabis plants with poop from the lawn?

@drutter has crafted a fascinating post here about creating a fertilizer from let over worm poop he found on his lawn.

Square1 genetics banana butter cups day 42 Cheers familia

An indoor garden update from @blowintreesgrdn. Just a few quick pics here accompanied by a little bit of tag art.

Today's Weed News For October 9th 2018 #UNITEDKINGDOM brings his edition of the daily weed news with some exciting news for medical patients in the UK.

New indoor adventure

Looks like @kawa23 is about to embark on a new adventure in his indoor garden. We look forward to some future updates.

Gelato Cannabis ~ Lab Tested

Some very frosty Gelato is the highlight of this strain review by @gclipse

SmokeLog, smokespot, hash photo and few thoughts written down

@psyceratopsb busting out the hashish and calling all lovers to post some of their concentrates.

Smoking on some Sauce

Here is some of that sauce. Anyone who hasen't tired this concentrate needs to get their hands on it. Flavor packed and just a step above you shatter. Thanks for sharing this @closetcanada!

Cannabis Series / EP. 22 / Medical Canna Popcorn

Here comes an easy and fun recipe by @lordoftruth for some canna popcorn.

Edibles From Amsterdam Part 2, Hella High!!

@sieses receives a lovely gift from his girlfriends trip to Amsterdam. An exciting night awaits.

Break time ganja.

@ganjafarmer posts up a little tribute to @cowboyblazerfan's frosty looking grow.

Patient Education on CBD at Medical Alternatives Dr Office

Wouldn't it be fun to work in the cannabis industry? Here's a post from @consciousangel7 where she writes about how she loves her job to educate patients on cannabis.

Hitgirl Pheno #3.

A garden update on his Hitgirl Pheno #3 from our favorite mushroom expert @a1-shroom-spores.

Win Steem Basic Income!!

Here is a super easy contest, just pick a number and join discord for you chance to win some Steem Basic Income from @Canna-Curate

Legal Weed - Day 1 in Victoria, BC

Legalization has hit Canada and this is a tale of @keithboone's attempt to purchase cannabis at a "The Farmacy" in Victoria BC.

Who loves Mendocino outdoor?

@sloe shares their experience up the Mendo Mountian in this short but sweet post.


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Written by: @bluntsmasha
With curation text contributions by: @Jonyoudyer
Photos by: @bluntsmasha


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Some great people within the cannabis community here! Hopefully we can continue to grow and support each other in such a positive manner. Well done blunt with the recap!

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