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Hi Steemians,


I am LUZ CLARITA GOMEZ REYES, I am 20 years of age, single and a proud Filipino. I was born on 7th of September, 1997 in Brgy. Pag-asa Dinalupihan Bataan, Philippines. I am the apple of the eye among the 7 siblings of Mr. Ricardo and Luzviminda Reyes. I am a fresh graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Services from Eastwoods College of Science and Technology.


My hobbies are cooking, dancing and Swimming. I am also adventurous and wish to travel around the world. I am a party goers and enjoy hanging out with my friends.


I also like joining some beauty contest and modelling. Take a look on my previous contest below and I hope you will liket it.


1st Runner Up
Ms. Teen Pag-asa 2015


Ms. Photogenic
The Judges choose me as Ms. Photogenic which means looking attractive in photographs or film. Hmmm…. Do I look so attractive…..?


Best in Sportswear
Dance Sport is a competitive ballroom dancing, I choose this kind of attire for Sportfest Competition. It shows to me as simplicity that makes clarity.


Best in Casual Wear
I choose this Casual Dress, because it is simple and it looks so elegant. I love to use this and I feel comportable. It is a combination of black and white cotton with some small silver bids and white pearls.


Tinikling as my Talent
Modern Tinikling Remix is a combination of traditional Philippine Folk Dance and modern Pilipino Songs. It is one of the favorite of some Filipino ladies as a Talent and dancing using some bamboos.


The Winners of Ms. Teen Pag-asa 2015

Ms. Allysa Shane Sabino – Ms. Teen Pag-asa 2015 (at the center)
Best in Long Gown
Best in Modeling
Best in Talent

Ms. Luz Clarita Gomez Reyes – 1st Runner Up
Ms. Photogenic
Best in Casual Wear
Best in Sports Wear

Ms. Janeth Baby Gerona – 2nd Runner up
Ms. Friendship


During Parade of Beauties, after Coronation Night (January 09, 2015)


Before My Farewell Walk as 1st Runner Up in Ms. Teen Pag-asa 2015
(January 07, 2016) with the fellow beauty queens


My 2nd Contest for Best Muse in Brgy. Pag-asa Sportsfest 2016


2nd Runner Up
Best in Uniform


More photos and videos to come soon on my next blogs. Hope you like my introduction.

Camera Used: My own Samsung 8 and Blackberry
Year : January 2015
Place: Brgy. Pag-asa Dinalupihan Bataan Philippines

Happy Steemit!

Please upvote, follow me and resteem.



Welcome :) warm regard from Aceh, Indonesia

hi razack-pulp, how are you... thanks for your comment...;)

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Let them be considered as a NEWBIE @woodywood143.

Selamat datang salam dari#ksi#aceh#indonesia

Welcome to steemit @luzclaritareyes... upvoted

thanks sir crisgojar...cheers...:)

welcome to steemit dear @luzclaritareyes wish you good luck here

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you earned my vote @luzclaritareyes thanks for posting on my post :) enjoy and welcome to steemit

hello lexicon, very much appreciated to your comments... hope you like my introduction... more blogs to come soon... chill and relax...:)

Welcome dear, how much is your cell phone number. Bhahahaj.

That is amazing!!

thanks... it is truely amazing...:)

awesome soooo cute

Sois la bienvenue jeune fille. Question : Pourquoi ton grain de beauté est parfois à droite et parfois à gauche ???
Bonne année 2018

Excellent work I liked it so much I wish I could continue your work on this as I will give you all the support I hope you will support me if possible Thank you for your time

hello goldenkingdom, thank you very much... we hope to have an exchange our ideas in the near future about posting blogs here in steemit.... cheers...;)

I wish you can travel all over the world and you see how beautyful our planet

hello cinemarwbell, I hope so... God willing it be soon...;)

Welcome to steemit

thanks and regards...;)

hi benedict, thank you for your comments... hope to know you better soon in your upcoming blogs....:)

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Thank you :)

Welcome to Steemit. :)

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Hello Luz. Welcome to Steemit. Hope you have fun here:)

thanks mydivathings...:)

Welcome to steemit.. it is a wonderful community and we as steemians cannot wait to see some quality content from you..

hello jbn, thanks for the wonderful comments.... soon I will make a more interesting blogs... this is just a begginning...;)

So amazing dear. I'm also a nsteemer in steemit.
Welcome to the club. Don't forget to visit my blog. Upvote and resteem

I'm a newcomer

hi idajs10, thank you and very well said...hope we enjoy in making a blogs soon...:)

mabuhay kababayan! keep steeming! :)

hi darylsid, salamat sa yo... happy new year...;)

I love d smile on ut face
Welcome here and keep steeming


hi dhavey, i love also your comment... thanks for your comments... ;)

You are welcome.feel free because this is one of the best place to be.steemit platform is great and well eqiuped to harness your talent and make you world changer.But remenber to stay engaged and be more interactive.i tell you that your dream, vision will going to be fulfilled through this platform in jesus name.

thank you for your comments.... very much appreciated...mwaaah...;)

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

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welcome and happy in steemit

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welcome to steemit

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May this joy on your face carry you through your steemit journey @luzclaritareyes, this is a place of love, joy and fulfillment. Make friends, be yourself and post good contents.

I’m an a humble friend @maxdevalue

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nice shot bro this post is awseam

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well done luzclaritareyes!

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Welcome to the community @luzclaritareyes!

keep posting about your pageants and modeling photos I'm sure you will find others with your same interests as well.

my family is big into pageants here in the united states I should actually tell them to get on here too haha.

hello mr boycharlieplays, thank you very much for your interesting comments....;)

Welcome to steemit hope you enjoy it a lot.

hi methusalem, very well said....chill and relax...;)

Nice pics and bio.

hi johnnyrobish, thank you for your appreciation....:)

I am like Davao City.

hello lancok, I like davao city too...and a lot of interesting place in the philippines....cheers...;)

welcome dear friend

hello mr alligojar, I hope you will be my friend also here in steemit and have a good conversation in our blogs soon....:)

welcome to steem, lets be friends

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welcome to steemit yow...nice post

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Bem vinda ao steemit. Bienvenida. Weelcome Clarita.

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welcome to steemit @luzclaritareye picture amazing

welcome to steemit my dear...more blogs no come soon....:)

wellcome our steemit group

Two thumb to you

@saiduddin73, thank you very much.....;)

Welcome @luzclaritareyes a lovely introduction to kick start a new year filled with hopes and dreams.

Please be sure to read what @woodywood143 wrote to you, it is something to take note of, to protect yourself here, it is friendly advice.

lol Good to meet you!! So am I, newbie for steemit here!

Literally the worst edit ever

Makes me question the validity of the photos

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