Last minute update on the previous breaking news

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You will never believe this… 10 minutes after I posted the last breaking news… someone else popped up!!!

Congratz @steemmeupscotty!!! Love your timing 😉

So, together with @brightongreg @tattoodjay @melinda010100 @barbara-orenya @nolasco @ackhoo @lighteye @dswigle and @oscarps that makes a total of 10… from the 85 I’m currently following. Still some room for improvement 😉

Pixresteemer over & out and… Steem on!



Of course there is still a room for a newcomers! And when there's no more room, we'll rent a new flat! Welcome @dswigle, @oscarps and @steemmeupscotty! :)))

Ahah, so great! Welcome, @steemmeupscotty!

Congratulations, but with all this activity I'm losing track. I thought we didn't have enough for a second table for cards, now we're almost three... I think... not sure...

@dswigle and @oscarps please check my math? Wait, doesn't pix say it's 10? Ah - I missed @lighteye, will blame steem posting issues last couple of weeks - and add belated congratulations now!

Cheers @brightongreg! I vaguely remember that I owe you a beer from some time ago (3 months or so) if my memory serves me well ;)

Not sure - senior's memory failing - but I'll take your word for it! Should I send you mailing address...

Here, I prepared one earlier...


One of my favourites! Too funny. Thanks!

Hmmm..I thought I knew but maybe not. Still fun trying to guess so I will continue sleuthing = )

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Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got a 98.0% @tard upgoat, thanks to @pixresteemer
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