It's Time for a Steem Bounty System!

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Yep, we have a big ecosystem to build and it's not going to get built unless we build it together

To help get us all working together, let's use a bounty system to manage tasks and prioritize items that will bring the best returns to our community.

Anyone is welcome to post #bounties - be they for marketing, software development or any other domain impacting Steem and Steemians.

Please follow the form:
Comment1: Task; Size of the Bounty; Milestones
Comments 2;3;4;5: Updates, submissions and responses

And if you have suggestions for bounties, but not enough tokens to see it through, then please feel free to PM me or anyone else with your ideas!

( will link to this post in the top right menu so that it is well monitored)

Let's do this!


The first bounty is for .. you guessed it... a specially designed Bounty Management Forum :)

Task: Design, Build, Operate an open-source, open-data, independent website (or system that can be integrated into for managing bounties.

Milestone 1: Design the bounty system with UI/UX and full specs for the engineering required. Design must clearly demonstrate how bounty milestones will be rewarded; demonstrate how Steem and SBD will be integrated; show functional user experience; demonstrate the escrow process; demonstrate how tasks and updates will be recorded/monitored/and tracked.

Milestone 2: Engineer the website and system for bounty management.

Milestone 3: Launch, host, operate the website; get it linked from and other Steem-based website menus

Milestone 1 - 1000 SBD
Milestone 2 - 2000 SBD
Milestone 3 - 1000 SBD

Something else that would be interesting to develop is a kickstarter style funding system. The difference with a normal post is that the poster would define a target payout and a limit date among predetermined maturities, and would only receive the payout if she accrues enough votes to hit the target before maturity. At the moment, to keep it compatible with the current system, the accrued funding could be calculated as the sum of 1-day payout (so minimum maturity would be 1-day) and the subsequent 30-day payout (so maximum maturity would be 30+1). For this particular case, payout would have to be paid entirely in SBD.

With that kind of system, Steem could easily become a crowdfunding plateform since, as a matter of fact, the post reward system is effectively already being used to fund projects.

Where this connects with the bounty system is that this allows for another way of funding new developments where instead of setting a fixed price for completion of a given task, the inceptor of the idea could instead publish it as a call for tender, and let interested developers could make an offer with specs, and cost, and let the community decide which it likes better. The system can also be integrated with the new escrow system of release 0.14.0 so that the funds raised will only be paid upon completion and delivery of the project.

Sucks that i'm not good at UI. I've made a similar website a couple of years ago for freelancers.
I offer my help and services on the coding side of things if anyone is good with UI but sucks at coding ;-)

I'll pitch in 100SBD, 200SBD and 100SBD.
I hope others who have been blessed with strong backing and steempower will consider adding onto this bounty reward.

If this bounty gets bigger, I will do it all. It took me 2 weeks to do

Wished someone would do a bounty to help me get these projects up and running.

[Crowdfunding] Steem.Gifts and Steem.Market need Steemians help to become a reality!

I been trying for over a month to get some help but no such luck, yet.

@ned I think it is important that you read my post about the new Steemit like platform that uses Bitcoin and was built by a reddit guy.

Please, check my wallet (100% SP) and post history, to understand where I am coming from.


Hi Ned, this is great but I just wanted to clarify how we claim bounties?
Are we playing till death, calling shotgun or putting ourselves forward for selection?

The Milestone 1 bounty will be paid up to three times for three different entries (each entry should be by a unique person or entity) until the bounty milestone is closed with 10 days notice.

The subsequent bounties for milestones 2 and 3 will be decided once at least one submission for Milestone 1 has been entered and its bounty has been delivered. Milestone 2 and 3 could be done by selection or by shotgun if the Milestone 1 winner wants to continue onto the subsequent milestones.

Well I'll step out of the ring for UI/UX.
But for anyone who's interested heres some inspiration to draw from...

Leading bounty sites

Nice to have features

  • Leader board
  • Language / Skill tags on posts
  • Submission Count
  • Order bounties by time remaining / bounty value
  • It would be nice if those who have claimed bounties / submitted solutions to have gain some type of reputation for thier benefit and the benefit of those posting bounties.

I'm not a ruby expert but there is a ruby steem gem, and I think the foremost bounty site, used by "big" companies, has an opensource site: ruby api gem maybe someone will see this as a great way to mix and match.

I'd like to know this as well.

wow, actually? ready to eat milestone 1 reward

I have a suggestions , instead of 100% power on voting , why don't we split 30% to "View" a.k.a click at the post (like YouTube or others blogging site) , but as we already know there so many fake , plagiarism and copy pastor around the who click on the link can make option to "Downvote or flags" to erasing the rewards he "Accidently giving to non-original person" , so will he will get "Fined" or punishment for being a "Fake" or not using his "Original" contents , let say one fake post will cost you around 1SBD or 1steem power (Incase that person doesn't have any SBD or steem) , due to current update 5 votes per day really give a lot of struggle to us. So hopefully this will help take more viewers to our post and get paid not only upvote will pay you.
How to monitor or track , we have anti - plagiarism bot such as cheetah and More , for photography a verification with paper written down with steemit letter or the owner taking photo together with the subject (like I always do) might can help.

How about bug bounty I found in you're website .
Triple pay ? Double pay ?
This display bug is normal ?

It bugs like that sometimes I've noticed, but a refresh usually helps.

Awesome stuff I was a poker dealer and the bounty bonuses were great when motivating everyone to grow our cause!

Ned, how can I email you? I did the survey with you on Twitter. And had a problem with my deposit of Steem. I tried to contact you on Twitter but no reply .

Hi Ian I haven't run any surveys. It's possible you were dealing with this:

Similar scam was happening with ETH a couple weeks back. Twitter ended up adding a Verified flag for Vitalik's legit Id. We should get Twitter to do same for leaders on STEEM.

Real Vitalik responding below:

and while we are at it add a verified sticker to Steemit accounts too.

Yeah this sucks I got burned. I made a post about it maybe you can like it or help me get it notice, hopefully I might make it back if it's picked up by a whale like your self or dinners will be pancakes for the next two weeks

Hi Ned. I am not an IT person so let me throw an idea in the form of a wish...I bought the domain because I wish we made a big, specific effort to attract loads of teenagers who are currently posting music and other cool stuff on Facebook, Youtube, etc. They are potentially Steemit's future whales... Maybe a bespoke interface and some tweaking of the reward system would help attracting them. Another idea: it would be nice to have a quick and easy way to bulk invite our contacts (google, etc) to join Steemit...

i think this is a great idea !! A huge domain for new music and creators of videos, labels etc !! lets see this come together !!

great initiative thx.. how about splitting the bounty?

I'm more of an Almond Joy kinda guy..

Yeah, it's got nuts.

I've reviewed a number of steemtools recently and noticed some of the lower rep app developers have been paid virtually nothing for their work when looking at their "launch blogs". I thought it was a bit sad compared to the others guys who got paid thousands, hopefully this fixes the problem.

can you help me by sending some of those people my way in my name on there is fuzzy. I would love to help support them.

@bitcoiner, @steemitqa & @johnerfx, there are some others but recall them of the top of my head

I have listed the names, the amount they got paid & the blog reference. This is only 15-20 from of the tools i reviewed so far there are like 75 apps now.

I am already building up a python/piston based system, I already have a framework in place to target wx, gtk, qt and web interfaces and I am working on the gtk. Maybe other people can join in and get it up and running faster?

also, I need some help getting up and running. I am pretty sure that I can rapidly turn around financing for this:

A better living situation, a solid internet connection, and the ability to do any of several potential profitable enterprises. Assuming after I get my papers sorted out with this help, I probably can borrow from a local bank and completely repay.

On a side note, I have a suggestion for a protocol addition to Steem, or any (better still, all) blockchains, involving caching nodes and transaction broadcast onion routing:

The same principle applies also to what I am hoping to become known for coining the term: Transient Blockchains - a blanket term that can include lightweight live updating caching nodes for users to run on their systems (and potentially give something back by relaying data back to the network as well). Bitmessage is a system that works like a blockchain, except the blocks auto-trim by having expiry times. This could be modified into an instant messaging platform as well, and with the proposed relay routing protocol addition, and block caching light nodes, this, Steem, bitmessage, every crypto, in fact, could become anonymised in one fell swoop.

The way I see it, Steem is the contemporary equivalent of the invention of ftp servers, or web servers, which are just a more powerful form of file server. Steem works off a blockchain, and distributes data between nodes, and if you are running a node (or a node cache, like I describe) you don't reveal what traffic you are pulling off the network. With the relaying function added, neither does anyone know where new transactions physically originate. It's a small thing to add, but with an incredible impact on security and privacy.

Hi @leprechaun - We actually have something along these lines already in the Steemit Wish List. The dev team does know this is a wanted feature, and I expect they will implement it as soon as they can. There are a lot of feature requests that people are asking for, so it is largely a matter of prioritization. Hopefully this bounty program that @ned has started will help incentivize more of these types of features to be added :)

What about charging SD to downvote posts as its obvious that one user is intentionally abusing, im sure you know which user I am speaking of, he has been doing this discourage and censor new steemit authors. I know its not a bounty but it could be implemented to help out with this problem.

I think bounties could really propel steem. I've written a proposal about it here. Please check it out and provide feedback:


@ned how about some bounties/rewards for referrals of people who actively contribute to the platform? We should be rewarding those who influence others to join and actively participate in Steemit. Quality must be assessed, to avoid fake accounts, but that can be done. I think there is a huge untapped pool of friends, co-workers, colleagues, and followers of many Steemit influencers out there.

Bounty: 100 SBD - Create a list of 500 celebrities that should come to Steem and blog.

Requirements: Celebrities should be reasonably able to manage a Steem blog; should have significant following on other social media; should appear to be a good cultural fit for Steem.

I will give you first right to this bounty, however, feel free to open it up to others. First to accomplish the task takes the bounty. A second list meeting the same parameters of 500 unique celebs will be bounty-ized if the first list comes together successfully.

Once this bounty is complete we'll put a bounty on getting these celebrities to open an account and post.

@ned, here is a list of 500+ celebrities and influencers who could significantly contribute to the success of Steemit

500 Celebrities that Should Join Steemit and Blog (1 of 2)
500 Celebrities that Should Join Steemit and Blog (2 of 2)

The list(s) are open for community discussion!

That was quick :)

I recruited my kids. Apparently they know of everyone on social media! (I so need to go through their phones again....)

Hell yeah!
I was thinking about doing this because I've talked about just bringing ONE celebrity could possibly bring 1 million followers depending on the celebrity, but 500 celebrities is a damn good idea because that's a possible 500+ million followers that even 1% could still be a MILLION people on Steemit...

Imagine the STEEM Power that would be created just by people signing up!

Very cool. Any thoughts on Steemit implementing an official affiliate program, so that users would be rewarded for any users they recruit based on the long-term success of how well their recruits do?

Affiliate programs seem cheesy to me. In the crypto world it's trivial to just refer yourself, so for people looking for the best return it just adds a kind of goofy step you have to take.

I've been thinking there could be rewards for being an early follower of someone who later gains more followers. (More SP in followers, technically.) A "curation" sort of thing with followers.

It would kind of be like an affiliate, cause you can ask someone to let you know right after they make their acct (just like you'd ask them to signup using your link). It's just that it helps to have SP behind your acct if you want to get rewards from it, and the rewards don't go to only one person.

Sure, you can do that if you want. Everyone who joins can have a referral bonus that goes to someone. If you want to say you referred yourself, then OK. There will still be the opportunity for people to register a lot of new people though, and get a long-term reward for bringing them in.

@timcliff but don't you feel weird asking someone to select you as their referral when they could just select themselves?

It's kind of taking advantage of the fact that they don't realize they can select themselves. Either that or it's just asking them to donate to you. Either way it feels weird to me and I would probably never try to be someone's referral.

If you bring a whale to the site you'll be naturally rewarded because someone you know will end up having SP. And maybe they'll ask you for help early on and pay you, or just give you money to thank you. A percent of their earnings for life is probably not really the right reward for happening to be the person who told them about the site.

@full-measure not really. Your main argument against an affiliate program is that people can cheat and refer themselves. I guess I don't see the fact that some people may do that as a reason against the program. I was referred here by my brother, and if he had an affiliate link available, I would have gladly used that when I signed up. I recruited several of my friends, and I'm sure they would have been happy to signup using my referral link as well.

Way to call me out to 'put-up' or 'shut-up'

Thanks @ned. Not exactly what I wanted to do, nor the overall I idea I was trying to foster (i.e. create rewards for all Steemit users for bringing in others).

But what the heck, let me see what kind of list I can come up with. I will take the liberty of what defines 'celebrity' and will look for people who influence, have a public voice, and embrace technology.

Hell yeah!
I was thinking about doing this because I've talked about just bringing ONE celebrity could possibly bring 1 million followers depending on the celebrity, but 500 celebrities is a damn good idea because that's a possible 500+ million followers that even 1% could still be a MILLION people on Steemit...

Imagine the STEEM Power that would be created just by people signing up @ned!

Exactly my wishful thinking as well, and what @timcliff said in reply. I've referred 5 new users so far - 3 on my recommendation who are poking around now, 2 I had to walk through it all in person! It wouldn't hurt to see some kind of long-term residual from that (other than their potential upvotes..)
BUT I have to say this as well : in my enthusiastic telling people about Steemit, I always throw in "it's not MLM or ponzi and you can't "sign up under me" so that's not my motivation for telling you about it... It's just awesome and I think you could do well!" So maybe losing that "selling point" is not a great idea.

One other thought too (in favor of the more generic recruitment program) is that celebrities are not necessarily the best/only group to focus our recruitment efforts on. There are a lot of other types of users who would bring a huge amount of value to Steemit. I know that celebrities help with publicity - but in my opinion we are overvaluing what they bring to the community over other types of recruitment.

I agree. That is my main reason against it too.

I was just talking to @lukestokes about bringing celebs to Steemit when he mentioned it in his video the other day.. The big enough celebrities have millions of followers EACH!

Imagine how much more voting power that many people would bring to Steemit.. Not to mention how much new STEEM Power is created when they all sign up ;D

good cultural fit

Could you clarify who would and wouldn't fit your idea of a good cultural fit for this platform?

If anyone else wants to clarify, please do.

Inline image expander [10Sbd] - I will give $10 to anyone who either implements an extension that can open the images contained in an article directly from the main pages in a resizable format, or makes a pull request to update to do the same natively. Similar to the way reddit enhancement suite works. Good luck, and thanks in advance.

Oh, I have a suggestion that can leverage what you are proposing for the bounties? It has to do with the Steem Power distiribution, that a lot of people are talking about. Think is if you tack an SP reward to the bounties on top of SBD reward, you are giving people more shares of the system. It solves the following 1) it works like #spreadthepower initiative, so that people who have trouble getting recognition via their content can earn SP and thus weight in other ways, while; 2) stabilizing the price a bit, by bypassing the distribution via the market; 3) meliorates the fears that people have about their inability to decide what is valuable. Oh, and another thing is it isn't possible to abuse via sybil attack! :-)

Maybe even double the bounties, or at least make them like that the Steem Power ammount to equal SBD payout. I.e. 1000 SBD + 1000 SP. Or perhaps consider paying out 1/3rd of the bounty as SP.

Right now I can't participate in the bounties due to the lack of computer, but I am really inspired by the platform and hope it succeeds. Please consider this suggestion!

okay I still see it, hopefully it helps your project @ned
I do not know what to make anything here except to make money

Are we able to have an escrow account (new feature released/announced) in which we can crowdfund bounties?
Would be awesome to have a great idea be able to receive the support of the community

This is a VERY good idea. Just imagine what we could get funded if we had a pool for each idea and a dev to design/build that idea when the funding reached enough to compensate them!
The more the community liked an idea the faster it would get funded!

Hope the tasks will be easy so dumps like me can complete ;p

@ned, I think as an added benefit/requirement the bounty system should make use of the Steem blockchain for storing the data. I haven't fully thought through the right way to do it but it seems like the post/comment hierarchy would work great for keeping track of status and/or any discussion that needs to happen on the project.

Sounds good, happy to see you are trying to make this community a better place.
The question I have is : Where will be the Bounty pool comes from?

Let's say if a programmer helped to build specific feature for, is it the founder of the community (I assume you are :) ) gonna transfer certain amount of token to the contributor from their own wallet?

Yes, either someone's personal wallet or an individual entity's wallet. The first bounty I posted will be paid by Steemit, Inc

Maybe you guys could also open bounty for the task you are currently working on, and it could have following benefits:

  1. We can see where is this community going
  2. You might get some help from the community to build it as well.
  3. The community could speak out about what they need at the comment. :)

For me personally, I would love to see some basically features have been considered, like supporting upload profile picture and message notifications.

Absolutely, I agree. Hopefully the roadmap post I'm working on will help us get started!

thanks @ned!
You are certainly being proactive with this. And it is very good to see!
Kudos, Ned.
Keep on truckin' dude.

This is a great idea @ned! Especially because more often than not we create posts that might fit into many categories and sometimes we are not sure where exactly they should absolutely belong. Thank you!

Hi @ned, it would be necessary to have a "communications center" to promote, through written media, radio, tv, internet advertising, youtuber, personality agents (movies, music, tv presenters, ... ) and others, but to make a big impact, it must be done by taking specialists in each country.

I am curious when one post makes over $1000 an hour @ned. Is this because of your position or your reputation? And who and how are this people sharing funds? Is this investment or charity? Some have made this as their day to day job assignment. As soon as they post they immediately start getting upvotes and funds rises. But people like me never get seen or recognized. What kind of whales and dolphins swim with those who have the recognition. We got to change the setting to recognize others and help them to learn how to swim.

I think for the 1k$ during an hour, that's because all the big name in this community up voted this post, it goes up fast.
If you comes up with some constructive idea that could help building steemit, you will get noticed and up voted then get rewarded as well. ( when I up-voted this post I am even not sure who @ned are, since I just join yesterday. )

welcome. don't get discourage by my question. just enjoy your swim. I am pretty sure you will do well.

It's a project that someone offers to the public. Whoever completes the project according to spec first is entitled to the reward mentioned in the bounty post.

It is an awesome idea @ned. I am sure there are lots of steemit family that is waiting for such opportunity. I personally think if you get this done in a group might create more excitement and the winnings will get distributed evenly than the rich becoming more richer and the small fishes hopes will stay alive to keep swimming.

@ned is this your day of swim today so we can follow you? For me I am waiting for myself to be recognized but not in a rush as I am enjoy my swim on this platform with my mini comments that I get through for others. I just like to see my reputation

This is an amazing idea! It couldn't have come at a better time and I'm posting one this week :)

I have spent the whole weekend thinking about writing a post themed about remembering what we have and that we should stick together to help steemit grow, and now with this I have a better idea than writing a post. :)

I have to say, after a long night of work, I wake to see this.. Especially since I woke up thinking about how we can help steemit grow :) This is great!

I don't want to have a bounty ... I want links with related posts under the individual post, so it's easier to jump from post to post ...

For anyone entering this bounty, I've reviewed some other sites with similar bounty systems / user flows for inspiration.

Check out my post:

Ned please read my latest post on my page: Someone is scamming people under @certianassets on twitter (note the mixed up IA) -- faking a promo for 2x the Steem Coin for a BTC deposit! Please watchout

I was thinking about creating an app(Android and IOS) to integrate nearly all of the API functionality. Is it a good Idea?

this sounds like an amazing add to steemit i am so glad to hear from you as i am sure everyone is @ned so its great to hear even small improvements I cannot wait to take this site to the next level and i am proud to be apart of this community!!

The first task should be to develop more members to complete the diversity of ecology. Big whale's performance I've seen big whale's performance too much.

I actually woke up this morning thinking this would be a great idea and created a post on it. Great minds think alike :)

great idea

Please i need more enlightenment on this issue. Can anyone break it down further.

Yes!!! This is awesome! I'm so glad to see this :)

This will be great to see implemented. Hope the tag is used properly :)

Sounds like a good initiative Ned! I own @steemitbounties if you need it let me know! Also, if anyone wants to modify the SteemIt Forum then let me know. Thanks!

thanks for CEO

Hey @ned, there is a fake twitter account pretending to be you that is getting a bunch of followers. Just so you know.

Great! That sounds good
sorry but I do not know how can i help! I learned a little about what's going on ...

seen a few donations of steem ;) wheres my donation! i am trying to build my account up without pumping money in (mainly because i am poor as shit) 400.100 sp so far :P seeming as i have never bought any steem or sp thats nt bad! been here from the early days nd will stay until @dollarvigilante is assassinated by the american government (joking) Good work on steemit so far may i add, loving the fact you downvoted a fake post nd removed the value as a result!! some thief almost made like 600$ in sp nd steem dollars! thanks man :) (i wrote this in a friendly way not as if i was writing content on my blog)

I don't have any bounty to propose (right now) but an idea could be: create a steemit forum where people upvote for ideas proposed in that forum, that way the best ideas, or most urgent or more needed, or the ones the community value more will naturally emerge to the top of the list... and then those could be prioritized as the ideal candidates as bounties.

One advantage of this is that a pattern could reveal itself for a set of priorities that could gain some traction if implemented at nearly the same time, instead of isolated ideas where that momentum is not achieved.

Does that forum exist? if not we could agree to creat a special hashtag (or tag) to hunt for those new proposed ideas. Or maybe if someone likes the idea, my proposed bounty (but I don't have anything to reward the labor other than my upvote LOL) would be someone would create that forum where the community brainstorm ideas openly and from there we will see which ideas are gaining some STEEM, homophone pun intended.

Take for example this post:

Each one of this 10 ideas could be a separate post in that forum (or with a special hashtag) where the community upvote the best ones, or simply the most urgent ideas right now.

Is it just me, or those this look like the revival of the Paris commune...the block chain commune. People coming together working together like a community. This is beautiful

Another idea for a bounty is this:
Since we will have traffic from other social networks (mainly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), why not to have a URL referral detection system that trigger a lightbox for let's say for people visting from Facebook saying something like this: Hey Facebook visitor! Have Facebook rewarded you for something you posted there or for even a like you gave?
And something similar for visitors from other popular sites.

Also this referral detection system could reward the poster of the original post which was shared on Facebook or Twitter, and/or the sharer of this content. The reward could be given after a visit or after a successful signup in Steemit.

It's Oct 2017 now:

New Steemy here.....was there any followup to this Bounty Project? Is there a site that I can use to promote Steem to anyone in my circle of influence?

Sorry to bring this under your attention like this,

And hi,
Great site,
but how about dealing with flagspam?
And users mentioned, as he is clearly killing and upsetting new users. It's been going on for some time, Steemitabuse posts have been opened, bit little support.