Fruity Pebbles - Strain Review

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Fruity Pebbles

Welcome to my strain review of Fruity Pebbles. This strain was created by Alien Genetics and sold as a limited time offer under the name Fruity Pebbles OG. Seed packs were said to be going for $1000-1500 each.


The mother plant was Grand Daddy Purple crossed with Green Ribbon and the father a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. The results were a fruity/berry smelling strain that's reminiscent of the cereal Fruit Pebbles for which it's named after. It's said to be a fairly balanced hybrid at 55% indica to 45% sativa.


The priced was $10 per gram but on for $6 per gram at the time. Just like the rest of them it was 20% off with a promotion that they frequently email me with which brought it to $4.80 per gram plus tax. All the strains I've reviewed thus far from the Green Rhino were ordered at the same time which is why you see them all with this 20% off.


One more strain from the Green Rhino and I will switch it up to Whistler Medical Corp after that.


The THC ranges from 18-21% but I was able to find no data on CBD for this strain.


First of all the shape is very much densely packed solid nugs, almost like pebbles you could say. Very indica like in structure. The color is mostly medium to dark green with the purple parts only revealing themselves on the interior sections of the buds near the stem. Trichomes appear mostly clear which is seen a lot in the industry from producers trying to get their product out the door a bit quicker with an early harvest.


Taking a big inhale of the container i get a berry flavored tea smell. Reminds me of a blueberry tea i once used for bong water. A great way to get some new flavors in your smoke, I've only tried it a few times but it was pretty nice and would advise giving it a try yourself.


Breaking it up gave off a smell so sour my mouth started to water. I cannot ever remember having this happen except from maybe the thought of cannabis but not the actually sensory perception. After the shock of sour faded i went in for a few more deep breaths of the scent. Lots of sweet and sour berry fruitiness happening here.


The taste in the vape starts out with a light fruity berry flavor which leads into a french toast type taste. There was a bud in this batch I vaped a few weeks ago that was so close to the fruity pebbles taste it was unreal.


The effects are said to be great for kicking back and melting that stress away. Don't expect to be able to focus on much though, from what i read it can be a 'spacey' high which I 100% agree with. I could not stay on track with what i was trying to accomplish for the next couple hours. It's also a good strain for treating insomnia, the burn out from this can put you out cold so basically don't expect to be getting anything done after blazing this strain.


Some info I found on the strain:

  • Fruity Pebbles OG = (Grand Daddy Purple x Green Ribbon) x (Tahoe OG x Alien Kush)
  • Hybrid Strain (55% Indica x 45% Sativa)
  • THC = 18-21%, CBD = N/A
  • Taste: Berry, Fruity, Tea
  • Treats: Depression, Pain, insomnia


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Disclaimer: These reviews are for informational purposes to help patients find the proper strains they require to treat their illness. I have no affiliation with any of the companies I review aside from being a patient with them.

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Man, I always really appreciate your reviews... I’ve never seen a strain review with so much detailed information. It’s clear that you put a lot of time and effort into these and it really shows, well done!


@llfarms, thank you so very much! Your support is greatly appreciated and will help me to continue bringing more great reviews to Steemit.

So another heavy OG/GDP cross basically :)


Yep, I especially enjoyed the fruity twist on this cross.


I'm not really a big sucker for fruity tastes, but this is definitely something I'd smoke :)

BTW I created a discord channel, so pop by if you have time!

Nicely done @bluntsmasha!
I absolutely adore strains that will give me a decent sleep and I know from your description that I'd want to roll around in this particular strain (as if it was catnip). I really resent not being able to smell a strain before I purchase it and our system for buying legally as a medical patient in Canada is horrible. It irks me to no end and it's a symptom of people making the rules who have limited cannabis knowledge.
Well done!


Yes our system is terrible for patients trying to figure out what they need. You can't see or smell the bud before you purchase and it's like a total craps shoot on what will arrive in the mail. On top of all that one of my licensed producer has only 4 strains available at the moment and has not had any CBD options for the past 6 months.
This is a big reason I write the strain reviews so that people can know what they're getting into when they order from certain places and can identify which strains will work best for what they need.


I think that you did a fantastic job!
Both my husband and I have had problems with our repective LPs too and can relate. Ours have both since been bought-out which is becoming more and more common, these days, it seems.
Great review!

Nice close ups... & got you pebbled alright !!


Haha, usually it takes more than a pebble to knock me out but this one did the job.


Yay.. sometimes these tiny pebbles are the most potent ones ..

Just found your blog and I really like this idea. I enjoyed fruity pebbles. Gonna read on.
Also, I think it's a headband... sour headband? I'm not really well versed. Haha!


Thanks for checking out my blog! Guess noted. 😏

Nice review! I’m going to say northern lights or Girl Scout cookies lol

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Awesome! Thanks for featuring me in your post.

So another heavy OG/GDP cross basically :)