Double Breaking News

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Ok, I don’t know what or how it is happening… but it’s weird. Really weird… Now they come in pairs… I can’t hide anymore. Maybe I responded too much on messages, I left too many clues… they don’t even have to pass the test anymore… All I can do is say :

Congratz Denise @dswigle and Oscar @oscarps! You both found a different but original way to contact me 😊

Ok guys, ( @brightongreg @tattoodjay @melinda010100 @barbara-orenya @nolasco @ackhoo and @lighteye)I know it’s starting to getting crowded here but please, make some room and welcome our new bright minds!

Pixresteemer over & out and… Steem on!



Thank you very much, really exciting this time looking for you, you are great, a greeting and congratulations Denise, @dswigle lol. @pixresteemer

Same as Denise @dswigle, because you took so long you missed the card game! Maybe if 2 more break the code you can start another table?

Thank you so much, @pixresteemer! It took forever, but, we captured the flag! Congratulations, to Oscar! @oscarps! tip!

Took you so long you missed the card game!

No way!!! Deal 'em!!! :)

Haven't connected for a while, how are you?

Busier than I need to be! I haven't even gotten back to your place! How is BrightonBonnie?

I love, love, love your writings. I just need to bite the bullet and take the one by one and go through them - otherwise, I will miss the complete experience!

Today! Ater my sleep! I promise!!! Do NOT let me slide!!! I mean it!~

Someone will be knocking on your door in just a few minutes to check what post you are reading...

@ackhoo recently caught up her reading and said she felt like she was on the trip with us, which I told her was the way I hoped people would react to my writing. So yes go back to Tahiti #1 and take the trip!

(and brightonbonnie is great!)

Hehe! I worked last night, so I will nap til around 5pm!

Told them not to knock until 5:05...

Well I Can't figure it out lol. Did I know you on TSU also?

I think so... but I'm not sure. At least, I was on Tsu also...

Well then, "if" we didn't know each other on TSU, its nice to meet you here. :-)

Ahah, there's always room for this two friends @dswigle and @oscarps! Welcome to the not so inner circle anymore!

Thank you friend, I sweated Chinese ink @nolasco

Ahah, I can imagine ;))

Hahaha! Sweated Chinese ink! I love it, Oscar! @oscarps!

ha ha , soooo what will you DOOO when we all know WHO you are??? i mean the stalking options then kind out ;) LOL & Hi hun💕 nice to see you :D

@brightongreg Pull me up a chair! Start another table! LOL I believe we can make it work! :)

I'm still in the dark. but then I have not been trying too hard to figure you out after getting it wrong a couple of times, and feeling quite stupid.LOL! I'm just enjoying the mystery for now.

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got a 90.0% @tard upgoat, thanks to @pixresteemer
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