Toke Back with the Weekly Recap #11

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Welcome Back to the Weekly Recap

Another week goes by with great growth and love through out the cannabis community and blockchain in general. This week we want to bring a little bit of attention to another contest we're holding. This one is for a @Canna-Curate Steem Monsters Guild Banner. @Skylinebuds has generously donated 3 cards as prizes for this contest, check out the details here.


Now back to the Recap!

Another Contest Win - FOR US!! Paying it Forward to a great initiative: @canna-curate

@grow-pro won our contest for Thor logo, but the real winners is the community! This is a great example of paying it forward on the blockchain!! This post made my day, and I’m sure it will make yours!!

pink kush flowers half way to maturity!

It almost seems like yesterday when @drutter cracked his pink kush seeds. Now there halfway through flower stage. This is very illegal, even in Canada, but @drutter gives a middle finger to the man!!

Citrus With A Sweet Berry Twist, Lemonchello

Some mouth watering pictures accompany this strain review of Lemonchello by @masscollective. Not only does the cannabis look amazing but the description of the taste is exactly my preference. If only we had the freedom to access this from Canada I would be all over that.

Support Canna-Curate - Cannabis related content (Cannabis Collective)

A greatly appeciated shout out of support from one of our members. Thank you @chronocrypto, we hope to have some great battles by your side in the Splinter Lands of Steem Monsters.

Canna-Curate Loves @thegreens

This is a post showing our support for the @theGreens account. We whole heartily support your commitment to helping the world become a better place. Feel free to visit their page and spread the love!

Busy day off.!

Ever find a plant just growing outta the clear blue? Well I have , but only seedlings, check out this find from our fellow cannasteemian @billmega !!

True Believer Performing Again!

This post by @greenfooteco includes some amazing macro photos of his True Believer plant in all her glory.

Today's Weed News for August 27th 2018 #FLORIDA

Always on that grind, does a great job covering the weed news. In this post he covers how local bans are being used subvert medical marijuana laws in Florida.

Homemade Vegan Hemp cheese

I am looking forward to picking up all the ingredients today for this vegan friendly hemp cheese, I cannot wait to try it out! Thanks for the recipe @Skylinebuds!

Just 2-3 more weeks...

Another Canna Curate member @socialmisfit bringing it hard!! His harvest is almost done, but his steemit life has just begun!

Another Pain Free Morning thanks to CBD

It still baffles me how CBD could have ever been labeled a dangerous narcotic when all it seems to do is bring about health and happiness. This story by @brutledge can contest to that fully.

Cannabis Proven Effective in Treating Gut Inflammation, IBS, Crohns and Celiac Disease

In this post by @krnel we find out that researchers have confirmed cannabis does have a positive effect on inflammation of the gut. Some amazing in depth information can be found in this post so if you know someone that may benefit please share it.

Nothing Like Fresh Hash!

@Conradino23 shares some photos of what a nice harvest can yeild. Fresh Hash! Looks tasty.

@Canna-Curate Steem Monster Guild Banner Contest!

We're looking for a sweet ass guild banner for our steem monsters guild and @Skylinebuds has been an awesome community member by donating some steem cards as prizes! Check out the post if you have what it takes to get an entry into the contest.

Taking Steem To A Higher Level

This post is a little update on our community growth and the benefits of being a part of @Canna-Curate.

Update Video & Photos from Garden #1 - First Day of Trimming

Looks like its harvest time for @Elamental and the size of these plants will astonish you.

Written by: @Bluntsmasha
With curation text contributions by: @Jonyoudyer & @ArtisticScreech
Pictures by: @Bluntsmasha

Delegators: @amymya, @ArtisticScreech, @battleaxe, @billmega, @Bluntsmasha, @cannabiscurator, @conradino23, @chronocrypto, @cryptohustlin, @darkprince66, @davedickeyyall, @dynamicgreentk, @dynamicrypto, @eaglespirit, @ELAmental, @ericwilson, @fatkat, @foodforestbot, @fracasgrimm, @gjones15, @goldendawne, @growroom, @hotsauceislethal, @jonyoudyer, @k0wsk1 , @lyndsaybowes, @mandyfroelich, @movingman,@msp-creativebot, @netgodbeerus, @olafurthor, @pataty69, @rakkasan84, @realkiki85, @reverendrum, @sgt-dan,@skylinebuds, @sieses, @soundwavesphoton, @underground
Trail Makers: @jonyoudyer, @Bluntsmasha, @conradino23, @ELAmental, @netgodbeerus, @cannabiscurator, @debo4200, @sieses, @aaron.matthew, @realkiki85, @doctorspence, @darkprince66, @cannaqueen, @hiatus, @tilestar, @naturalfox, @canna-collective, @deary, @foodforestbot, @nikema, @RebeccaRyanhelps, @knarly327, @Tafgongthe1st, @loryluvszombies, @spicedlife, @gjones15, @mrunderstood, @benzeta, @stoned2thebone, @cannafarms, @thegreenhouse, @cultivar, @liquid-mike, @Zainenn, @brockmorris, @ganjagirl, @MadPotters, @chey, @growingassets, @the-haze, @skylinebuds, @gingy710, @growroom, @kootsmedtree, @cowboyblazerfan. @suheri, @imammudarifqi, @elderson, @grow-pro, @winnerchris, @twirlspin, @pdxlove, @cannabis-news, @cannuration, @steem420, @socialmisfit, @heyimsnuffles, @ambiguity , @justinashby, @phoenixwren, @batman0916, @fortpeacesteemit.@a1-shroom-spores, @vidaymusica420

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SBD Donators: @movingman, @ceattlestretch, @skylinebuds

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I really do love the round ups, get to re-visit good posts and see any I might have missed (which there usually is at least one). Thanks.

The essence of the essence ;)

Oh this is incredible... upvoted

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