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The cost estimates from Hurricane Harvey keep mounting. I've seen rebuild numbers in excess of One Billion Dollars. Maybe even 1.21 Gigabucks.

1.21 Gigabucks!
"Marty, where are we gonna get that kind of power?"

Sadly, most folks don't have flood insurance. This means a whole city and region of bankrupt people who have no money to rebuild - or to even mitigate the damage fast enough to keep their homes from becoming a total loss.

The outpouring of help has been amazing, with millions being pledged from many sources.

But they need billions.

Fortunately, that's what the Billion Hero Campaign is already set up to do - turn millions into billions! We already plan to turn the million we donated into a billion dollars worth of BitShares in the next two years - and give it away to 12 Good Causes called Big Heroic Audacious Projects (BHAPs).

Houston has a problem.
Let's do a BHAP for them!

It gets better! Every BHAP has a BitShares account that is intended for proxy voting for that project. But it's also a full working account that people could send donations to if desired. Just one dollar's worth of BitShares donated to the bhap-rebuild-houston account will grow to a thousand dollars worth by the end of the Billion Hero Campaign's billion-hero-prize giveaway. A thousand dollar donation becomes a million. And a million becomes a billion!

Cryptonomex has already set up a matching bonus pool for it's employees and volunteers that will be worth a billion dollars when the Billion Hero Campaign ends. Do you think it's possible that we can raise $1M in donations to provide Houston with its own version of the Billion Hero Prize? That would be $1B worth of disaster relief.

We'll soon find out!

Institutional and Celebrity sponsors should contact
Eddy Taylor at 1+ (310) 940 2404 in the EDT time zone.

Hurricane recovery costs billions and takes years - long after the news media has moved on to the next crisis, there will remain people in desperate need trying to rebuild their lives. Donations that get the early crisis under control are important, but donations that build endowments that keep on giving for many years are even more important. Digital endowments based on the growth of the Bitcoin industry offer a unique way to build resources big enough to fix everything. Join us at the and learn how your donation can be amplified many times over by leveraging the explosive growth of the digital currency industry.

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I have donated 100 BTS. Oh yeah. The first donator!

It's tough to know with these extreme weather events, whether they are 'natural' or the result of geo-engineering - may all find the peace they need!

hmm this is exactly what I was thinking @ura-soul we live in exciting / scary times.

That's the spirit Stan. What a great project :)

Many friends and family in the Houston area. God be with them! A campaign of this magnitude would help restore Houston and mend many broken hearts.

This would be a great cause for the Hero Campaign. What a refreshing change this would be where what is given would multiply instead of being diminished by administrative fees. Hero could change the entire landscape of charitable giving. I can't wait to see it happen.

@stan So your saying anyone can create a give away for this Bitshares billionchallengecampaign? I can create a wallet put $1,000 in it and say if you guys do this certain action they have a chance at portion of the 1 Million dollars when the competition ends?

Why not. Every single BTS in any wallet will be worth 1000x more if we simply do what Bitcoin and Ethereum have already done.

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'Just one dollar's worth of BitShares donated to the bhap-rebuild-houston account will grow to a thousand dollars worth by the end of the Billion Hero Campaign's billion-hero-prize giveaway.' yes sometimes it will worth more than trillions. nice conept @stan

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I hope the BHAPs project can maximally help the victims of the flood of houston, we join in mourning over the flood disaster in Houston. Thanks to BHAPs for houston and keeping the earth

Such a sad situation my prayers go out to everyone there.

@stan - A very useful idea. Helping others via crypto is a good thinking & I like the way you think. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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