Another Contest Win - FOR US!! Paying it Forward to a great initiative: @canna-curate

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I recently submitted a logo design for the @canna-curate contest and was lucky enough to be chosen by the community for the design that will represent this Steemit Cannabis Collective. I love to share my skills with the community, especially communities that I feel are very well organized. I do not typically participate in design contests, but when I stumble upon one for an initiative that I like or appreciate - I go for it!

Staying true to what I do

Many of you know that when I win a contest - many others win with me. I have actually participated in many contests of sorts here on Steemit and have always had my own way of sharing that with the Steemit community. It's not like I am handing out life-changing amounts here but it makes me happy to be able to do it and I know it makes others happy to get an unexpected bonus. I know what it feels like to have that courtesy extended to me and whenever I have the opportunity to extend that to others - I do.

Straight to the point

I am happy to provide something of use to the @canna-curate project and I am truly honored that the community afforded me that opportunity. So, since I was lucky enough to win - everyone who participated will benefit from it right alongside​ me.

RECENTLY ANNOUNCED (please show this post some love!)

@Canna-Curate 25 SBD Logo Contest Winner

Participants that I will #payitforward to:


Each of you has received and extra 1.5 SBD and to say thanks to @canna-curate for a great community, a 4.20 STEEM upvote on the recent post. See below:

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 3.03.27 PM.png





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Mad respect!!

Just doing what I can with what I've got! MUCH LOVE

Stay STEEMin'n'Dreamin' Fam!

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You guys couldn't have chosen a better person for this contest, he is probably one of if not the best person I have had the pleasure to meet on Steem in the past year and a bit.

All I can say is, no matter what happens to Steem, I am a rich man, as I have made a life long friend here and that is worth more than any money on this earth.

Just had to say this out aloud somewhere and this is probably the best place for it, where Brandon shows how he is a really good man and his morals, ethics and overall respect for others is at a level that is so rare in this modern day and age, so rare that when I come across it, I literally can't believe that I have come across it, especially in such a young and energetic man.

I am glad that you all came in touch with each other, I am sure that you too shall be so delightfully surprised at his overall goodness as a fellow human being.

God bless.



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Jack, you're a special breed yourself! It is no wonder we found each other -like attracts like! You're a great friend, great human, and a brother from another mother. Lucky is an understatement when it comes to having a friend like you. I have met very few people who are as generous as you @jackmiller.

As soon as I get this bus waterproofed, I'm driving it across the ocean to pick you up. Your comment made my entire week, mate. It's truly a privilege to consider you a friend, NOBULL 🚫🐂💨

thank you very much for that support!

It is my pleasure, @erune! Keep on Steemin' & Dreamin'

Cant believe what you just did. Respect man!

It is not about life changing amounts of money, it is about life changing actions!

Congratulation and thank you so much. Greetings from Venezuela!

It is not about life changing amounts of money, it is about life changing actions!

No doubt! We are all capable of doing what we can do, right? Big, small or in between - it all means something and all adds up. There is nothing better in life than surrounding ourselves with good people. Much love from your U.S. pal ✌️😎

You are a true gentleman, brother! I'm continually further inspired by your actions. Sharing the reward is very gracious! Kudos to all the creators for their efforts. These initiatives and the positive responses to them are one of the things that make this community awesome.

I try my best, brother! I have so many things going that I sometimes forget to take the time to make a few smiles. The little stuff sometimes means a whole lot and it really makes me feel good to be a part of this community and be able to offer something as well. I have so many projects coming to the surface that I have no doubt one of them will spread a lot of cheer and value far and wide. If it weren't for you bringing me to Steemit - I would not have had many of the opportunities I have now. It's the little nudges and encouragement that keep me going, so THANK YOU, my friend. It has been a wild year, not all good either..LOL So having this outlet to network with good people and share my interests is truly a healing agent for me. You're awesome, @finnian. STEEM 4 good

Oh wow! You say you where lucky! No way this was fate. You have inspired me and hopefully others to keep paying it forward! This is great and made my day. Thanks



Just the little things we can do add up to so much more than we know.. ✌️😉

You're an awesome Steemian and NICE logo! You have some mad skills.

Thank you & Congratulations! ;)

sick design brother, very well done! blaze one for the nation!

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