Bitcoin: Is the Bubble About to Burst?

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A great interview with analyst Ronnie Moas in a discussion about why Bitcoin is 70 - 80% undervalued. In it, when posed with the question, "What is backing Bitcoin? " He casually responds " What's backing the US dollar? I've watched it drop in value my whole life"

Also, in the video,we learn that Bitcoin is larger than Boeing , has a value greater than New Zealand's Gross Domestic Product, and larger than Goldman Sachs and USB combined.

This is no video game!

Watch the video below to hear his predictions on bitcoins value by the end of 2018:


Interesting! So would you still be investing or do you think now might just be a good time to sit back and watch for a bit?

I think it's a good time to keep accumulating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as hard assets like real estate, gold, silver, seeds,ammunition, tools, etc. These are things that will continue to have value regardless of what fiat and blockchain currencies are worth.

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