Cryptoconsciousness [Hello (Steemit) World]

in poetry •  last year

The crypto space is a strange place
Filled with uncertainty and opportunity:
Vulnerability and odd immunity...
Ready to for that grand expanse, I step over the edge-
Hurled into a digital void, my consciousness imploding

Before it again bursts forth anew, everfresh:
The lingering awareness of something just beyond grasp...

The nondualistic entanglement of all aspects of reality
Beyond all elements of supposed locality

The preponderance of perplexity beneath the seething surface of the mind
Is yet still the shallowest layer, above the endless bliss that one can find

Dig deep and dwell in liberty--- remain infinite and free.


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big words really liked it! will follow you for these bars ;D


Thanks a lot, I followed you as well :D


thank you :)

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Upvoted and following you :)


Thank you

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