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We are not different as some decades ago, the societies of different countries could think about those who were on the other side of the globe.

It is true that there are central issues that in many aspects continue to differentiate us from one another, above all in those questions of idiosyncrasies, religions and cultural customs.

There are other practices that have been globalized, for example from the knowledge in many branches of the sciences, which are, knowledge has been taking great prominence. Many countries export and import knowledge, and we can not make blind eyes that in this knowledge we are also consuming ways of being and proceeding, education and ways of seeing the practical.

Communications today have no limits, do not understand distances and have become part of the backbone of this phenomenon called globalization.

A large part of the world's population can see the simplicity with which we can now make contact with people, companies, groups on the other side of the world, as if we were making a local call a couple of meters from our house, it is really amazing.

Another aspect of globalization is in sports. It is incredible how national sports of certain countries have taken position in other regions and have found great talented athletes in practices that without globalization, would only have been in comments of those who once traveled and gave account of these sports.



A title that is taking more and more connotation, is the so-called global village, and what represents it with everything we have been talking about.

Globalization as an ideology and keywords, freedom, individualism, free enterprise and plural democracy have characterized this ideological force of globalization.

Globalization as a phenomenon

That is, as a cause of an effort by world capitalism to reach global markets to acquire capital more quickly.

Globalization has produced significant consequences for institutions. Consider the world as a global village.



Like all the changes that have taken place over the centuries, not everything is positive and not negative in its entirety.

It is a reality that there are many aspects of which have been taking advantage of large companies and monopolistic groups to keep large amounts of capital around the world. They try to take control over the economy and politics.

It really is more worthy to name the amount of benefits that has brought us to humanity, all closer but with a great phrase that should be the thread of this great phenomenon, I am talking about the common good, the common world.



It will be until all countries,forget the colors, the flags and that our planet is the center of the universe so that we finish understanding that in dimensions of the universe, we are really very small, enough to put on the table one of the most important topics ... Take care of each other.

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No religion, No nation, No flag, No color, NO, NO, NO, but there are only good people and bad people.

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