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NEBLIO (NEBL) is quite attractive! Why? Well, when is the best time to buy? At the terminal end of a correction! And, NEBLIO is nearing that stage!

The below chart outlines the massive Cup & Handle pattern. The handle is being formed in the shape of a descending wedge pattern..this is bullish! Sellers were plenty at the beginning of this wedge and now they have been selling at all their might for several days. They have a problem....the number of sellers are dwindling and soon there could be nothing but buyers left. What happens when there is not a seller to be seen? Price explodes!!

This chart includes the Elliott Wave projection for Wave 3 at 0.0102 BTC and wave 5 at 0.0121 BTC. Bear in mind that the NEBL/BTC pair could increase in price in two modes. First, BTC could decline and that naturally would raise ALL the /BTC pairs. Or, the BTC could also rise but the rate of demand for NEBL far exceeds the rate of rise for BTC. I believe many often don't consider this and hence the primary reason why it lags the dollar pair which NEBL doesn't have. I believe exchanges have started providing an automated USD translated charts as I see these more and more in

The NEBL/ETH pair is nearly identical to the NEBL/BTC pair. This often means that sentiment is quite uniform. Or, perhaps, NEBL had its ICO in ETH. Either way, the high similarity index in pattern reflects similar bullish indications! The Cup & Handle with the a,b,c and wedge at the same time!

Here is the projected targets that the Elliott Wave impulse could raise NEBL/ETH to: 0.149 ETH!

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**

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Charts looks very bullish. thanks.

Looks like a beauitful set up!!

Good information.

can you check PRL @haejin ?

The sentiment is the same in the market and it reflects on the chart of every crypto. Just look at the correlation its like they are the same charts.

Sell ! Sell ! Sell !

very informative blog for all steem users thanks to share with us

What you guys thinking?
Nearly every Coin is showing the same pattern at the moment

BINANCE opened new accesses today :)

Oh thats interesting!
Maybe we'll see an Global Cap ABCDE breakout today haha

Neblio is not an erc20 token. They are a platform competitor to ether. Focused on API and easy to program dapps rather than the very difficult to program Etherum.

Thanks Haejin!


I have been reading and watching your inputs over the past few weeks but, this was my first exciting and so nervous! Thanks for teaching us newbies!

Thanks for this informative information.


Un poco más de respeto al maestro Haejin!

that's not him.. its the nebl coin

Thank for present...
This is so cool topic...
*Showing Signs of BULLISH SETUP!!

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Thanks for information

Hi, I was wondering if you could do an update on Neblio. Thanks a lot.

The 3 Cs take away for me: Build a genuine interest and provide value before you look at the gain. How can I join the Alliance group?

Thank you


NEBL is a good project, and the smaller coin amount makes it a good mover on Binance. Thanks @Haejin!

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Please follow me @asifgoraya123
I am a crypto trader analyst and researcher.
get latest news about bitcoin altcoins realtime,
I am a noob steemian please help me to build some good audience to present my content i hope you will enjoy it.
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Probably one of the most undervalued coins at the moment!

Simple solutions seldom are. It takes a very unusual mind to undertake analysis of the obvious

thats true for you.

Buenas tardes haejin como ves el potencial de esta coin....


@Haejin - Could you provide your long term analysis on Pillar ?

A new youtuber(link below) predicted this to be a 1000 dollar coin in the long run. I just want to know your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.

Thank you!

If there is on Kucoin i will buy some, thanks!