Why I Give Away 300 SBD Per Month On Photography Contests

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I want to make photography grow on Steemit, build a community based on capturing and sharing experiences from around the world, inspiring and learning from each other while growing with each other.

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Stimulate growth

To stimulate this growth I will focus on the following:

  • Sharing my own photography to increase exposure
  • Hosts contests to stimulate interaction
  • Reward users for sharing their own photography and engaging in the community
  • (Future) provide learning content

I will focus on the contests in this article.


While learning about photography it is easier to go out with a clear goal in mind instead of just wandering around(which is still recommended). By choosing categories, which are simply subdomains of photography as a whole, it becomes easier to learn and express oneself. For this reason I have set up 7 different photography categories which I will be watching very closely.

While each contests lasts 7 days

On the following days I will announce my personal top 10 and reward every winner equally with 1 SBD. With 10 SBD a day, 7 days a week, this is about 300 SBD per month in total prize money.

Monday: foodphotography
Tuesday: landscapephotography
Wednesday: architecturalphotography
Thursday: macrophotography
Friday: streetphotography
Saturday: sportsphotography
Sunday: goldenhourphotography

People can submit any day they want as the contests are automatically renewed.


Simply tag your photography with the correct hashtag found above. You can enter multiple categories with one photo, but you can only win once per photo. You can also enter multiple times per category, but it is better and more manageable for me when you participate in multiple categories.

Anything related to food, try to capture your food in a unique way which bests fits the identity of the food.

We are from all over the world and this world we live in is absolutely gorgeous. Capture the beauty of our world and/or what we have build as humanity.

We humans like to build things, and while most of the things we build are functional we also have a tendency to build creative, unique and beautiful things. Culture plays a huge role in how we build.

There is an entire world hidden in macro photography. Capture objects and portray them bigger than they appear to be in real life.

Go out on streets and capture every day incidents and random moments happening all over the world.

I am a huge believer in sports and exercise. This is not about professional sports, but more about all the beautiful things we can do with our bodies and to capture this beauty.

The classic golden hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset when the light becomes more soft and turns more red in colour. This moment is famous for beautiful photography and one of the easiest way to make some amazing photos



Tools I use

Automated scheduling: Streemian by @streemian
Auto voter: Steemvoter by @steemvoter
Account statistics: Steemnow by @penguinpablo
Chrome extension: Steemit more info by @armandocat
Leasing Steempower: Minnowbooster
Blockchain: Steemd | Steemdb


Thanks @juliank for the contests. I am not a photographer but i do hope to be one, one day. Im still learning and with the help of these categories, it opens up my eyes to the things around me ☺️ You will definitely see some participations from me

Cool to have you onboard, looking forward to your photography. Enjoy the ride :)

Dear Juliank,

I found your photo contest to be really fascinating, not because its a photo contest but how you tagged it with the steemit community to serve art. I am on a similar journey but I am a film maker. I have joined today with the hope to understand this platform and how it can contribute for film makers and artist. You can check my post as I have share my understanding of the steemit platform. I would be happy if you can leave a comment or share with me how your contest help the system to grow.....

Thank you so much for hosting these great contests. I am more a point and shoot kind of guy but some of my pics turn out quite well... I use the pictures in your blog also for learning about good positioning and framing...so thanks again.

You have entered some lovely pictures, I agree that point and shoot is perfect for photography. For people that want to learn about photography it is just easier to cut it up into parts

Sounds interesting. Though I am not much of a photographer but your post truly inspires me to participate in food photography for sure as I am fond of cooking. So yeah, you will soon find my posts in this catogory. 😊

Cool looking forward to some of your cooking. I understand that photography is not for everyone to create. That is also one of the reason I put food in there, since it is a lot more accessible :)

It will definitely bring out a lot more photography from not only those who naturally do it, but those wanting to share their experience as a new photographer or wanting to get into it. I will be able to use a proper camera soon, once it has a memory card in it again and then I will be looking to take more pictures, hopefully of better quality too!

I hope so! Ah nice better image quality sure helps. But even with smartphones from now a lot is possible with regards to photography.

Well your daily categories will see people aim to do it on those days based on what they like/want to do.
It is true, my phone can do a lot more these days, but when it comes to getting the more distant shots etc, a proper camera can work a lot better as well as zoomed images. Up close shots on the phone can be so crystal clear though!

Very true a real camera gives you more range, both far and close(macro), speed and captures more light. Looking forward to you being operational with your camera.

Thanks Julian for these contests. Your photography really inspire me. You are right, Steemit is a fabulous place for sharing pictures and it's also a way to learn about others.

Thanks for the kind words, every time I go through all the submissions I see many new things and learn from those, yours included. We all have a different perspective and all our perspectives combined is the closest we can become to being 'whole'

Great initiative juliank!

nice project.
thanks 4 sharing

Well written and informative. Thank you for posting this. Steem On! :)

This is such a cool contest!!!👏🏻

Yah @juliank you are making very good job here, thank you for all

Hmm Interesting !! Thanks For Such ACT !

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Thanks a lot @juliank for your post. I'm from #myanmar.I 'm just a new member in steemit.Befor i found your post i don't know how to growth in steemit for my bad english skill . I'm very intrest in photography. I was bought a Nikon D5100 in December 2014. In my spare time a learned about photography from internet. I have thousand of my practic own photo. Now, i have a chance according your created photo contest. May God Bless U in all of your future life time
Traditional handmade fire-works festival in #Kalaw.

@juliank This is an awesome idea! I am following, upvoted, and will Resteem. This is a great way for new people here on Steemit, such as myself, to begin to feel more comfortable participating. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to contribute. I am looking forward to sharing some of my photos in these contests and to help encourage others to participate as well! Be safe on your travels.... and Steem On! =)

"Future provide learning content" cool!
Love your work and contests!

Thnx! Have only been in photography for a bit over a year so still have a lot to learn first, also doing a course atm

you're doing well ! thank you and good luck !

You are amazing! thanks for your creativity and patience in that !

Photography is very interesting, even with the development of smart phones many amazing photos we can see at the same time from various parts of the world. Thanks @juliank, I'm glad that more and more people are sharing their work in Steemit, that's amazing.

Cool, I look forward to joining in.

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Great job, I think we will work quickly for a photography work every day.
thanks @juliank

I just found this thanks to an entry by @brumest! Will try to submit when I can. Today is a busy day for me, but I will make a note of this by resteeming!

Glad I could help :))

There are so many fun contests, yours included. :-) I need to make myself a schedule so that I can be more organized about how I participate in them all.

That's great! I strongly support. Steemit has a lot of potential to become powerfull platform for photographers, not just sharing their best works, but also talking about technical aspects of modern photography. Cameras, lenses, gadgets, post pricessing... It all becoming more and more available these days, and only by learning and sharing we can become better. Thank you again!

Just knew about this contests now. It's a great initiative, congrats! I'm in for tomorrow :)

I'm an amatuer, but I may enter some of your contests! My hobby is flower gardening in my yard to attract butterflies and bees to my yard. I take photos of them and other places out in nature around my city and on vacations!

Great idea. I love your contest. I hope this week I will continue to participate. Indeed, many photographers to create interesting photos on a particular topic. I wish you growth of the participants!

I have a question please... Do I have to upload food photos only on Monday? I mean do I have to stick to the day and subject? Thx :)

Very interesting post @juliank, our greetings from Indonesian steemit community @teukukhaidir. Thanks

Thank you! What did you find so interesting?

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Wow ! Interesting .
Great initiation !!
I will participate !!! Followed you .

Hello @juliank ! How I'm glad to discover you and your amazing contest finally today thanks to @ikaputri3 resteem of the post!
I really want to participate and thinks I will be using mainly the food category but will also try the others.
Thanks so much for doing so much for the community. I actually run one contest too, The Steemit Iron Chef , a cooking one.

my account is basically set up for photography and this contest is one that gives inspiration
I been on steemit a bit but wanted to use my new camera and just try to make the best pictures I could, hopefully some will feature on your list someday

awesome, thank you

Am in full time

Hi @juliank

I'm an amateur photographer who just started here to post

I think sharing, not only an image, but what there is behind a picture (impressions, techniques) is really useful to learn so I'm definitely eager to contribute :)

just tagged the first pic!

Thanks for running these contests. I wanted to resteem the post but it has expired, so I have created a post with a link to it instead. Keep up the good work!

You gave to a reason to learn more in the world of photography, the prizes is real motivation!

Awesome. I am joining today :)

Excellent initiative.

On the themes, in the streetphotography category, can we include out door portraits, events etc ?

Thanks @juliank for this context. I Love taking photos in all places i go as far as i can bring a camera with me.
I fell good telling stories trough my camera, and i will be happy to join this contest.
Only question, can we post whatever image which is related to a topic, even if taken months ago ?

I just found your post.tnx for the contest.

Definitly joining.

I'm not a great photographer, so I am looking forward to seeing the work that others post while trying my luck with my own pictures. Thank you for organising and funding this competition

I'm not a great photographer, so I am looking forward to seeing the work that others post while trying my luck with my own pictures. Thank you for organising and funding this competition

This looks really great..I think i am bit late in finding this post. But any how Better late than Never...
Thanks..and I will try to participate every day

This is great, thank you!

I love to capture thing, even if I am not good in it. At least I've got the idea about the theme of the picture - in this sense the contest.

looking forward for great pictures from around the world

What a great idea! Very keen!

Hello, I see 2 categories per day in some of your other posts. Here it shows only onem, could you clarify please.

Thanks for the clear information about this contest @juliank

Good idea, I will certainly participate. Hopefully my contribution will be appreciated.

Just joined steemit but really looking forward to participating. Hope it keeps on keepin' on!

thanks for the info, now I can share my photos :D

Thanks @juliank for starting this contest, photography is the best way to catch our moments.

My real me (and that's a hint for who actually read my resteems & comments) does participate in your contests... and is really happy about that. Keep up the good work!

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Cool idea to keep the photographers active! :)

"Can submit anyday" means say on Weddnesday can submit Mondays topic also?

Thank you @juliank for this opportunity it really means alot to me as i would be able to express myself more on the steemit community with it

Thanks for contest.

Hey there! I just got my account like a few days back and found this straight away. I think this is a great idea and opportunity for people to share their photography with the community! :) I will be sharing some of my photos soon too!

Nice information...