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In this game you will master a new global financial system.
One that solves most of the problems you’ve had with the old one.

One that could greatly improve your own prosperity
while directing
One Billion Dollars
to the twelve best humanitarian causes on the planet.

Yes, we are giving away a billion dollars
just to show everyone how to escape the current system.
The economic matrix that’s been pulled over your eyes
interfering with your economic health and well-being
since before you were born.

It won’t cost you anything to play.
But what you learn by playing could make a huge difference
in your own life
And in the lives of others you will help.

Keep your own money
growing rapidly in your own wallet
safe from all foul play.

Help fund your favorite cause.

And give the world its first Honest Money.

Of the people,
by the people,
and for the people.

The Billion Hero Challenge


Fantastic. You are my HERO @stan


And I have borrowed into existence and sold into the marketplace over 1500 HERO.

Hey, I'm a Hero too!*

WOW! This is very impressive, you definitely deserve the HERO title as well!Keep it up crypto-musketeer!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

@eric-boucher is EVERYWHERE dropping his awesome comments!

He is Hero he have steem Power too

250 and counting!

25 and counting?

You are no doubt a big reason behind the success of all Graphene related projects!

Awesome to hear! I'm new here but a big fan of BitShares and stoked to create my first Hero. Thanks for the nudge to go for it. If you've made 1500, I can surely do my first. :) Looking forward to following you.

Congratz bro :)

I really want to join. I dont have team or much money. I have 100$ at max.. can I join?

Congrats !!! ;) Upvote

I wish you would do a video on this. That's amazing!

Me here also lol

Excellent Stan. I am going to start doing videos soon to help. :)

If you didnt want to buy HERO before, you must now. Lets not let the Fed/Treasury/Income Tax system screw us for life. @majes what exchange did you use?


But check the webite and other post Stan mentions, you may just want to buy BTS and borrow the HERO...

Or short it if you are @billbutler

I consider shorting HEROs into existence, using bts as collateral, to be the first truly near zero risk and no-brainer way to get rich in a relatively short period of time that I have ever seen.

Looking into that, thanks...

@onceuponatime That strategy sounds familiar, executing others ideas is hard though. @Billbutler might give you some more in depth detail of execution strategy.

you and bill butler inspired me to do the same. I only did a small amount, but it was pretty cool to create Hero out of thin air so to speak!

Mmmmmm... the Hero. Very interesting.

Everything the dollar used to be...
As good as gold...

I like Heroes.

What a powerful game and incentive to bring people on board the platforms we are all highly interested in. For the sake of quality, sustainability, smooth ramps of that nature will come handy on the long run for all of us.

Thank you so very much for all this amazing work @stan. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I'm in with HERO fo show!! Resteemed!

Hey, I'm a Hero too too. lol

And Promoted!

I just put 2 more HERO up for sale at BTS 527. Come and get em!

@stan, the purpose of hero is great and noble. But economics does not works on nobility it works on greed. Why anybody will vest their BTS for borrowing ever growing (5% a year) Hero, having better alternative withering USD?

Um, because that BTS will grow by 1000x right along with the grand prize?

Oh ya @stan, I'm hearing you!

loud and clear son!

But it will grow anyway, and one will get more shorting a USD than a Hero in a porcess.
And prize is a one-time matter. What after that?

For this to work, there must be demand for it from John Q Public. John needs a way to earn a safe 5%. He is not that interested in digital for digital's sake.

So we designed a coin that will interest main street. The 30 million retired members of AARP. The unbanked workers needing a way to save and send money home.

If they adopt it, and want to buy it, then there will be a reason to short it because we'll be able to sell it.

So you can go ahead and short the USD directly if you want to hoard that little 5% for yourself.

But will you be able to sell it for the same premium as the HERO? Will you be able to sell it at all in the presence of the HERO?

So, like, the banks have developed a crypt Ripple, аnd then similar currencies just for those who want to transfer outside banks?

Hmmm... I see the point. Ambitious indeed.

Hope you right! I have some BTS after all, and peple need a stable currency - true... )))

One more question, if you please. Does not a Hero compete with a BlockPay? It's also based on BTS and aims to be widely used.

BitPay will probably adopt the Hero. :)

Wow. Ok. You got me )

Many thanks for your answers @stan and good luck to us all with a Hero!

knowing when to hold, fold and also run! like Johnny cash said it! :D

Just note2self. So as always the winners are who get into it first if it appreciates.

Said perfectly! @Stan

Interesting concept. Noble cause . Thanks for being a HERO @stan Upvote!

@stan, i like keeping my own money and I never had money grow in my wallet. Inflation has destroyed most of my money. Steem On @stan

That is however specifically FIAT you are speaking of.

Absolutely right and I have a few digital wallets that generate new coin daily. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen and one coin made a 400% yesterday. Steem On friend

You too brother :)

Sounds interesting. I would like to see a Mars colony :)
Atlantis also would be great hehe

Let's play it since it's about the journey - not the destination - in this case however, we might be enjoying both ;-)

This is my kind of game! sounds really interesting. I've been trading on bitshares open ledger all day. I was just trying to get a feel for it. I love that you can go in and out of bitshares so easily with no long waits. I also love that you have access to so many coins which you may not see on other exchanges. Looking forward to Hero and learning more about it.

Just acquired some Hero. will be interesting to see how this plays out.

How many has been margin-called today?

hero billionaire yeah


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Taking another step forward.
I believe the crypto market is due for a reckoning soon where the strong will survive and most will die. HERO could be the guiding light. Another step closer to where we should be. I invest and promote cryptos based on their potential to change the lop-sided wealth structure and replace antiquated functions that will benefit humanity. The ones that do the good work. a community of HEROS will make real strides. I'm in.

will bitshare price skyrocket as well?

How can i start this game?

WOW! It's $691 still counting.. You are real HERO

very good i want to be a hero! amazing time my hero @stan

Interesting concept, looking forward to hearing more about!

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Thank you

Damn! Billion Dollars is a lotttt of Money....

Why not a Trillion, just to make it interesting.

This is great stan! what a great beginning joining this site. Just joined today and i learned a lot from the posts. Thanks for the person inviting me to this site...Im looking forward to know all of you guys...

Awesome @stan your MY hero. 😁

This is what cryptois all about. My hat is off to you my friend. For the first time in civilised history the dynamics of social class and financial well being are in every individuals own hands. Thanks to blockchain technology the playing field had been completely leveled. Its up to us, the trailblazing digital pioneers to take matters into our own hands by finding new innovative ways to better mankind. "Money makes the world go 'round". I'm imagining how much more enjoyable each rotation will be after we clean up that money. Thanks, Stan.

Nice one stan! Re-steemed :)

Marvouls Post Stan You Done a one of the great job .

I amsreally excited to see your future with this energy your really surprising and charming man . I have Ever seen . I want that if you give a look on my post My Name is Sophia Olive It will be the great effort you done ever. Really apprecited

I want to play and become a hero where to start?

What are the 'the twelve best humanitarian causes on the planet?' I am definitely curious to know which ones were chosen (or chose to play) and if they represent a spectrum of sectors that can work together. I am bias, I'd like to add a 13th overtone cause which works to synergize the other 12 into a whole system so they aren't working in silos or independent of each other (which is impossible).

They haven't been chosen yet. Any leader of a cause can enter. The twelve that bubble to the top win a share of the billion-hero-prize.

Thanks Stan. I have had a little trouble in following between here and hero site.. What is the best link to learn more about entering?


Great read! I just upvoted you. Please do the same and follow

1 Billion! Divided among 200k community members on here atm = 500k each! That's a lot of songs that I can produce and get recorded! I like to imagine and play and sing... it's nice to dream. Thanks for your post.

Changed my life!

I signed up yesterday and can't way to get into HERO. This has restored my faith in humanity. I can't wait to see how cryptocurrency will positively influence the global market! RE-ESTEEMED!


I am afraid this is too complicated for me.

We need more projects like this to shine a good light od cryptocurrency in general. Next time someone will be talking about evil crypto being used in drug deals etc. I can say "Yeah but have you heard about Billion hero challenge?" Great idea guys!

It sounds reasonable but I am not that deep in the topic being afraid it ain t a scam, sorry

We all love heroes, but this could be the real deal. Cheers.

player 1- i am keen to help humanitarian causes too -am following and upvoting


Let me be a Hero Also. But Also respect all People
Guys please check out my post about mysterious Dark Energy and a very interesting and intriguing way of how Universe could end

Does the prize get distributed to each member of the team, or the team leader?

The way you win is to have the most Hero sales tagged to your team, right?

2K16 CLOSEE 2K17 GO!!!!!

I like money. I cant believe you like money too! we have so much in common.

money makes life easy :D

Reestemed, upvote and follow you @stan

this is "show dji ⚽!"
resteem and new supporter of your blog! ✌

Very nice article @ stan!!!! Resteemed and upvote!!

I read the Challenge.....and I'm still not sure what it's about. [: Heck.

me too bro

great work man

I hope so, there are so many people out there that could benefit from this, it is just that people dont trust a site. People think is a scam

Wow I love this, I've resteemed and upvoted

This sounds very interesting!! I like Heroes! Happy Steeming!

Re-steemed ! Great article, please upvote, thanks

By challenges a man makes perfect

I got a Jigsaw vibe from the title, but then it is about HERO...

Not all HEROES wear capes. This is AWEsome!

wow u r earning very good amount of money it's a dream to me please help me to grow my page please resteem my only 1 post please please

Who doesn't want to be a hero?!

Time to dig in and become a hero too

I am going to be a hero soon!

your post is intriguing

A Very Fantastic Game To earn a billion dollars I like, I really like it.

A very impressive inspiration
Thank you very much been willing to share a little knowledge that you have mr. @stan
I almost daily follow what you share for all of us
Hopefully the more you achieve here
I also want as you say billion dollars we have it
Thanks and follow me + vote

wowow thanks you are Boss Boss

A wonderful concept. Resteeming.

Here comes "Stan the Saint"!! I wish I had some BTS in OL. Gotta start paying attention to things other than Bitcoin and steem....

Follow me for the latest in tech news from my paid subscriptions to Barrons, the Wall Street Journal and many more..

Lets Play this game....

@stan I think i remember seeing a video where you mentioned something about a reality show. Is that still on the cards? I think that will help a lot with mass adoption. Your vision is so inspiring. Good luck and i hope we will see BTS explode to the moon soon.

The Reality TV Show is definitely in the plan. Many negotiations remain.

Well done @stan.
U have been really succesull in inspiring people around INCLUDING ME.
Resteemed it and would love to be a HERO like you are buddy. THUMBS UP 👍🏻

Good stuff.

Wow this is unbelievable

awesome!!!! and nice post !!!!i m definitely folowing you

Where is the link?

Great stuff Stan. Can't wait to see how this develops over the next 12 months. The talk you gave at CRS was an eye opener. I've only just made my first bitcoin purchase and got onto the bitshares exchange, so I'm in true minnow status at present, but I'll be backing the hero as much as I can. You're doing a great thing and I salute you.

Sounds fantastic very good work it a good job there are some good people in this world. Cheers mike

Everyone can become a hero one day !

now thats some valuable content! I follow you :D

Interesting value system

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