Moby Dick - Strain Review

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Moby Dick

Welcome to my strain review of Moby Dick. This strain originates from Amsterdam and is currently bred by Dinafem Seeds who may have been the creators of this cannabis strain. It was created from breeding White Widow with one of the Haze strains. The Haze lineage becomes very apparent with the scent.

20180328_180604 (2).jpg

This strain is another one purchased from the Green Rhino dispensary. Two more from the Green Rhino and I will switch it up to Whistler Medical Corp.


It was priced at $10 per gram but on for $8 per gram. Just like the rest of them it was 20% off with a promotion that they frequently email me with which brought it to $6.40 per gram plus tax. All the strains I've reviewed thus far from the Green Rhino were ordered at the same time which is why you see them all with this 20% off.


Moby Dick has been proclaimed as one of the highest THC yields of any sativa and comes in at 21% THC. The CBD has no comparison and comes in at < 1% CBD.


A light green bud in appearance with many small orange pistols throughout. It has a high amount of clear trichomes whose coverage seems to lighten the color of the cannabis a good amount. The buds have the coned top shape of the sativa variety but fairly dense more liken to an indica this may have been due to tight packaging though it appears natural.


The smell of the container was very similar to that of super lemon haze. Once I started busting the buds it was like a sour fruit candy, the only thing i can think of is those sour patch kids candies. Maybe just a little bit of skunk pungency in there too, barely noticeable.


The taste was sweet lemon with sour after notes. A few pull into the session the taste was ending with a bit of a minty sensation or a eucalyptus likeness, refreshing.


The effects are said to create a body numbing euphoria coupled with creativity and an uplifted mood. I read it can also be highly cerebral and can give a nice boost to appetite. I got lost in music while sitting and vaping, it had a very relaxing yet alert and wakeful effect on me.


Some info i found on the strain:

  • Sativa Dominant Strain (70% Sativa x 30% Indica)
  • Moby Dick = White Widow x Haze
  • Taste: Sweet, Lemon, Citrus
  • Treats: Stress, Depression, Fatigue


Guess that Strain Contest

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Guess that strain.....


Thanks for enjoying my strain review, check out some of my previous reviews; Orange Barb, Lemon Thai, Romulan, Pineapple Express, Diana Ross, Justin Trudope, Frankie's Incense Haze, CBD Rene, Super Lemon Haze, God OG, Sour Lemon Diesel, LA Chocolate and Sour OG. Be sure to keep an eye out for future reviews. Blaze on! ✌

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Disclaimer: These reviews are for informational purposes to help patients find the proper strains they require to treat their illness. I have no affiliation with any of the companies I review aside from being a patient with them.

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My guess is Black Diamond

Good review. I never grew it or smoked it, but I remember a friend of mine, who liked it for low maintenance and high yield. Toke on!

Bubba Kush.

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I was reading these and showed this Mobey Dick to my SO and he was like, "that looks fun."

I think the strain is maybe an OG?