Sour Amnesia - Strain Review

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Welcome to my Strain Review of Sour Amnesia.

Developed by HortiLab Seeds this strain is the result of a cross between Sour Diesel and Amnesia. Sour Amnesia is a heavy sativa dominant strain(85% sativa) that is a great daytime cannabis with its euphoric upbeat high that will assist you in creativity and focus. Don't take my word for it though, it was the second place winner for Best Sativa at the 2012 High Times Cups so it's clear I'm not the only one that enjoyed this sativa heavy cross.


This strain was priced at $10 per gram but on sale for $6 per gram at the time. Just like the rest of them it was 20% off with a promotion that they frequently email me with which brought it to $4.80 per gram plus tax.


Next strain I'll be changing it up to Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp which is one of my two Licensed Producers. As you may have guessed they're located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.


Sour Amnesia's THC content comes in at 15-22%. No data found on CBD which leads me to believe it's very low. No data found on any other cannabinoids.


Most of the buds i received were in the 1 gram range, medium density, fluffy in appearance but actually firm, not rock solid. Color is mostly light green due to heavy trichome coverage. Speaking of trichomes they're looking especially delicious in some of the later pictures on this post. Clear and prime for an uplifted and higher energy effects.


When I open the container I get a sweet fruity floral scent. Breaking it up gave off the sour tones of the buds. It's a very fruity sour smell that reminds me of the fuzzy peach candies.


So I pack up the vaporizer and turn it up to my preferred temp, about 420-430 degrees Fahrenheit or about 215-220 Celcius. The essence of floral strawberries has its presence flowing across my taste buds. A few pulls into the session and a cherry halls cough drops taste has arrived.


The effects are said to be great for a morning or daytime high with it's high energy and low burn out factors. I do love that because I try to stay a bit medicated through out the day. Sour Amnesia is supposed to have the forgetful effects of one of it's parent Amnesia, I did not notice this though, I was pretty clear headed for the most part of this high and had decent focus as well. Great for the energizing the mind, promoting creativity and improving mood.


Some info I found on the strain:

  • Sour Amnesia = Sour Diesel x Amnesia
  • Sativa Dominant Strain (85% Sativa x 15% Indica)
  • THC = 15-22%, CBD = Unknown
  • Taste: Sweet/Sour, Floral, Fruity
  • Treats: Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD




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Disclaimer: These reviews are for informational purposes to help patients find the proper strains they require to treat their illness. I have no affiliation with any of the companies I review aside from being a patient with them.

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Great review, man! Keep them coming!

Very pretty!

Hey bro i heard Canada is legalising cannabis recreationally! Congrats! Seems like things are moving very quickly. Im from Australia and I hope the same happens here @bluntsmasha


Ya man. We need a world wide movement. Legalize it!


Yea man you will advertise it! Do you know what day exactly it is becoming legal? And when will it come into effect?


It was supposed to be July 1st but that is pending the bill passes. I know some have advocated that it be held back.

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