A Retreat Journey : # 10 Mission Abort

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25 December, 2018

Cold. It has been raining all day long. I am currently thinking of my plans which I created earlier. I said ‘ Mission Abort.’ All of the plans I made, were washed away by unexpected rain. It only makes this winter the actual coldest winter I’ve ever had. I wanted to celebrate Christmas Eve in Bali, with my best friend but I couldn’t fly this time.

From this moment, you and I can learn an important lesson. If a plan didn’t go as planned, feel free to say ‘ Mission Abort.’ I know it sucks, but if there is nothing you can do to fix it, move the fuck on.

Another note, It’s been three days. Three cheat days. I mastered it perfectly. I felt like an addict, an addict of novel information. However, I discovered that information I got, didn’t stick as the one I read from the book, the one I studied day and night. Now, I also understand the difference between being informed and knowledgeable.

Being informed means, we only understand the superficial level of a topic. It only answers and covers the basic things of the what, who and how. Meanwhile, to be knowledgeable means we understand the topic, on the whole, we know what, who, why, how, in so many different variations. We are also able to articulate a well-thought opinion and gather shreds of evidence. I finally realized that I am actually just always ‘informed.’ I have yet to call myself a ‘ knowledgeable’ person. Perhaps, one day, I’ll have that confidence.

Stay tuned for the next following days. If you want to read the previous journey, check out the links below:

Signed, M.

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woah, it seems i have been lost for decade. you have been making some journey post. hahah


hahah yeah! where you have been? Now I am missing again, It's been a hectic week !


hectic early year? lol
i have been a ways for many days, going offline. hahaha
happy new year