Quarterly Report | Looking Back At Steemit Production For Q4 2017

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It's been an epic Q4!

I landed on Steemit at the end of August 2017 and 123 days later I have 458 followers and a fistful of STEEM.

No Powerdowns here: I'm "all-in" with Steemit for the long haul. Steemit isn't perfect but then again, what is? I can only try to do my part by posting and upvoting interesting and quality content. We all have to do our part to make steemit a better community and attractive to everyone in order for it to grow.

If I don't get to fire off another post in 2017 I want to say: Have a happy and safe new year to you and your family!

I have a feeling 2018 is going to be one hell of a year for crypto!

Here is what I posted in Q4 2017 minus news-type posts (who wants to read old news?):


  1. FOMO – Why Isn’t It A Psychological Disorder?

  2. Wikipedia’s Days Might Be Numbered Thanks To Everipedia And Blockchain Technology

  3. What Will Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A) Activity In The Cryptocurrency Market Look Like?

  4. Amazon’s Super-bright Future Casts A Dark Shadow Over The Threat Of Blockchain (For Now)

  5. Vitalek Buterin Has Spoken: Cryptocurrencies Embody Egalitarian Spirit: Avoid ICOs With Volume-based Bonuses

  6. EOS Or NEO | Cryptocurrency Inflation And Siren Song Of Proof Of Stake (POS) Mining Rewards

  7. The Top 10 Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Misconceptions | Misunderstandings | Concerns | Perceptions | Criticisms in 2017

  8. Don’t Get Cryptojacked! | What is Cryptojacking

  9. What Is A Neobank? Revolut Will Let Its Custombers Convert And Hold Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Directly In There Accounts

  10. Privacy Is An Illusion Series 2 | How You Can Be Tracked If You Use Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

  11. Don’t Take A Dirt Nap Before You Read This | A Friendly Reminder That Cryptocurrency Fortunes Are Forever But You Are Not

  12. Move Over “What Is The Meaning Of Life?” “What Is Bitcoin’s True Worth?” Becomes The Most Repeated Question Of Our Time

  13. Always Feel Like You Are Watching Some Other Coin Moon? Congrats! You Have FOMO Here Is My Perspective On How To Deal With It


  1. CanYa

  2. NaPoleonX

  3. Loci

  4. Lordmancer II

  5. AMLT

  6. Envion

  7. Birdchain

  8. Synapse

  9. NITRO

  10. Cryo

  11. MIRA

  12. INS

  13. HydroMiner

  14. CoinLion

  15. CyberMiles

  16. Cobinhood


  1. Lost Bitcoin (BTC)? Try A Wallet Recovery Service Or Hypnotist. If All Else Fails, Seek Therapy!

  2. The Curvature Blindness Illusion

  3. How To Have Fun With WikiHow Images

  4. Touch At Your Own Risk! Warning Signs Usually Exist For A Reason = Meh, What Could Possibly Happen??

  5. You Peaked A Long Time Ago - You Just Don’t Know It | The Age You Peaked At Everything According To Science

  6. Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Just Hit Mainstream Culture: Check Out Today’s Dilbert!!

  7. The Coffer Illusion – How Many Circles Do you See?

  8. Help! Let’s Start A Jamie Dimon Tulip Fund!

  9. If You Can’t Handle My 20% Drops, You Don’t Derserve My 600% Gains!


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Thanks for the kind words!

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2018 will increase further as new members are added

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