Happy Monday Steemit, Share Your Food Photography!

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Share your food photography and win SBD


To participate share any food related photography with the tag #foodphotography. Good luck and have fun!

*Only share your own content

Deadline is in 23 hours at 23:59 UTC

Payout Structure: Tier 2 (10 x 1.0 SBD/STEEM)

More information: FAQ


Monday: foodphotography and animalphotography
Tuesday: landscapephotography and cityscapephotography
Wednesday: architecturalphotography and vehiclephotography
Thursday: macrophotography and colourfulphotography
Friday: streetphotography and travelphotography
Saturday: sportsphotography and smartphonephotography
Sunday: goldenhourphotography and longexposurephotography


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Happy monday @Juliank
I will search through my library ;)

If you cannot find anything feel free to make something ;p You can eat it afterwards!

happy monday dear

This is my entry its very special because its also the first entry to my challenge that I would like to join to yours on the first Monday of every Month #foodview please Everyone Join in! https://steemit.com/foodphotography/@isteemithard/foodview-challenge-enjoying-food-seaside


Today we have - > Double Breaking News!

And already an edit on the previous - > Double Breaking News!

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Happy Monday to u too

It is still running, today is the last day

My cat's name is Happy Monday :-) I will try to join in your contest @juliank, looks like a good one