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I had a delightful hour long interview on “Wealthy Living” radio today and hit upon a way of explaining things that doesn’t sound so much like it’s too good to be true.

Let me try it out on you!

First, you can go check to see on the BitShares account “billion-hero-prize” that I really did donate 3,000,000 BTS, which was worth a million dollars in mid June. You can even see that it came from my own personal “stan” account.

Now, being a good steward of that prize what should I do with it? I could sell it immediately and pick a charity I like to give it to and that would be that.

If I had a time machine though, (bear with me), the smartest thing might be to go back in time to when Bitcoin was worth $4.20 and buy a million dollars worth. Upon returning to the present, those Bitcoins would be worth $1 billion and I’d be a member of the million to billion club! Then I’d have a billion dollars to give away instead!

Or I could go back just a couple of years and buy a million dollars worth of Ethereum. Again, I’d be in the million-to-billion club (or pretty close).

Alas, I have no time machine, but if someone with a crystal ball would tell me which of the thousands of coins out there will be the next member of the million-to-billion club, why, all I would have to do is buy a million worth of that coin and wait a couple of years.

That all I’ve done. I put a million dollars worth of BitShares into an account everyone can watch and will give it away to twelve good causes selected by the public when it reaches a billion dollars. I think it will happen faster than it did for either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

How can I be so sure? What if it takes 3 or 5 years instead?

Well there are no guarantees, but BitShares is far stronger technology than Bitcoin or Ethereum were when they were our size and BitShares has a far better network of supporters, investors and marketers than either of them. Finally, BitShares has far better financial products – stable smartcoins that pay interest and quality securities that are fully approveable by the SEC!

So, I’m bullish on what we’ve got and quite confident that we can grow that prize from a million to a billion.

Our team is busy building the BillionHeroCampaign web site which will become a center of learning for digital currencies, Big Heroic Audacious Projects (BHAPS), well-known leaders bringing their networks of supporters, and games that make it fun to earn and learn.

It will take us a while to build a billion dollar contest and get all the celebrity videos and causes documented with explainer videos and community forums. You get to watch it all unfold at BillionHeroCampaign. Might as well sign up for our newsletter so you'll know each time we add something cool there.

Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares, Fast Bitcoin, and the HERO

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I hope you guys are working with Bitspark to store their float in HERO.

Hi Stan,
i humble request .
please tell the method, how i get vote as like you're pls help

I am thinking of letting go of Bitcoin Cash and invest in BitShares.

Just Do It, Mate!

Good one Stan. Nice and simple :)

You are absolutely correct, we don't have a time machine to go back and buy BTC, but we have a advanced platform which can give a good competition to BTC as known as BTS or BitShares. Yeah it's still worth "$0.146641 - according to coinmarketcap" and will rise more and more.
Thank you for sharing this great post! Actually now it's a good time to buy BTS and it might be a worthy investment as well.

Looking for your next update and appreciate your effort as well!


Hello @stan, thank you for your post. I really needed to know what are the immediate future plans for bitshares, apart from the "hero campaign" you talked about? Taking about the sheer technological aspect per se bitcoin doesn't stand a chance against any of the new coins that keep pouring in every day. But bitcoin has something that most of the other altcoins don't, i.e support from people who accept it and consider it to be an asset. More than a currency its considered to be a digital gold. Are there any plans to make bitshares a household name, how bitcoin is today?

That IS the plan.

Thank you @stan sir for your reply. Getting a response from a legend of the industry, itself is a thing to celebrate. I will continue to look up to you for all your insightful suggestions. Peace. ☺️

Your maths is out (not that it affects your underlying argument):

If I had a time machine though, (bear with me), the smartest thing might be to go back in time to when Bitcoin was worth $4.20 and buy a million dollars worth. Upon returning to the present, those Bitcoins would be worth $4,200,000,000

A million dollars of bitcoin at $4.20 would get you 238095.238 BTC. Back in the present (assuming a current price of $4200 per BTC), this stash would be worth $1,000,000,000 (not $4,200,000,000).

Good catch. Fixed.

Interesting! Nice! I upvoted you!

PD: join me in this world of steemit looking my posts, rare content about this world, maybe you like it, maybe not, anyways, We can grow up toghether follow me and I follow you bro! :D

Thanks! Stan, it'll be great for all of us in the better way in life!

I wouldn't mind to use a time machine either! Resteemed!

many thanks , i really love and enjoy your article

wish you are always in health @stan

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@stan - I am not an expert in crypto domain, but I am lucky, that's why I have found you. I will buy BitShares and wait few years of time, hope I will have a success story to tell. Thank you very much sire!


hi stan ))

i really enJOYed your last radio interview .. the one posted at the bottom of the HERO website .. do you have a link, for this new interview ?? - ))

" .. we hope that humanity will choose projects that will make a huge difference for many people .. "
.. @stan

What's a BHAG ???

i "trust" .. your "worker proposal" for Fast Bitcoin (FBTC) .. will be approved & READY TO GO .. A.S.A.P. !!! ... because, "" BHAG #3 - Switch the world over to clean energy. "" ... is READY !!! !!! - )))

.. and "WHEN" .. the world hears about IT & recognizes the "intention" behind IT .. (i.e.) BOTH, the self-less donation of "clear understanding" !! & !! .. hears what will be done with the $300,000,000 USD top prize .. the transfer of GLOBAL WealtH .. into "sound incorruptible" MONEY ... will reach astonishing SPEEDS !!!

i trust this 'minor' tease .. lights UP your continued initiative - ))

.. thanks for BEiNG YOU !! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

" UP is IN "

I will post the link when they release it.

Thanks Stan - ))

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

you have a sign up button on the billionherocampaign site directs us to a unfinished page on the website.
still has lorem ipsum

Fair play!

Wow! You are the man @stan! This is awesome! It's good to see there are people out in the world like you who want to support good causes. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see what coin makes 1 billion next for you!

nice post....

this is great

@Stan, I really love the idea of this campaign and wish that you and your team succeed with this amazing project. However I think the incomplete and somewhat amateurish website is not helping your cause. For example, they currently feature a number of broken images and a sprinkling of "what is lorem ipsum" as seen on this page https://billionherocampaign.com/user/allblogs, and this one https://billionherocampaign.com/html_signup/sign_up.html which features "The Doctor's Case" movie project. It's not clear if this is a test page or supposed to be a work in progress...

To gain wider appeal and demand for your project, you'll need to ensure users have a frictionless experience with the interface to your ecosystem. When a user visits the site, they must be able to find the information they need and have no lingering doubts about the professionalism and legitimacy of the organization. Unfortunately the website doesn't currently give off that vibe at the moment.
Unfinished pages are probably best left on the dev server.

All the best!

Yeah, they are so busy working on the real web site that the space-holder hasn't been polished. They will be cleaning it up.

wo w- that is real investment for charity - good on you Stan

This would be a fantastic topic for a vlog on dtube.


I'll take this as an investment advise sir and hopefully when I have available funds, I will also buy few bitshares. Already have 45 on bittrex and looking forward for more. Thanks for this advice sir @stan