Jesus, Bitcoin is (somewhat) Sovereign, Democracy Not

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This week the ocial ustice orkers launched a full frontal assault archived, archived on major open source projects such as Python and Linux. Contrary to the delusions of “good”, this has far reaching implications for the demise of Western software technology and Western civilization (c.f. also 1, 2, 3, 4). Their faux-intellectual “Enlightenment” is bunk.

By signing the “post-meritocracy manifesto” and presumably oblivious to her innate, hypergamic deviousness, even Linus Torvalds’ 18 year-old daughter has lurched towards raving, feral, pit bull “Yona of the Dawn”1 insanity by effectively shit-testing2 her eminent father (c.f. also 1, 2, 3 archived). This in the midst of the EU’s accelerated lurch (c.f. also) towards totalitarianism on the Internet in general. Even Intel’s loss of the fab process technology lead is indicative of the SJW societalcide underway in the West. The West is destroying it’s own technology sector in every way possible.

The problem with nation-states and democracy is that like flies to honey, it’s a large pile of power and money that everybody is fighting to take control over. The delusional who think they’re fighting for equality, are actually (in a movement) attempting to gain power to disrupt, destroy, and plunder. They deceive themselves. The actual motives of the egalitarian movement are obscured in a “noble” lie, which must become ever more radicalized because the only way to sustain a lie is to increase the lies.

Westerners are so spoiled (and entitled) that many of us think that we can be God (c.f. the scientific chart below on how negentropic and thus mega-death directed our society has become). We think we can side-step biology and force changes to society which are unnatural; and thus are so failure directed that such policies will result in burning our economies to the ground. I have provided many links on this blog which explain in exhausting detail why for example men and women do not have the same priorities in the work place. Legislating egalitarianism is ultimately equivalent equivalent to burning all the technical books and replacing them with porn, drugs, and totalitarian holy wars arguing about which demons to blame. In short, absolute insanity. That is what is coming because we refuse to be humble and respect that nature is more powerful than we are.

Let’s make it very clear that what Linus wants and what I want is a meritocracy. We’re not against anyone who achieves via merit in a natural market without totalitarian edicts. Freedom requires admitting we’re not omniscient; and thus not challenging nature to a fistfight. Moral panics are almost never really about morality. They’re plunder wolves disguised in/as empathy sheepskin. I explained this concept recently in more detail to a lady on Quora (click the link to read more):

My point is that in order to attempt to correct that discrimination, effectively we must turn the corporation into a democracy where the workers essentially vote. This is the Millennials’ vision of “fairness.” But does that really work? No! Intel has lost the fab process technology lead to the Asians for example.

What actually happens is then the government is tasked with enforcing fairness. But that is a power vacuum. And what happens with power vacuums? The wolf raids the hen house. This will institutionalize corruption.

We need to reach out to our youth and show them that real love is not an ideology, holding up a sign in protest, nor any other lie. Real love means sharing our time and our care. We need to bring the true love and humility of Jesus back into our hearts and our everyday lives. We’re being sucked into Satan’s divide-and-conquer tactics. Come on my fellow Westerners! We’re not this ghoulish. Please let us come together and commune. Not via fighting over the control of centralized power. SJWs really want to enslave the white man and destroy themselves. We in the West stopped truly loving our children. We instill in them as objects of our ideological insanities.

Note the non-SJW Millennials have made some humorous concise comments about this issue.

I have also noted a recent example that those (especially the oxymoron “female manager” job title) who aren’t capable enough (and/or perhaps mentally unstable, too bitchy, or too focused on sex) to compete in engineering instead pursue let’s-topple-the-applecart-to-steal fruit, diversity consultant careers.

White men didn’t (before) want to fight against other genders and races. We don’t have an inferiority complex because we know we work hard and are very productive. We’re often Christians, loving, and giving to others. But some propagandists are inciting a holy war. Is it because they can’t compete against us in a free market. Thus is the “solution” to gang up to “steal” from the collective future, while burning Western civilization to the ground. Their snowflake lie is that Linux is the “public’s” project; and thus should be collectively owned. But centralized control (such as an enforceable Code of Conduct) is the antithesis of open source. Why the fuck do you think Linus created Git? Because centralized version control was incongruent with open source. Thus these leftist retards are going to immolate themselves because they’re fighting against the reality of the technology.

Although Trump made some significant accomplishments, he’s failing to sufficiently energize his base. Please read on because I will explain I think Trump is a psyop deception designed to accelerate a societalcide slide into the abyss of a holiness spiral Civil War (although he may not know it). Just as I also believe the allowed migration of millions of Muslim male rapefugees in Europe is a plan of the bankster-Zionist puppeted “left” to burn Western civilization to the ground. We’re all being duped.

Yara wrote:

I like your demon lord/necromancer/ghoul setup but I disagree with your ranking. No way are SJWs lvl 3. They’re lvl 0.5 at best, downwardly mobile gutter trash, pretty much powerless themselves, but get to tell commoners to go fuck themselves on behalf of their bureaucratic masters. Foot soldiers, grunts, etc. Then above the SJWs you have various distinct classes of Creatures from the Deep. Like, you put SJWs one step below Hillary Clinton, but I would be seriously surprised if she has literally ever in her life had even the briefest interaction with one. She probably hasn’t ever even physically seen whatever betentacled creepmonster caste occupies the space a full half-dozen levels above the hopelessly plebeian SJW.

The Smiths — It’s Over

1 Female sexuality is disruptive to work. Emasculating men is not the solution, because it makes females more disruptive (because their shit testing is how they measure a suitably stronger man), birthrate plummets, society is conquered or decays into decadence. Qatari princess Sheikha Salwa paid for “men of special physical qualities who have experience in specific ways of collective sex in exchange of a lot of money” to appease her sexual fantasies. Mexican policewoman Nidia Garcia sensationally quit her police job to avoid getting the sack after Escobedo police confirmed they were investigating photos showing her in her uniform flashing her breasts as she cuddles up to a rifle.

2 See my Quora discussion for another potential example of “bitches in tech”. Perhaps daughters with fathers who were too nice (not strict) have a greater propensity of ending up on the dick carousal. My anecdotal experience roughly concurs. The point is that most men keep their sex life separate from their work life, but fertile age women are often incapable of not shit testing. Men who implicitly endorse such behavior in the workplace by championing egalitarian holiness spirals, end up destroying their economy. No problem with the mating game outside the workplace.

Who Do We Blame?

My beloved grandfather son-of-a-baptist minister, my greatest supporter, the eternal optimist, and my best friend throughout my youth up until his death in 1996 (cancer induced asphyxiation), had prepared for us the The Solid Rock hymn by Edward Mote that he wanted us to eulogize and remember him with the epitaph: “On Jesus is the solid Rock I stand on, all other ground is sinking sand.”

I highly recommend the following Youtube even if you’re not religious. If you have a heart, you won’t be disappointed.

During my turbulent, still quite ignorant, and not quite yet matured early 30s, I stapled that hymn on the wall above my computer as inspiration to give me the strength to endure the daily hell (struggle) I was going through living in the misery of abject poverty and squalor at the time.

I had just returned from my hell in the Philippines penniless (to proceed on to Vancouver to take a contract programming job working on EOS Photomodeler) and I visited him at their small wooden house in Louisiana a month or two before he died.

He was still ambulant and slipped me a $20 bill as usual, “son here’s a little something for your trip.” What was more striking was he would still do that despite being clearly weakened, probably feeling quite unwell, and not quite the effervescent, smiling and chirpy Rock I had always stood on. I felt guilty and uneasy for having been away for many years back-and-forth between California and the Philippines. That’s the last time I saw my best friend forever. 😢

That’s my sister’s graduation (magna cum laude) as an accountant, same as my grandfather a CPA. I taught myself double-entry accounting and tax accounting in my spare time. My sister Shannon Moore was murdered in New Orleans by her husband in 2006 (just after rescuing 100s of animals abandoned during Hurricane Katrina). Her brains where blown out. We think he staged it to look like a suicide. My mother is still grieving.

My great grandfather used to give bags of groceries to the poor, so my grandfather had inherited or learnt that giving spirit. It was in the early afternoon, perhaps 3pm but I don’t remember precisely, and I was told he probably wouldn’t live another day. We were talking on the phone and he was struggling to breathe being off his oxygen machine to speak with me. What could I say to the man on his death bed that I respect and love so much. Imagine the discomfort of not being able to breathe! I felt this strong desire to immortalize him while he was alive. This was the most unselfish man I’d ever known, who would for example remove his shirt if you asked him for it. “Grandad, we’ve had so many great times together I can never forget and I love you so much”, I said. “Me too son, it’s been so wonderful”, he replied.

Son promise me you will make peace with your father and don’t ever forget Jesus will never let you down.” The conversation went on and I was listing off some of our memories and I was crying and he was obviously very deeply emotionally moved as well. I told him to hang on, because I would contact his son (my father) and that he would be on his way. My father was traveling from Pensacola, Florida. My father told me that evening that when he arrived my grandfather was waiting for him and took his last breath after acknowledging with his eyes as my father entered the bedroom.

Kneeling to Moloch

As the lady who commented on the above linked video exemplified with, “I need a love button [instead of a like].” We humans have a wonderful capacity to feel communion with each other. We need each other. Society is much more (economically) functional than humans wandering alone or even parochially in small tribes.

As exemplified by just the aforementioned smidgen of my happy, sad life story (not including for example my blinding incident in 1999), nature subjects us to chaos, suffering, deception, self-deception, and competition. There’s no way to avoid it because those are invariants of how our species fitness adapts and evolves to be resilient to a dynamic and unpredictable environment. Nicholas Taleb documented that systems are antifragile when they’re too ordered because they overcommit to a subset of future possibilities. But humans expect order and thus we exacerbate fragile outcomes.

One example of our self-imposed lack of antifragility are SJWs purity spirals archived— c.f. also, also archived. Basically we humans are apt to blame nature on a scapegoat archived. We kneel to Moloch and offer our perceived (or propagandized) adversary to sacrifice at the altar of Nietzsche's ressentiment. Holiness spirals are litmus tests of the power of the propagandist which applecart spiral ever more radicalized devouring everything to the right because of the power vacuum. Jim wrote:

What tends to happen is that when you have a permanent government that is incohesive, it suffers a holiness spiral, as each little conspiracy in the government tries to outflank all the other little conspiracies, taking advantage of no friends to the right, no enemies to the left. And so the Tsar was forced to hold elections and cede power to elected officials, because his bureaucratic apparatus wante legitimacy for stuff that was lefter than could plausibly be blamed on the Czar. Then the Kadets seized power, intending and expecting to institute a constitutional monarchy. Then the socialists seized power and removed the monarchy, but found it difficult to support their democratic credentials because the people were not in fact ready for socialism and not in fact ready to lose the monarchy, then the communists seized power, and then there were internal power struggles within the communist party.

Google’s search result for ‘effigy’

LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Eventually as Karl Popper pointed out, we’ll start imagining our adversary to be possessed by demons. Then the witch hunts, war, and the insanity of megadeath ensue. The Marxist ideology has killed 100+ million (c.f. also) with starvation and mass executions — much more than did the world wars. Those inciting this demonization now includes women in power, our Internet behemoths such as Facebook, our fraudulent educational Marxist indoctrination institutions, emasculation indoctrination in movies (also) and children’s books, our MSM and seems just about everyone in a position of authority.

“Yellowtards” (aka SJWs) in the Philippines

Jesus, Where’s the Rock?

The target the “Angry White Man” initiative being funded by the large Internet tech companies, exemplifies that such “murder the demons” color revolutions originate by inciting the unproductive, Marxist or otherwise radicalized indoctrinated youth:

I have explained (in a much more astute way than others before me) the succinct, irrefutable facts that prove that 9/11 involved controlled demolitions not caused solely by hijacked airplanes. Everyone ignores these facts because most humans just can’t accept that we live in a world where some global elite can entirely manipulate our nation-wide public opinions with deception, propaganda, psyops, and false-flags. Analogously many mathematicians can’t accept that math isn’t static. President Trump is ostensibly just another psyop created by the global elite for their geopolitical divide-and-conquer goals. They’re aiding the natural power vacuum, failure directed politics driving the imminent collapse of Western civilization.

The infallible Rock is inside our heart and allegiance to those in our (sovereign—not State—Christian in-group) trust circle. Love is an intrinsic and sine qua non phenomenon of large-brained pack animals such as humans. Jesus is inside our heart. Jesus said in Matthew 6:3, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Do we choose to enjoin the insanity or do we try our best to remain level-headed, rational, hardworking, and devoid of ideological rhetoric. We don’t need to fix Christianity— Jesus already did. The problem is State religion (e.g. Catholicism) and nation-states. The solution is sovereignty as Jesus said in Matthew 6:5:

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.

The Lord also told us this directly in 1 Samuel 8:

6 But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the Lord. 7 And the Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king. 8 As they have done from the day I brought them up out of Egypt until this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so they are doing to you. 9 Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will claim as his rights.”

Atheists should understand this is symbolic and not intended to be literal. It’s a metaphor. The Beast represents lust for absolute power (i.e. enslavement of even the soul as SJWs desire) and the Great Harlot is all the ways that the people prostitute themselves to idols.

The supreme alphamale is the Christian God, and the supreme gamma-male is his earthly son Jesus. Idol any other earthly King at your own peril. Idol w(h)or(e)ship is self-immolation.

Sovereign Christianity being all about level-headed restraint (i.e. delayed gratification and gratification from love of vocation), is arguably superior to Islam being that Islam is a predatory, patriarchal, polygamous religion of no restraint for males that tolerates radicalization, plunder of infidels, and laziness (who can work optimally when they need to kneel 8 times a day to pray) can’t sustain a large-scale civilization, technological advance, and maximum productivity. Without infidel conquest Islam turns inward to conquer itself (they split into sects to conquer other other), is peaking to soon precipitously decline,3 and the meritocracy of sovereign blockchains will bankrupt Islam because it’s not a religion that demands high intellectual productivity.

Nietzsche's envious ressentiment interpretation of Christianity is true under the slavery of State religion, the Theory of the Firm, and the nation-state, but doesn’t exist in Jesus’ sovereign fix for Christianity.

Do we blame everything on females like some raving, idiot ideologue4 (as if females were really in control of Western society peaking and becoming decadent ), or do we accept that God made us this way and try to organize our lives around the reality of the stark differences between men and women and our need for each other. The answer will be different for each of us. And that’s the diversity that provides antifragility for our species.

I wrote:

The outbreeding was perhaps “most extreme” in the USA:

whites — especially in places like the united states — are so outbred that they don’t have strong enough ethnocentric sentiments to protect themselves from “invasions” by outside groups.

Atheism is negentropric

I wrote:

Ressentiment aided us greatly when it was the West’s turn to advance the agricultural and industrial ages. But now that idealism has become our decadence. The idealism was always there. If it wasn’t there then we would have never cooperated when the East was unable to. Westerners view progress as monotonic. Asians view ~~our~[their] existence as a cycle or circle. They believe they’re reincarnated as a snail. Now that idealism is making us vulnerable to Marxism, as had been the case in Europe before. Europe peaked at the start of the 20th century. Now the USA is peaking. It’s Asia’s turn to rise.

3 They squandered their oil revenues now with bloated populations and they there’s no more trade routes they can pirate/extort. China is getting tough on Islam.

4 C.f. the end of the linked comment post for the mention of ‘patriarchy’.


Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.

Clearly the undeniable proof of false-flag psyops such as 9/11 exemplifies that nation-states are not sovereign. They’re manipulated by the power vacuum of geopolitics plus the parochial prisoner’s dilemma and tragedy-of-the-commons power vacuum of democracy and even monarchs.

SJWs and other unproductive sectors of society leverage political organization to leech on, enslave, disrupt and ultimately eviscerate the productive. Ultimately they destroy themselves analogous to a virus which kills the host. They reappear in new productive hosts analogous to a virus, because there’s an opportunity cost (i.e. cost in lost short-term benefits to the SJWs and viruses if they don’t attack) and the aforementioned tragedy-of-the-commons power vacuum that incentivizes their existence.

Realize that if large-scale politics became impotent, those unproductive sectors of society would perish and not reappear because they would lack any economic support— i.e. the said opportunity cost and power vacuum would evaporate. The end of chattel slavery is a precedent for such an economic immunity. I wrote about it:

Rather I’m stating that there’s no observable absolute truth about these matters, although one could certainly argue for their experience and knowledge of history and argue why some historical observations should continue, but nothing is observably perpetual in our Universe (and we do not observe in perpetuity nor can we even observe everything in any given iota spacetime slice). I’m arguing for a free market of choices. If some group wants to try to enslave another, if that activity is not the most economic or fruitful, they’re likely to get out-competed by a society which has a more efficient organization. I’m confident the maximum division-of-labor destroys (chattel and I argued eventually Theory of the Firm) slavery, as I had explained in great detail in my past writings […]

The USA Civil War wasn’t really a battle about slavery, because economics was going to take care of that any way, rather it was a battle about consolidating the economies-of-scale of the United States at the time when territorial consolidation was economically valuable (the two major oceans of the earth on each coast and the Mississippi river bisecting North-to-South). And now with the Internet (as you have written about), it is about separating into efficient autonomous locales that foster the maximum division-of-labor.

It’s Just Time.

That paragraph quoted above is why I wrote the blog: Bitcoin rises because land is becoming worthless

I also wrote:

I think you will find the Theory of the Firm is at the generative essence entirely predicated on political gridlock.

Thus mankind is being held [enslaved] by politics every where. And this is precisely why local community [i.e. tribalism] based on personal reputation (i.e. our Dunbar limit) can't scale.


Your cited resource showed that men have fought back from 17-to-1 to 5-to-1 since the dawn of agriculture.

Of course I didn't mean fist fight; I mean in the economic competition dimension.

It won't be possible to advance the knowledge age if the sovereign debt-fiat backstop capture mechanism isn't thwarted. Because that totalitarianism requires snuffing out the decentralization [that] the knowledge age is.

The cooperation of the nation-state enabled by Nietzsche's ressentiment (aka subjugation of individual will-to-power), State religion (e.g. Catholicism), and manorialism was necessary only in (c.f. §Overcoming the Power-law Distribution) the agricultural and industrial revolutions because of the need to aggregate and protect large, immobile fixed capital investment.

My original thesis has been since at least 2013, that humanity is departing the fixed capital investment economic order and entering a golden knowledge age because the Inverse Commons ameliorates the necessity of the corporate slavery in the Theory of the Firm. The value of the Firm has historically been in reducing the tragedy-of-the-commons of fixed capital investment wherein there’s a valuable common asset that can be destroyed by transactional costs. I wrote:

The Theory of the Firm can be explained from one perspective with the erroneous theory that knowledge creation can be duplicated and redundant thus managers play an important role of making sure there are backup employees in case one gets sick, leaves, or otherwise fails.

We've needed corporations to aggregate work, because for example you don't build Mozilla Firefox with one programmer. You need a large team.


In any case, the point is knowledge creation is becoming more autonomous, e.g. the 3D printer and 3D printer designs for download. You used to need a corporation to accomplish what you can now do individually.

I wrote:

The events leading out of feudalism appear to be attempts to free humanity from the slavery of unmotivated passive capital, whose power was sustained by the marriage of state and religion (which outlawed the “sin” of usury), by using debt to bypass and compete against hoarded private capital. I wrote previously that gold can’t be the only money, otherwise passive capital enslaves all the future innovation, because all profits are captured as a deflation relative to gold. Appears mankind has been oscillating between debasement blowback (Roman empire and now) and no debasement motivating capital hoarding (feudalism).

The fundamental problem is that in a material world, the transactional cost in The Theory of the Firm (thanks Winter), enables the corporate capital to accumulate faster [i.e. the power-law distribution of fungible resources] than for those who produce the knowledge. However, I think we are entering a radical paradigm shift, where knowledge (the [non-fungible] mind) becomes much more valuable than [especially fungible, mass-produced] material production. Because industry can be automated (see the $1200 3D printer) but the knowledge isn’t static and can’t be automated. I refuted Kurzweil’s Singularity and debated Chomsky on Hume’s mitigated skepticism

I wrote:

So I believe what Nash worked out in his mind mathematically was that in some hypothetical asymptotic case wherein there are an unbounded number of stable, non-manipulable currencies, then it would not be possible for any player in the system to always win just because he/she held the most reserves, because that player would lack information about whether he/she held the most powerful basket of reserves, so it would thus not be a power vacuum winner-take-all outcome in the theoretical asymptotic case. So Nash was correct that in the asymptotic case, his ideal money is stable, but the problem is that such an asymptotic case isn't known to exist nor does anyone know how to make it come into existence. Even Satoshi's design requires Bitcoin to be the stable currency with the highest value otherwise as I had explained, its immutability is not assured by the game theory.

Precisely four years ago, I wrote Bitcoin : The Digital Kill Switch, and I see now that I was entirely correct. Bitcoin is an abomination of Nash's ideal money scheme. Its end game is one globalist who controls everything. One omnipotent whale who stomps on all life. The NWO-666 outcome. Sorry I can't stand by idle and let that happen! Four years ago, I set out to try to figure out how to fix this problem. I've been working incessantly ever since on this in spite of my disseminated Tuberculosis illness (which I am now undergoing treatment to cure hopefully).

But along my journey of thinking about money every since I got interested in gold in 2006 because by late 2005 I could already see in my mind that a global crisis of debt and socialism was ahead in the real world, I ended up making a discovery and writing it down some time in the period between 2011 and 2013. That essay was Rise of Knowledge, Demise of Finance.

The generative essence of that discovery was that knowledge can't be financed, because unlike manual labor, knowledge production is not fungible. Read the essay I wrote for more explanation.

Also Eric S. Raymond had discovered Linus' Law “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” when he wrote the seminal The Cathedral and the Bazaar which launched the open source revolution and Eric[Christine Peterson?] had invented the term “open source” preferring it over Richard Stallman's “free software”. Eric followed that up with the explanation of open source economics models in the Magic Cauldron wherein he explained the opposite of a Tragedy-of-the-Commons is an Inverse Commons which is what open source is.

So what I had figured out that [passive] finance would die because the entire point of money is an information system which routes perception of value to those who help the society produce the most. Fungible money worked during the tangible ages (agriculture and industrial) because society needed to aggregate large amounts of capital (because economies-of-scale were paramount in agriculture and industry) and labor was fungible (i.e. replaceable) and thus finance was useful for maximizing production. Companies aggregate fungible resources and economies-of-scale to gain a transactional cost advantage to solve the coordination problem of the Tragedy-of-the-Commons of uncoordinated resources per the Theory of the Firm (and such transactional cost advantages decline in the knowledge age due to technological changes which enable more diverse production with lower economies-of-scale and Inverse Commons coordination). Although this [agricultural and industrial] system carried with it huge social problems because laborers had no pricing power unless they could restrict membership (e.g. unions) or otherwise use the government to try to redistribute wealth (or do birth control eugenics to lower their competition with each other). In other words, the broken concepts such as democracy and socialism were ramifications of the fact that labor was too fungible (replaceable) and finance was cardinal. That is why so many hate capitalism, but they don't understand that the fledgling knowledge age (which is already underway!) will change everything to a meritocracy and [eventually even] destroy [passive] finance and [fungible] money.

So we tie all this together and note that we increasingly are exchanging our knowledge and doing knowledge creation in open source Inverse Commons, especially those who produce the most in the new economy of the knowledge age. Eric Raymond had eloquently pointed out that the Inverse Commons of open source is the only known positive scaling law of [software] engineering. And it applies to almost any field of knowledge creation that applies the open source principle (such as what we doing right now here by discussing a new concept and peer reviewing it here).

So I figured out that if I could tie the knowledge production within Inverse Commons to exchange of a fungible monetary unit, I could bridge the gap between where we are now and where we are headed. And that each time some fungible money would be exchanged in this system I designed, then the value of the fungible money would not be in exchange for the knowledge but rather in exchange for the service provided to host the knowledge. Then the fungible portion of exchange would only be a small fraction of the non-fungible value created by the activity. This was a very clever and insightful and essential discovery that I made!


In other words, it achieves Nash's asymptotic ideal money by turning a person's brain into their non-fungible money (the unbounded number of brains is the asymptotic domain) and leverages that huge value creation in order to make the associated fungible token more demanded than Bitcoin. The economy shifts from a predominately monetary one into a predominately reputation and gift culture, wherein we recognize value by accomplishments and not by monetary digits.

Those parasite high finance and Wallstreet thugs have to find a new vocation and actually work together in society or become irrelevant.

The essence of my point for years has been that we don’t fight fire with fire, so we can’t destroy corrupt political organization with more collectivized action. Instead we should weaken the nation-state by making it economically non-viable so the parasites (who defect on society while claiming to be holier than thou, i.e. their purity spiral) have no means by which to extract benefits from the productive.

Since we (the productive) don’t need to protect immobile assets anymore as we exit the fixed capital investment era and enter the knowledge age, and given our nuclear arsenal is I posit controlled by the bankster-Zionist puppeteers who want us dead, there’s really no adverse cost for us to develop Bitcoin and decentralized blockchains to render the nation-states impotent. Blockchains employ jurisdictional arbitrage to bypass nation-state power.

Let me repeat that. Jurisdictional arbitrage. Shop around for the best citizenship, residency, and anonymous Internet. Non-decadent jurisdictions will compete for our productivity, because those that don’t, end up as Zimbabwe or Rhodesia. Bloomberg reported:

Muscat and those in his government generally have responded to such criticisms by going on the offensive: Instead of putting the brakes on controversial policies, they’ve stomped on the gas. Muscat this year pushed for an expansion of the passport sales program, arguing that such investments and the economic activity they spur could help Malta become one of the wealthiest countries in Europe within his lifetime. Last year alone, private wealth in Malta jumped by more than 20 percent, thanks in part to its newly minted citizens.

“Globalization is like a treadmill—you can’t say you are tired, because the second you stop, you will fall off,” Muscat said during a press conference earlier this year. “Once in the race, we must not simply be there to take part, but we are there to win.” Previously he’d outlined the types of policies that would power Malta’s sprint toward success: “some sensible, others risky, yet others which might sound, and be, outright insane.”

In April, just as several Asian countries were cracking down on cryptocurrencies, Muscat announced that Malta would become the first country in Europe to create a regulatory and legislative framework specifically designed to attract virtual currencies. Shortly thereafter, Binance Holdings, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced it was moving its headquarters from Hong Kong to Malta. Within weeks, Morgan Stanley analysts were reporting that a majority of the world’s crypto trading volume was moving through companies based in Malta.

There are people who insist that the government’s continued success in attracting investment and generating revenue is itself an answer to the disputed allegations of money laundering, kickbacks, and other financial crimes. “Luckily, this comes at a time when it washes off,” says Edward Scicluna, the country’s finance minister. “The false and fake parts are washing off, because Malta is being so successful that it’s very hard to accept them and to correlate them with a successful country. Normally corruption is rife in backward countries where there are no investments. So you find it very difficult to reconcile these two.”

In short, large-scale democracies and monarchs are clusterfucked, politicized slavery (and gulags at their end-game). Bitcoin and decentralized blockchains have the potential to be truly sovereign because they disrupt all that shit.

I wrote:

my point from the outset of the recent discussion […] was that no one can fight socialism by trying to get the entire country (nor West) to reverse course. "Slowing socialism down" is another collectivized ideal, thus antithetical to the truth. Precisely the problem with collectivism is that there can be only one [holiness spiral] direction


the Knowledge Age will be providing that innovation in the physical economy too (e.g. no need to ship or manufacture items, just download design and print at home on 3D printer, or software for automation of physical labor with robots)! Apparently you are not understanding where the distinction is made. The antithesis of the Knowledge Age is not the physical economy, rather it is the fixed capital economies-of-scale (e.g. getting a loan to construct a factory) that enable the power law distribution of wealth to leech (collect parasitic rents) from the productive knowledge economy. It is as you forget the main point of my "Rise of Knowledge" essay in the OP is that the Knowledge Age down values financialization and stored monetary capital, and up values individual knowledge and productivity, because knowledge isn't fungible and thus can't be financed.


But as I have explained in my theory of a fledgling Knowledge Age, that the individual knowledge workers didn't have the economy-of-scale to produce and distribute their own knowledge works in a physical economy, and thus were enslaved by fixed capital in the Theory of the Firm and the Industrial Age. But the internet and virtual work and distribution has changed all that. Just like the Second Industrial Revolution was brought on by network effects from the First Industrial Revolution, we are now underway in the Second Computer Revolution where the network effects from the First Computer Revolution are starting to kick in and take effect. Anyone who fails to understand how this changes everything is going to have their myopic teeth kicked out by reality.

Thin Protocols

Notwithstanding the unsolved problems of centralization and transaction scaling, blockchains could be sovereign because they can spawn a self-sufficient emergent economic ecosystem that disintermediates internally generated anti-competitive practices that would otherwise be self-decadent. With “Forms of Action” smart contracts, a blockchain could essentially be the globalized replacement for the nation-state.

Jim wrote:

The modern state exists because of modern military discipline. The modern industrial economy exists because of the scientific method, and the joint stock corporation, and the joint stock corporation exists because of double entry accounting. SoX has smashed double entry accounting, Harvard has smashed the scientific method, and convergence is now smashing military discipline.

The blockchain is triple-entry accounting; and it disrupts all that nation-state decadence.

Read more in my next blog: Thin Protocols. Until that blog is written, then read this.

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A great deal to process there; it will take at least a couple more reads.

Regarding the "post meritocracy manifesto" faction you highlighted, it's almost a Toxoplasma gondii -style mind-control that seems to be undermining rationality, reducing awareness and fear of the ultimate consequences of their delusional behaviour. An unconscious white flag of submission.

I agree with your observation that "...Westerners are so spoiled (and entitled) that many of us think that we can be God [...]. We think we can side-step biology and force changes to society which are unnatural; and thus are so failure directed that such policies will result in burning our economies to the ground...Legislating egalitarianism is ultimately equivalent equivalent to burning all the technical books and replacing them with porn, drugs, and totalitarian holy wars arguing about which demons to blame. In short, absolute insanity. That is what is coming because we refuse to be humble and respect that nature is more powerful than we are." That too and the Taleb observation that "...humans expect order and thus we exacerbate fragile outcomes..."

Yeah, I'm shaking my head in disbelief on a vastly more frequent basis these days hoping we can somehow pull out of this crash dive.


SJWs revolt within Facebook.

The Western software sector is destroying itself.

Important topics in Western pop culture include Stormy Daniels’ recollection of the size of the President’s penis.


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When he was playing sports in school, I was learning how to build computers.

I did both. For example, I read a book on the internal design of microprocessors in 1978 at age 13 while I was bed ridden for several days with a severe high ankle sprain from Junior Varsity football. Yet I admit that those who were geekier than me, spending all their time doing academics had higher achievements than I did as a ramification of my attempt to be both a jock and a geek. But I caught up after high school (and some university), by refusing to do much of anything but hacking (and not just hacking computers) and sports. I decided to cut out all the extraneous requirements that society thinks is important, so I could maintain both activities I valued the most. I agree with you that life presents tradeoffs and we must choose.

I would happily give up my privileged position in the world so that I could live in one where my expertise isn’t even special. I get positively ecstatic when I think about it, it would be that awesome

Want to know how awesome egalitarianism is? Go live in Venezuela. Go back in a time machine and experience the Holodomor. Why is that Westerners are fantasizing about repeating what lead to 100 million deaths in 20th century?

I do not understand your motivation at all. Why would you even want to destroy the trend to the maximum division-of-labor. Do realize where that rabbit hole theoretically leads? What’s up with this desire for egalitarianism? Do you really want to live in a STATIC universe? That’s what would be required, if you actually go down the Physics rabbit hole and understand the theoretical ramifications of your fantasy.
The world is wonderfully diverse, dynamic, uncertain and alive, precisely because we can’t all do everything. Precisely because we’re not all omniscient and thus time and thermodynamics are not reversible. Completeness requires a static universe.

Also why do you assume you’re privileged? Does every female you want choose you? For example, you’re not anymore privileged than the guy in the barrio who doesn’t even know how to code, but has much hotter gf(s) than you will ever get because women don’t really value your geek qualities nor accomplishments. They want the baddest boys. Much more sex appeal. How are you more privileged than those who are able to do the minimum effort in life and still funded by socialism to live reasonably high quality Western style lives? They’re presumably happy with the setup, which is why they vote for more socialism. You worked hard for what you have. I would have expected you to want a meritocracy, not a fantasy where everyone is privileged and thus in reality everyone starves to death because nature routes around that failed fantasy by destroying all those who ascribed to it.

But I have no idea how to do that. And nobody else does either.

I know how to do it. Build a static universe. Build your own little game simulation where everything can be observed holistically. Then you can prescript your egalitarianism. Be God. And remember you’re providing all the resources for your static universe, so make sure you can produce enough to pay for the edicts that your fantasy requires.

Armstrong’s blog wrote:

Over 180 U.S. companies banded together to publish a full-page ad in the New York Times this Monday to tell U.S. lawmakers that restricting women’s rights is “bad for business.” Several states including Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisiana have proposed bans on abortions, and Alabama has outlawed the procedure entirely under all circumstances. The letter states that the proposed laws would threaten “the health, independence, and economic stability of our employees and customers.” Disney, WarnerMedia, and Netflix have also threatened to cease all filming in the state of Georgia if the laws are passed.

Corporations want women’s lib, because women spend a lot more than men. Women are on average undisciplined and terribly impulsive. So of course the corporations want to destroy patriarchy because it is good for “infinite debt from infinite wants”. Corporations are a key feature of statism. Statism inevitable turns to evil. A highly litigious society is evil, because it requires taxable corporations for limited liability. Westerners have entirely fallen away from real Christianity to some fake caricatures of it at best.

Armstrong wrote:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) attacked corporate politics, influence, and greed. She echoed Warren Buffett who recently told shareholders that if a bank needs a government bail-out, the responsible CEO and his or her spouse should lose their net worth. Interesting comment on Buffett’s part when he lent $5 billion to Goldman Sachs to prevent their bankruptcy during the 2008-2009 crash. It seems Buffett does not practice what he preaches.

Buffett is all tied up in statism as are most people because they refuse to accept the inconveniences required to renew the tree of liberty.

Anyway, Warren Buffett is a failure. I do not know why people admire him. Actually I know why they do. Because they are mind-programmed and love to have idols.