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Steem Og rocking the new Canna-Curate tee shirt.


So here is a little contest to get some Steem back into the community. The rules are simple. All you need to do is make sure you are a member of the Canna-Curate Discord, and pick a number between 0-420. That's it. I will choose a number with a random number generator in 7 days. Good luck!

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So hit that banner and come network and chill with like minded people.

12.5SP - 25SP - 50SP - 100SP - 250SP - 500SP - 1000SP


I guess 323. :)

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Sup everyone @canna-curate
I Been non stop since Sept 20. Had 0 time for Steemit. But im finishing everything up and will have more time to check in to see how everones growing. 😉
Here is a advanced trick. @jonyoudyer Most woud think im crazy. But works...
Have you tried to "drought stress". Use this technique If your plants are perfectly healthy at this point in bloom. During the last2-3 weeks to maxamize all round quality and yield. If done right, this Brings everything you want from your Steem OG out. the sugars etc maximizing thc, terps, and resins. Watch it pop when the leafs drop.
top shelf Steem OG.

Hay @billmega, you saw my post the other day, I'm outdoor 4 plants, oh man the Blue City Diesel has turned completely 100% purple from cold temps, unreal! If I'm ready to flush on the diesel, should I try this and push it, we've had 75 degree days this week, amazing, however, rains coming back next week and trichomes looking close on the diesel..

Yo @kimmysomelove . I would try. You certainly have the skills to push the envelope. Pretty easy technique to impliment if you have all else in line. Your plants look healthy really excellent! The ladies could easily handle the stress. It will be harder on you than them. Lol trust me. Diesel mmmmmm

Any suggestions on dark as well? I have friends growing inside and the swear by putting girls in dark for 2 days before take down, says it sugars up and gets bigger from the dark stress? Might be tricky with my that are bending over and all over the place...

Im not a fan of light stress and results vary to extreme expecially with fem seeds. But thats a whole other topic/lesson.
However outdoor or greenhouse I wouldn't bother trying light deprivation. It's just too much work! and doesnt really work!. Even Indoor light stress gives not amazing results. Know what im sayin?
Not to be a dick to your friend but Turning off the lights for the last two days makes little to 0 sense. Maybe save on your hydro bill?
I find you can't beat drought/Nute stress for max results.
Once those leaves start to wilt they have pushed all the moisture and goodness to the bud, the bud wants to use that energy to protect the flower. Thus more of everything you want.
Don't forget like most women. Lil Miss MJ is very resilient. once a good oxygen rich "peroxide" water, with a quarter dose macro nutes and half dose micro nutes is applied. Make them wet and watch those ladys leaves get erect really fast.
use very Little nutes if your on complete flush. Just peroxide water with natural sugars Maple or molasas or suger daddy of your choice.
Soak the ladies very well, this can be difficult and they take time to moisten completely. ;) Ok Ok I'll stop.
Trays definitely help.
Buds will continue to draw from the leaf on drought.
You Just have to make them want to peak before you fill them out.
I'm happy to spread the love with @kimmysomelove.

Hell yez!!! Thanks for this @billmega! I'm currently taking a break from big leafing and misting them with Hydrogen Peroxide solution and water, there were several spots on big leaves today and I've been on it, funny I just did it for p.m and the plant spirits Im not kidding... told me to only use the peroxide, I have fans on them, not while pruning and such those areas of course. I found one caterpillar on my Blue Diesel, little shit, poopin all over my medicine, got it fast, sprayed the top nug with the hydrogen peroxide water cause I saw poop a doop and that lttle turd f*cker came running out! So many factors growing outside! Cool on the wilt then spray game, 1 Tbs hydrogen Peroxide to 1 gallon of water, how much unsulfered molasses per gallon for spraying? I've only used molasses in watering and I guess in my compost teas, really watered that down though. I recently found out they are putting stabilizers in Hydrogen Peroxide, it will say right next to the solution name stabilized and typically that can be aluminum or something else( piss off with that), you can take peroxide throw in freezer for two nights, and what doesn't freeze , pour off and that is food grade peroxide. f.y.i, you forgot the 42 in my name it's only ya know part of the meaning to EVERYTHING!🌟 😍🌎

Interesting. This is clicking with me, cause I know the wines being made in the drought years here in California are phenomenal! Maybe ill try with one plant.

How did no one pick 420 well i clearly will haha

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going with my area code to really represent 😎


Loving the shirts! Take my STEEM already, I want one!!!!!! hahaaa

are decimals allowed? LOL 4.20 is my second guess if decimals are in play 😂

Wow... very nice

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I just joined the discord now - and choose 13

My number is 003

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