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What if we could harness the spectacular growth of Bitcoin, and other digital currencies, to rebuild Houston and the region devastated by Hurricane Harvey?

I think we can!

Hurricane recovery costs billions and takes years - long after the news media has moved on to the next crisis, there will remain people in desperate need trying to rebuild their lives. Donations that get the early crisis under control are important, but donations that build endowments that keep on giving for many years are even more important. Digital endowments based on the growth of the Bitcoin industry offer a unique way to build resources big enough to fix everything. Join us at the and learn how your donation can be amplified many times over by leveraging the explosive growth of the digital currency industry.

  • A million dollars donated in Bitcoins five years ago at $4 are worth a billion dollars at today's $4000+ prices.
  • A million dollars donated in Ethereum two years ago are worth nearly a billion dollars today.

What if we could find another coin like these,
and raise a million dollars for Harvey victims?
Why, we could pay to rebuild everything in Texas in just a few years!
And caring people are already donating much more than a single million.
We are talking billions in hurricane relief funding!

I think we can do it. There are several good choices, but my favorite is BitShares.

  • BitShares is much stronger than Bitcoin and Ethereum were before they joined the million-to-billion club.
  • BitShares already processes twice as many peak transactions per day than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined.
  • BitShares can scale to handle 100,000 transactions per second while the other two clog up at one or two dozen.
  • BitShares already has a Billion Hero Campaign set up to turn its donated million dollars into a billion to give away to 12 contest winning Good Causes.
  • BitShares could easily grow from 15 cents to 150 dollars in two years - if enough people adopt it as their exchange.
  • And BitShares supports smart contract endowments that would allow Houston to use donated funds without spending them.

That's right. BitShares has a smart coin called the HERO that is worth about $160 and grows at 5% annually. If you have three HEROs worth of BitShares as collateral, you can borrow another HERO to spend right now - while your collateral keeps growing!

Never touch the donations,
just take out a "home equity loan" using them as collateral!

So, if you donate $30, it could grow to $30,000 collateral in two years while Harvey victims get a steady series of HERO payments that add up to $10,000 - without touching the $30,000 endowment you have cleverly built for them.

A gift that keeps on giving.

If a celebrity donates $3 million, Houston could get a continuing funding stream up to $1 billion over two years.

That's the way to make the most of your donation!

If you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you give him a growing endowment, you feed him for life.

You can donate any digital currency from Bitcoin to Ethereum to Dogecoin and the HERO endowment engine will work the same way.

The Billion Hero Campaign is going to start raising such an endowment immediately and present the plan to the Texas authorities when we are in Austin next weekend. We'll sponsor BHAP Rebuild Houston with our own Billion Hero Prize and encourage others to raise up an even bigger prize dedicated to the victims of Harvey.

This way, we can keep funding the reconstruction of Texas long after it has faded from the news.

If this works the way we think it will, we'll be ready for other world-wide disasters in the future.

And in the process, we'll give the world its first honest money and level economic playing field.

You can donate any digital currency on the BitShares DEX to the bhap-rebuild-houston account on BitShares and watch how it spins off Heros for Houston over the next two years.

I see Skenan has already made the historic first donation!

Institutional and Celebrity sponsors should contact
Eddy Taylor at 1+ (310) 940 2404 in the EDT time zone.


Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares and the HERO

About the Author -- Stan Larimer

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I love the idea! Will definately look into donating

Get better soon Houston !

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Brilliant idea Stan. Also at least with this the folks who need it actually get it. Not like other charities that abscond with donations. :)

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A tragedy, a lot of strength to those who have suffered the devastation, in my last post I talk about this situation, I would appreciate it if you give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything! Pray for Texas! Texas strong! Thanks for sharing @stan Bitcoin can do it!

its really hard to understand

Sure we can rebuild Houston and the region devastated by Hurricane Harvey if we work together, helping each other. We can donate any digital currency that we have.
Thanks for sharing this idea @stan

I saw a few projects to help Houston. And i think it's amazing what a community can achieve. Lets help!

Hero coins sound very interesting. I was raised by a disabled mother. Would have loved to start an organization that helped children with disabled parents. it was real tough for us coming up and I always wished I could have done so much more for my mother. She was such a strong woman raising us boys in Brooklyn while she was paralyzed on her left from a stroke from years earlier. One day I may just do that.

Great post @stan fair play
keep them coming ill keep checking them out!

Is Bitshares already listed in some crypto trading sites?

Many of them!

Hi Stan, I really love that vision. I just hope you guys will be able to pull it off. Just donated to your rebuild-houston initiative. Good luck with the authorities in Texas.

Love the idea Stan, love Bitshares, we have seen now how Bitshares can be a success, but where and how could it fail? What needs to happen and could happen for it to fail?

Bitcoin community as well as STEEMIT community are doing a great job towards alleviating poverty and curtailing disaster

present the plan to the Texas authorities

This is my primary concern, that the donation funds raised get to those who need it, not politicians or other middlemen. How that will be accomplished I don't know, but it would not be good for anyone but those middlemen if it turned out like the Hatti relief effort "managed" by the Clinton foundation did.

Right. We'll be looking for a reliable tip to our spear.
But we'll do better if we get an endorsement from Houston Actual.