USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Prat-3

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Our little chicks are now 14 days old. As it is first batch of our poultry farm, so we are experiencing some new things and solving them as soon as we can. @kenny-crane and me invested for 250 chicks in this poultry farm. As my brother managing the farm alone so I need to work in the farm every day. Today my brother had to go relative house so I alone needed to provide foods around 1500 chicks.


They are now healthy and strong. Their primary brooding is complete which was more risky task in winter season. So we arranged brooding another farm. And yesterday we brought them in the main farm. The main farm is close to river Surma so it get cold air. We covered the whole farm with plastic bags.




They are getting young so fast. The number of death ratio should not be more than 5%. So we are caring on it too. Though we got around 30 death. We need around 20 days to sell them out. I don't know how I will say them good bye and use knife on their throat. They looks so lovely and cute every day.


I was working at night in 29 January, 2018.


I was helping to move the chicks and bring them in main building after brooding in 31 January, 2018.


They looks happy in the main building.


To read more and know how the program started please read my previous post about the poultry farm.

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Thanks for this report on our Friendship Poultry Farm.

They are getting Big already! :)

Thanks for linking to my post about the Chicks, my friend!


Other whales should learn from you , you are encouraging minnows .


They are already 400 grams and getting white color . Thanks for checking. Have a nice day friend.

I just came across your project. That's great that things are going well. Always hard when you lose some though. The first time butchering them will be the hardest and it will never be easy, but having the birds best interests at heart is the main thing. When we lose respect for any life we lose respect for our people too.

Will the children at the school have input in this for their learning too?


Thank you for you nice comment. I am hopeful and my brother is also confidence enough for making profit . Every life is important and we separated some of weak chickens for more care. the @SchoolForSDG4 is separate from the poultry farm cause. But perhaps it will be difficult to visit with kids as it is in different location and the partner of the poultry farm may not agree to do such things as we are much aware to prevent any kind of diseases. But it is really a great idea you put in my mind. I will think about it and if possible will try to do it in future. The some of the profit from the business will go as donation to school by @kenny-crane . I am just so excited and doing hard work to make it possible. pray for us.


Certainly sending prayers that this will go from strength to strength.
In Australia some schools have projects where the children get to incubate to hatch eggs and raise chicks.

Love to see the progress with the baby chickens. 🐓🐓

Those are a lot of chickens. Very cool

Good project, i will also look into starting my own poultry farm too i am impressed with your farm thank you.

Wow how they have grown. Y'all are doing such an amazing job with this beautiful farm you have brought to life. Totally resteeming; have a few people outside of steemit that would just love this post. Keep up the amazing work! All of you look so happy and its awesome.

Happy steeming
side shout out to:
For always being so awesome!
Y'all are amazing!

They may be cute now while they're young.. wait a month.. they'll be fowl looking 😁


haha. let's see. I will take care so they looks cute as they are now.

Nice and healthy movement


Yeah. right you are . stay in touch to see how it goes.

Nice to see they are doing good keep them warm and healthy they will grow fast. You said they are cute but remember they are considered livestock.
They will help feed people and keep them healthy ! Up-voted and resteemed this post desevers alot of attention.


you are right. we are trying to keep them healthy and warm. Yes they are livestock and also the good food for many of us. Thank you very much for resteem and supporting me by upvote

Nice work bro..
Very beautiful cute and little chicks.I like the cute and little chicks very much.

Awesome @azizbd, I love to hear great stories on how steemit has provided the rin your new adventure and may the universe guide your path.


Very touching post)

nice beatiful

Thank you for sharing such a great experience, wishing you all the best for your project :)

Woww .. keep up the good work.
Hope you succeed in you carriers

Wow very nice poultry farm, i wish i could have same as yours.

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