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Sour OG - Strain Review

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Sour OG

Welcome to my strain review. This strain is yet another from Delta 9 Biotech at a price of $10.50 per gram.


I know i know, that makes this the third in a row from Delta 9 and i promise the next one will not be. With that said lets get into the review.


This strain tested at 25.8% THC and 0.07 CBD which is high in THC and almost nothing in CBD. This ends up being one of my main issues with Delta 9 is the fact that they have only had one strain that had a decent CBD content and they have run out of that strain. It makes it difficult for a patient that only has a prescription from them.


Just a random note this Sour OG reminds me a lot of an MGK strain i once had that was absolute killer. Same odd density to the bud, it has a fluffy appearance but then once you feel it and break it you notice that it's sticky but dried and dense.


Also that same smell of sour skunk and earthy/floral tones that accompanies each of the strains.


The taste is similar to the smell in that it has a bit of a skunkyness to it with a bit of floral/earthy and a small amount of coffee flavor to finish it off.


The initial appearance was not very appealing, it looked kind of sparse and scraggly but then on further inspection the trichomes we're dense and so was the bud that appeared sparse. It truly had the sparseness of the sativa but the denseness in the bud of the indica, an odd paradox i know.


Some info i found on the strain:

  • Hybrid Strain (50% Sativa x 50% Indica)
  • Sour OG = Sour Diesel x OG Kush
  • Taste: Sour Skunk, Floral, Earthy, Coffee
  • Treats: Depression, Pain, Stress


The effects are prretty heavy being a high THC. If this is what your after this is a great strain to just get you in chill mode. Don't plan on doing much important after blazing this because you will get sidetracked and just want to relax anyways.


Thanks for enjoying my strain review, check out some of my previous reviews Sour Lemon Diesel and LA Chocolate. Be sure to keep an eye out for future reviews. Puff on people. ✌

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That's a nice looking strain with the resin hairs. I like the photos, it's like scrolling down centerfold picture after centerfold. It's interesting - the multiple active components that make up what most people use to just know as THC.


Personally I'm looking for strains that are a little more balanced in cannabinoids. I'm not all about the THC although it has it's qualities to it that i do enjoy.


I mostly like the indica strains when I want to really Know i smoked. There's a dispensory and seed bank a town over from me, I really got to appreciate the different strains from browsing there..


I'm trying hard not to come off as a salesman :) but if you do the discord group thing, there's a group i joined recently called 'Chronik n Coffee' .. it's more of a music group, but i was photo bombing their photo room with pics of blunts and coffee (havent brought myself to post bud pics quite yet) .. The people are pretty cool there and they have a promote-your-post section that people seem to be good about checking. Your posts seem like they would be well received there, let me know if you would like and invite link for that group.


Thanks bud, for sure interested, send a link my way.


Nice, the discord group is called Respect da People, the discord link is .. it's a fun and diverse group, i think of the group as a breakfast club :)

Man, that looks really nice.