5 Ways To Increase Your Followers And Their Engagement On Steemit

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Find your own niche

Find something you like and specialize yourself in that area. It will be easier to stay motived and come up with new ideas, you will also learn and grow over time.

People know what they are getting for following you.

Consistency is key

By using consistency, you are not susceptible to highs and lows in your motivation. Because however you feel you will be writing a post. Of course, the quality can differ depending on how you feel. But even then, you overall quality will improve over time.

People know exactly what to expect. If you post at the same time every day. If it is morning, midday or evening for this person they will know when your latest post is out.

I post my photos one by one, for me every photo has their own story, this means I post more often. I try to get out 8 posts per day, 1 every 3 hours. 50% of my posts I dedicate to community photography, mainly my contests. I try to get out my daily top 10 winners every day at 12:00 and 15:00 UTC. This way people that participate or just enjoy watching the wonderful photography created by Steemians know exactly when it is available. Also, my 14 contests are spread out over 7 days and repeat on a weekly cycle.

Quality over quantity

You need to give something to the viewer in order for them to appreciate it and/or actually follow you. This is how you convert viewers to followers. There are multiple ways to give something to the viewer: you can either learn them something, entertain them or reward them.

Tutorials are a great way to learn users something, especially when little to no information is available on the subject. Or the complexity of the information available is too high.

Blogs, videos and photos are perfect to entertain people, especially here quality is important to stand taller than the large amount of competition.

Steemit is made to reward people. You can either send Steem/SBD directly to people, maybe host contests, or even better using your daily voting power.

Engage with your audience

Get to know your followers, this is a social media platform after all. Especially when you do not have a large following yet this is super easy to do. This becomes more difficult as you gain more follows. Always read all of the comments on your posts, try to comment to them, upvote genuine comments and also leave comments and upvotes on posts from users you like.

By rewarding genuine comments, people feel both appreciated and motived to put more time in the comments they leave. This also means, you want to be as genuine is responding to comments.

Use exposure from larger users to your advantage

Depending on your niche there may be contests available for you. By participating in these contests, you will learn and grow, while also exposing yourself to the followers’ base of this user. Since they are already following this person there is a high chance they also like your content.

Besides contests you can also respond to their content, it is likely likeminded people are in the comment section. Get to know each other, you like the same thing after all.


Monday: foodphotography and animalphotography
Tuesday: landscapephotography and cityscapephotography
Wednesday: architecturalphotography and vehiclephotography
Thursday: macrophotography and colourfulphotography
Friday: streetphotography and travelphotography
Saturday: sportsphotography and smartphonephotography
Sunday: goldenhourphotography and longexposurephotography


If you like my content and contests please follow & upvote to further support photography on Steemit

Useful links

My posting template
Photography contests FAQ

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nice post. thanks for your information and ideas.


Glad you enjoyed it :)


yes thanks. and also thsnks replay my comend

Very good advice ! Consistency is key I really agree with. It's much more important than people think. It's important to always try to switch perspective. Why will others follow you and how do you get them to stay ? If you answer these two questions and consistently make good posts then you will be on your way to become a dolphin 🐬 hehe


i will try this .. and work properly. then see what happnd


Glad you like my advice. Indeed switching perspective and trying to understand why people might be interested in what you are creating is very important. This means asking for feedback, trying out new things and see how things pan out and reflecting on why thing might or might not work


You definitely have found your groove here on Steemit. I am still a bit inconsistent, I guess I am still searching for my exact identity on here.


I sure did, it took me a while though. Has been almost 6 months since I have joined this platform.

Well I think it is more important to find your identity outside of Steemit, in your daily life and the see how you can apply it to Steemit.

Take photography for example, it is by far not the easiest way to grow here on Steemit. Blogging and writing good articles has a lot more appeal. But I just love photography and therefor my motivation is sky high. Even when I am not that motivated I have enough content to make it through the storm :)


I agree with you, the most important is not to write or post what you think others will like, but instead to figure out what you would love to post, what you feel the most passionate about.

No joy for the writer no joy for the reader. Passion always shine through.

I post about photography and design and sometimes philosophy. I am passionate about them all but it might make my own post page a little cluttered


@juliank i also love photography. i have just 1 month since join here. and after Attached with u i just always ready for captur photos ..i know that photography is a very dificult job. bt i will try to do something in this platform.

Good advice! I'm going to have to start entering your photo contests when time allows. Right now I'm spending most of my Steemit time focusing on my haiku posts and interacting with other poetry posts, but I am passionate about photography and am, in fact, a photographer (it's how I make my living). Ah... so much to do and so little time. haha. At any rate, good post again.


There is no 'have to' only you wanting something or not.

I also love sports a lot and when I am not doing photography I am most likely doing something sports related. Shifting between different passions is healthy for the longer term I think

Looking forward to what kind of photos you will be bringing, what kind of photography do you do for a living?

..the blog makes me think of how i manage my own page,i realized i lack in consistency,
..though i always planned my blog still i would jump in to another topic irrelevant to the ones i started,there all mixed up
..thank you @juliank for bringing these up and for posting blogs that would help struuggling steemians


It is a journey, by looking back at what we have done so far and learning from our mistakes, while at the same time looking at other people and trying to emulate them we can grow :)

nice post @juliank , finally I've found my Niche.. I love to post about movie and film on my blog.


There must be an entire community out there who share your passion, enjoy!

As a newbie here in steemit I can say that it's really hard to decide on which topic I will concentrate on. My personality is flexible so I'm not sure if I should focus on photography or writing. Thank you for the tips @juliank!


You will have to do some testing for yourself. Try out writing one week and photography the other week. After these two weeks looks back on this and you will know


I haven't thought of that. I'll try that. Thank you so much!

Many thanks for this post @juliank. I've recently started posting on Steemit in the 'wedding photography' niche. There are some absolutely incredible wedding photographers out there, but very few, if any wedding photographers on Steemit at the moment. Hopefully, more photographers will sign up and start sharing their work if they can see that there is an audience for wedding photography here. I think Steemit is a fantastic platform and a complete game changer as far as social media is concerned.


I agree with you that Steemit is a total game changer on social media level. As for wedding photography I think it is a really cool genre within photography. Especially since the moment should only be once, there is no room for errors.

I have purposely chosen most of my comments to be more accessible, for example wedding photography. Most people will not be able to share these kind of photos. Especially when the platform is still young super small niches like that will not be represented in large numbers yet

I hope you enjoy your journey on Steemit :D


Totally agree that the wedding photography niche is far too small for its own competition at present @juliank. Hopefully that will change soon! In the mean time, thanks for all that you do to help build the photography community here on Steemit.

Thank you very much for his advice@juliank, it is very helpful to develop and focus on a part that can make steemian survive in world steemit


Thank you :D

Being consistent, not just in posting but in engagement too, is the most important part. Thanks for guiding newcomers :)


Glad you liked it, just doing my share!

Yes, commenting to your followers is a jewel. This practice is very motivating if you lead a contest, because on the other side there is someone who feels happy. It does not matter if you win or not. As you say, in the end this is a social network, to interact with the other creates lasting bonds. Thank you.


Yes very much true. Kinda interesting that quite common mentality is 'me, me, me!' While the power lies in the networks we are creating


Behind this chain of blocks are humans from all over the world, with diverse talents working as a team to achieve a dream.

Let me quote this message from @surpassinggoogle, which is so nice as motivating and has got me good energy:

"Let's keep infusing human into the artificial spaces of the web, till google servers make caching and re-caching our historical human case their incessant ambition and serve our legacies to all the offline nook and crannies of Mars, till aliens form a desire to be loving humans too. " I wish you a happy day.


Wow those are some wise words, thank you for sharing and have a nice day to you as well :)

You are right on each and every point. Ofc it takes work, time and dedication, but all of it is really possible. Winners never quit, quitters never win.


Oh yes I forgot the work hard! I oversaw this as it is common sense to me ;p

I like "Winners never quit, quitters never win" and want to add hard work > talent


There is a nice book "Thinking fast and slow" from a scientist who has dedicated his whole life researching how human brain works. Basically it has two mechanisms that handle the tasks. it's fast thinking that does not require much effort and takes from experiences we have etc and slow part, something we encounter for the first time and can not make decision (well brain can't) from experience. In the slow stance for the tasks that require concentration the brain consumes a lot of energy and it can not operate in that status for a prolonged time. Different people have a phenomenon where for certain tasks that require concentration and prolonged operation for certain tasks brain does not use a lot energy. For different people it is different tasks, usually something that we love to do. And that is presumably called Talent as we put in much more work into certain tasks than the others hence we gain an advantage when compared to the others. But in the final equation it would look something like work=talent.


Interesting, you have broadened my perspective with this.

Because I can relate to it heavily. Sports for me are a way to get peace in my mind, since it does not take the same kind of creative concentration needed for problem solving. I like to vary my time between both, it feels more healthy and I get more done.

Just started getting into ebooks, I will have a look at it!

everything is noted. thank you for the great tips @juliank. i have to put this post on my bookmarks.


That is such a nice compliment!

I Agree with all the points here. By the way no #smartphonephotography contest this week @juliank ?


I was sleeping!


Great advices , thanks for kind support @juliank


You are welcome @dobartim :)


Many thanks my friend @juliank


It 's little bit hard for me to focus on one topic. hehhee.
I like to write many things. Hopefully, steemian also like my articles in steemit.


Well, writing is a niche in itself ;) Some structure might be interesting to try, lets say every friday you write about cryptocurrencies, over time people will know to look for your writing if they like that topic


@juliank. Please visit mine and give some advice there.

I find that entering your photo contests are a great way to improve my quality. There are so many incredible entries I'm doing what I can to keep up. It's very inspirational!


Glad you like my contests and what it doing for you. I find myself in the same position, I have been doing photography for 1.5 years now and I still have a lot to learn. I get to look at photos I could not have imagined myself and I even have to judge them. I am learning just by going through all the great entries, while I also try to improve my own photography

Thanks for the tips!! 😊


You are welcome, looking forward to any new photos you might be submitting :D

Yo I am so impressed by your work. From now on going to take part in your daily contest. But I am a nature's photographer and there is no contest for natures photography???


Thanks! Could you give me more detail about nature photography? It should be possible to make landscape, macro, golden hour, animal and travel photos while out in nature

One of the biggest...


Do not try to be a whale or best selling writer on here....it could well happen...however, enjoy yourself, post what moves you, and let the chips fall where they may.

This is social media...we need to be who we are...not someone else.


Definitely! You want to stay as close to whom you are as a person, this mean you do not have to think about what you want to write/create, as you are just being yourself :)


Thanks for your helpful information :)
I think being "famous" with so many followers & supporters on steemit, needs a lot of effort to put on & takes time too..
would you tell us about the beginning of your journey here?

hye @juliank dont miss my post. i post an extra ordinari cat's pic. for your animalphotography contest. . plz see this


Hi @ridoykhan22, do not worry I always go through all the submissions :)


Thanks for sharing your ideas!


You are welcome :)

Thanks for sharing this information. It's helpful


Glad it is helpful for you :)

Thank you for your tips/suggestions. It means a lotto to every newbie like me.


You are welcome, we are in this together, feel free to always ask any questions you might want to ask. When I see them I will answer them

Great advice, I haven't started posting but I want to join your contests @juliank. I think this will help me to brush up on my photography skills and encourage me to go outside. I think I will struggle with sticking to one theme only. As a creative mind, I tend to like something new every day.

This is very helpful for Steemit beginners like me. Thanks for sharing!

this is really nice...thanks for sharing and i wish i can abide by it

Great tips @juliank! It's a shame I don't have much material to submit to your contests! But I'll keep trying and keep following them! :)

Thanks you for this post it was very helpful.

Thanks for this @juliank .thanks for this opportunity to show our talent in photography... 👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗

Really cool.... I'll give ur points a try....keep it up😍

Nice photo!

gostei muito das informações que você compartilhou! Obrigada

This post is so informative like a warm advice ..❤ thankeww

Postingan yang sangat menarik dan bermanfaat bagi saya sebagai pendatang baru disini,,
Banyak motivasi didalam postingan anda,, dukung saya @mardani
Salam hormat


saya juga baru bergabung buk,
salam kenal

nice post . your right @juliank

This is the 3rd time I read this particular article.
For the first time, it was to be informed
Second time, to check what I'm lacking
And now, to motivate me whenever (like today) feeling a bit disappointed in terms of the speed of my growth here in Steemit.
So I just decided to read this all again. And it did help. I feel like starting again.

Reading it has the same effect talking to someone and getting advice of encouragement.

Sincere thanks @juliank from your fan little minnow here.
Fight! 😊💪

It's going to be much much easier to be consistent when you see the first results.

Thanks for the tips! As someone new to steemit, there is still ALOT to learn so the tips are helpful! I’m excited to keep growing and learning!

this is so nice of you
thanks for sharing this is really nice
upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for the post! I find these tips to be very helpful for a beginner like me :)


Ciao Emilyl, I'm a beginner too. May be we can get in touch! :)


mee too

the Niche thing! i was participating in a discord talk show last Saturday for @steemgigs that is headed by @surpassinggoogle , and i asked this same question, if one needs aa Niche here on steemit and the answer of the host that day, which was @mermaidvampire was that one does not need a niche.
not in her exact words, but this is what i understood. There are many of us who do not have any talent that will make us stand out in the platform. we cant do art, sing, or have vast knowledge on crypto to write about everyday. we don't travel often, eat out or cook and prepare picturesque platter meals that are worth an upload, or a great camera and an eye to see unique angles for perfect photos, you know what i mean? so we basically write on whatever is on on our minds that day, without proper direction or rhythm, just freestyle, and we also write about those special moments when we get to travel too and eat out. so clearly there's direction in our write ups. and in my opinion, and am sure many will are is the limitation of people participation here on steemit, and the reason many have fallen out of love with steeming.

Then there came this thing called @ulogs, where its all about YOU,and whatever your day has been like. which has given many people an avenue to steem, atleast once everyday about their daily lives, which has by far increased participation of many steemians, including my self, especially on those days that i have nothing to steem about.

so this question is still confusing and debatable. does that mean that when i dont have a Niche , i am less likely to attract like minded followers?

@jandreska @elguayanes concursos interesantes

great advice from one of my favorite steemians.



Great man, hope I can make use of your ideas cus I am having problem getting people to interact.


what is your area? What do you like to write about?


where are you come from sir?
maybe I could suggest some idea for you

thank you julian. Interesting advice. I'm italian and maybe it's a little bit harder for me. I'd like to share italian cooking tradition, recipes and give some tips to people who wants to visit Italy...Well, I try :)




Yes @mirfaner, I'm italian, Milan.

Nice post.😊

Thanks for the advice ... that's a ton of posts a day to live up to. A little daunting. But I'll try to up my participation.


nice idea sir

that's right, quality more important than quantity
some people just comment, "follow back", "upvote please" etc
if they post are interesting to read, or somethings news
i'm sure the others would follow him/her,

one's more .. Quality not Quantity

thank you for sharing what youve got! it really gives us another positive ideas in proper manner., very good advice for a new steemian like me and I love to follow your step as best as I could., thanks again!!??

Terimakasih banyak @juliank ini informasi yang sangat penting untuk saya sebagai pemula di steemit

you posts very nice posts really very very nice posts best rank and best earning best information very useful guide lines very wonderful themes and all so very very very very very excellent

Very pleased to stumble on this most useful guide - and inspiration.
You need to find the niche you excel in most consistently.

From my research I already posted here before it seems the most 'powerful' tags subjects to create for, which get the most returns/upvotes/comments per view are WRITING BLOG & STEEM

payouts / posts / comments

writing 12.73
blog 5.85
steem 3.96
cryptocurrency 3.90
travel 3.54
art 2.29
bitcoin 2.25
steemit 1.92
life 1.23
photography 1.07

BUT maybe you have no interest or ability to create RELEVANTLY for those subjects. Mis-posting in tags will get you downvoted.

So you have to focus on those tags where you will be best received and rewarded. If that's RECIPES or FISHING great. Whatever. Just do it!
Steemit is your oyster. Open it.

And remember on your journey through Steemit where choices abound, what the late great Yogi Berra once said about decision making "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

@juliank I really wish my account had more steem power, as my upvote did not add to your earnings. But I really love your posts. Have read so many now, your pictures are awesome and the fact that you are helping the community grow, is just sooooo nice...
Thanks, really thanks....


Hi @aanchalthakur. Don't worry. Just a little patience and a little bit more of hard work in this platform and you'll do just fine. Good luck and keep steeming!

Very nice post. Thanks so much for the ideas.

Thanks for the tips and information

Completely agree with your post ! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for d post

Thanks for your advice worthy to follow

Yas yas yas, good post. Thanks for info. I’m joining your daily contest starting today. 🙌

@juliank do the contest change every week? Or are the above categories going to be the same this upcoming week?

Great info here esp for us newbies!

Thank you for sharing your advice, it helps a lot specially for me still coping up.

Thank you very much for this post @juliank. Wish I read this sooner. But it's never too late for me. I joined the platform last month and I'm actually stressing myself out on how to gain more upvotes and followers :-( I know I shouldn't. I'm glad I stumbled upon this post of yours. Continue to inspire us!

Postingan ini sangat bermanfaat sekali @juliank

Thanks for sharing @juliank

This is great. Eight posts a day? Wow. I've learned a lot here. Also, how does one get in your contest and gets his post seen?

Really helpful😇
Thanks @juliank

Consistency is a key i really agree with it.Thank you for the information.

Good post , it's very useful for me

Those tips and guides are very useful I'm glad to have a chance to read the content. Thanks

Great post, very helpful one. Thank you for sharing, I learn so much from this.

Great post! I also forwarded it to some other Steemers since it contains pretty good info ;-)


I just resteemed your post but if you don’t like to be resteemed just leave me a reply and I will unfollow and stop resteeming your posts immediately. I’m not a spammer… just read what this is all about here

Good evening @juliank, thank you for this information, it is very valuable. I love taking pictures, but I did it because I enjoy them and not with the intention of publishing them. I have read a bit about your contest, your project and it is very beautiful. Now I have more motivation to go out and take pictures, and although my camera is not very specialized I enjoy taking them and sharing with you, besides seeing a great range of beautiful photographs here on your page. I must mention that I have not studied photography. I truly bless that creativity that you have and that other photographers have. I learn every day here, thank you.

Wow this is 5months ago and yet still fresh. I particularly have a problem with time of posting and how exactly to post since I am a photograoher, thanks for this sir. I will try these steps out.

I am just settling in here and this information is helpful. Thank you. I have several areas of interest but abstract and macro photography is my excitement and challenge.

Saya sangat setuju dalam hal seperti ini. Karena bisa meluangkan waktu untuk mencari sebuah objek atau foto yang berguna kepada orang banyak. Saya turut berpartisipasi dalam fotografi karena sangat sangat menyukainya.

Thanks for this post @juliank, for myself I found many interesting things!

Great post. Valuable insight. Thanks for sharing.

Hard work and knowledge , I was uploading 300 pictures for one post , because I also belive that quality over quantity is a key to success

Consistency you said is the key. how about joining community how good is that?

thanks you!! that's was a really big help