REDDCOIN (RDD/BTC): Could Target Prior Wave 4 level

in bitcoin •  10 months ago


ReddCoin (RDD/BTC) has more than one way the price waves can be counted. The below shows my primary count and it is mostly corrective. The red abc means that C is like to be lower than red wave A which had already retraced deeply. The subsequent B wave was viewed by many as the new rise towards all time new highs; however red C has turned out to generate a lower low. The subwaves of C wave are shown in white and it likely tage the prior wave 4 level. Bear in mind that the direction and pattern could morph and any analyst needs to be at alert for that. Should the bottom be as near as suspected, the first sign of a trend reversal would be an impulse of five waves in the upward direction.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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I like RDD would like to buy more at .001 again.

What a buying opportunity!!! Anyone who gets RDD for 40 satoshi is going to be happy with a 1000% return!!


What do you mean by 1000% return


RDD = 400 satoshi is possible.


reddcoin is dead coin...


Your Loss. lol


i'm in this and i believe in these guys

Let's wait for the market to stabilize again and the alcoves begin to recover their valos.

Yeah thats a pretty good analysis. Good buy from 40 satoshi.

Can we expect another dip?

By the way, an interesting coin for a long time to look at it!In the future, it can take off!In the meantime, while we wait until the market wakes up and turns green!;)

I think it is still uncertain to know what happened, personally I think we should wait for another wave. @haejin that you could do a TRON (TRX) analysis please.

You are very effective with your opinion.That is very useful information.Thank's a lot.@upvoted and resteemed

Looking for some up movement across the whole market.


DGD NOW buy at 0.042, and sell more than 49, try

I’m stacking some more RDD this evening too :) what a great time for buying

To me RDD is an easy way to double your money. Nothing more.
Today I bought some more it was so cheap like free

Thank you very much for the update

This is a good time to buy to enjoy the benefits later

es de mis monedas favoritas el que no aproveche a comprarla ahora , esta perdiendo plata puede seguirme , soy nuevo aca en steemit pero siempre ando en tradienview saludos


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