Gelato Cannabis ~ Lab Tested

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Hello steem community I’m back have not posted for a minute I want share with you this amazing nug of gelato that my freind David grows.

Gelato is Hybrid Strain.

Lab Tested 28%Thc.

Taste like Ice Cream.


Thank You For Viewing My Post.
I Will Be Posting More.

When steem Prizes Are Up.

I Feal Like Waste Of Photos & Stories.
Hope You Guys Like My Cannabis.

upvote resteem comment.



Wow, talk about frosty nugs 😍

Snowing lol

woo ho !!! Ho my god !!! Delicius !!!

lol XD!!

Thank you

Looks delicious! I'm slightly jealous.

Lol thank you

Send me a cut to Spain!? I don't want to go from seed it takes to long to find the right pheno amd many times the feminized stuff hermies. I'll trade you a peyote cactus. What do you think?

Glad to see your South Cali bud on the block chain.

Thank You I Do Post often but I have great photos that have more value.

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Thank you

Nice looking weed

That’s the real deal Gelatos

Thank you

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