Nothing Like Fresh Hash!

in cannabis •  3 months ago

So I've had some trim from my last indoor harvest, that I let dry well, before I used it to make dry sift hash

Finally, yesterday I grabbed a blender, a coffee filter and a paintbrush, and processed everything into quality, blonde kief.


And once ready it was swiftly pressed in a piece of parchment paper with a hot knife.


And then rolled into a chunky ball of sticky hash, that's absolutely delicious!


💨 💨 💨

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Nice! I never tried sifting hash, and thats a nice trick with a hot knife 😊 reminds me tgat the old english punks would have just hash and a knife and would heat the knife up and crumble hash onto it and then inhale the smoke from the hot blade haha


Yeah the hot knife method, I remember it :)


Thought you might ;)

dam, never heard of it being done this way.. might have to try this when i pull my plant off


Well, they've been doing it this way for hundreds of years... just without the blender :)


i always just busted in up and used in ediables


Whatever you need :)

Yum! Looks tasty.


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Pleasure as always :)

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