Another Pain Free Morning thanks to CBD

in naturalmedicine •  2 months ago


This kid had a ROUGH night! I never did figure out what was wrong, but he sure is happy now.

Felix was tossing and turning and whining and moaning starting around 4 AM, waking everyone up. I gave him ice water like he asked for and held him, but that didn't help much. I put him in a warm shower, because that always helps me if I have a tummy ache or sore muscles. It seemed to help, and he fell back to sleep, but woke up an hour later, whining again.

I asked if he wanted his gummy bears, and he said yes. Within minutes, he was rolled back over and snoring. He woke up SMILING! Like nothing ever phased him to begin with.

If you have any health issues, I URGE you to try this CBD oil. There is nothing to lose, but the pain! My company grows, extracts, and tests their products very thoroughly for quality oil, and the results are amazing.

Every time I have used the oil or creams, my pain has been erased. If you are curious, please ask me how to get it! My company will completely refund you (within 30 days) if you claim it doesn't work. 100% money back! With a promise like that there is no reason to not try it. Be pain free today!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

I also want to add that many of my friends have heard my stories about the miraculous CBD oil, went out to a local store to pick up a bottle, and then tell me it doesn't work. Those knock-offs are not going to bring you relief!! If you want the good stuff, please don't waste your money on that crap. They don't offer a money back guarantee either. I have also seen some bottles claim results, flip over to the nutritional facts and there is absolutely NO cbd at all, or there are fillers upon fillers. Those fillers will dilute the oil, and possibly cause more problems! If you are uncertain, please reach out and I can show you what to look for!

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Congrats, trooper! CBD to the rescue :) <3


He is the happiest of campers! Haha, thank you @medikatie.

I started using CBD in an e-cig about two weeks ago when my auto-immune disease kicked it up a few notches and became borderline unbearable... let me tell you... life saver


I believe it! That is so good to hear too. I want to share this knowledge with everyone! I wish I had known about CBD years ago when my childhood dog was going through terrible pain. Thankfully it is finally not looked down upon as much and is LEGAL! The stigma needs to be broken! Thank you for sharing your testimony. 💚💚 BTW I love your posts!

My mother has rheumatoid arthritis and lives by CBD...I personally prefer the flowers, but recognize that CBD oil is the wonder drug of the future/present. Thanks for sharing!


I will have to agree, flower is my favorite too, but I can't give that to my kids! Someday the criminal side of cannabis will be no longer and people will look back in SHOCK as to why it was illegal to begin with. Thanks for sharing your story! 💚

Thanks for spreading the awareness!


It's practically impossible not to! I can't shut up about it. 🤣 Thank you for stopping by. 💚

Fab. My CBD oil arrived today!!!


Super awesome!! Is this your first bottle? I can't wait to hear your story. 💚

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Your son finally benefited with cbd oil.I really like to try it @brutledge7


That is wonderful news! You have nothing to lose, and now is a wonderful time to join my company. We are growing like crazy! Http:// to learn more and to buy your own bottle! You can sign up as a preferred customer or an affiliate, like me. It is just a one time fee of $20 so they can send you a goodie pack on how to share the oil with others! Once you use the oil I guarantee you will want to share it with everyone! 💚💚💚💚💚