Don't trust anybody on the internet even if you think it's @ned

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First off I'm going to say that maybe I should have done my research I little bit better, but when your getting messages by @ned it can be exciting for a minnow like me.
Yesterday I was contacted by a person on Twitter by the handle @ certianassets who I was under the assumption that it was @ned Scott.

I was so excited that I took this screen shot to send my Girlfrend saying he followed me back.
Later on I got a DM to my Twitter saying to help out steemit and do a survey, being the steemit lover I em I said "no problem". anything to help steemit get better. I was told if I help I can purchase Steem on a deal at 50% off.

So I did the survey and contacted him back saying I was done. And that I have sent the money.

Being nervous about cryptocurrencies in the fist place and not having much money I only sent 40$.

So I waited a bit and when my coinbase
said the transaction was sent and noticed it wasn't in my wallet on Steem I contacted back saying it's not there.
And figured wile I was talking to the biggest whale and cofounder of this amazing site, I mys well ask a few questions.

So when it still didn't show in my wallet I got back to him a said that it wasn't showing up. I got this message from him

Now this is where I didn't think it was a scam because I actually got double the money sent back to my BTC account. Why would a scammer do that.

At this point I'm thinking, wow Ned is a great guy representing the company well. Even making it up to people with doubling their money . For a minor problem that occurred.

He message me back saying their was a problem and that it should work this time

i thought ok, why not I sent 40$. And it didn't work I'll just sent 40$ again and keep the rest in my wallet..

Well this is where my luck turns real bad. Being new to BTC it can be confusing with all them numbers to make 40$. I accidentally put one extra digit and sent all the money in my wallet .

Now I know to most of you a 138$ isn't much, but I work cheque to cheque and barily make ends meet,
So when I seen I sent that much my stomach dropped, but thought oh well if It didn't work I'm sure @ned will send it back.

I had a bad feeling when he wouldn't reply to me after , I sent a message saying it happens again. Only to get no reply

thinking maybe he was busy because it was getting late I thought I would get a message back from him in the morning and all will be fine .

But when I woke up this morning I tried to message him back and got this when I when to DM him.

Now if you ask me I dont know how he has the exact handle as Ned but I guess I'm out of a 138$ , it takes me two days of shitty ass work to make that money now my wallet reads zeros

it really puts a hamper on my thought about steemit and all the scammers it can bring. But I do love this site and was thinking I was doing good for it, now as to why Ned didn't catch this sooner or post it out to more people maybe I would have seen his real tweet or post on steemit maybe more people like me wouldn't have lost out.

So now my wallet is empty and im back to being poor, I guess I have to live with that fact I'm the guy who will help a old lady across the road, only to be smucked by a truck on my way back

It's a shame I didn't just stop after double was sent back to me. I could have got the better of this POS scammer.


Dude I am really sorry to hear this. I just sent you a small SBD gift. Hope it helps. It was all I had.

Thank you it's awesome to know there is good people still out there. And this world hasn't gone to complete crap

It's not much, but I hope it helps. Remember, about 20 people brought down the towers on 9/11, 100s if not 1000s rushed to help. Some even up those stairs. I'll take those numbers, every damned day of the week. :)

It says a lot about you though. it's not about the amount but the kind deed being done by you. It's people like you that help fight the evils of people like the guy plagiarizing @ned and ripping off people . I feel bad not for me but maybe another person got ripped off that might have even less then what I have. It so unfortunate this world has scum bags like that.

Yea, it really sux. An expensive lesson that you definitely don't need. You know what? Sometimes life puts us on a path that, at the time, you may feel is wrong. But that path life has put you on, is a path that leads you towards a much bigger and better, grand plan. I feel this is the case for you here. :)

Had a similar experience. Twitter added a Verified flag to help avoid future scamming. These criminals are probably victimizing a lot of people. Such a waste of potential. Hopefully a transparent future will reduce this kind of thing! Ughhh.

Thanks for the heads up. I hope you never lost anything over it .

Will the real Ned Scott please stand up.

Lol.. Yeah a up vote from @Ned always helps.

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