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Hang ON, I think its going to be a bumpy ride this week.

I hope to get maximum return on ETH if/when BTC drops further.

0.2 BTC would be beautiful!

@haejin I have 1 week on steemit but, since the beginning I have follow all your posts and sometimes, It appears to me a message that says that your post has been hide for low ratings. I dont know if I have a problem with my steemit or something, also I cant see the Images

Yeah, there's a large movement that's basically anti @haejin because they feel that he is taking advantage of the Steemit platform to benefit himself. I'm not quite sure I understand their side of the argument, I figured the idea of the platform was a supply/demand based system where people are free to make as much money as the population finds value in their content.

There's either other factors at play I don't yet understand or these people are crazy, I'll let you form your own opinion there. I've seen a couple things that are alarming from this group though, for example they seem to be perfectly willing to downvote comments from minnows with low reputation if they are not onboard with the movement that seems like a sketchy practice. One of the primary advocates is named berniesanders on here which also makes me uneasy, since the US politician Bernie Sanders encourages highly immoral socialist agendas that are based around redistribution of wealth and rights to other peoples work and the actions of this user seem at face value to correlate with this value system. I will say I'd prefer to continue to see @haejin's analysis so I hope they don't drive him out of the platform or anything.

I'd like to hear the other side of the argument, I'm open to conversation and I'm fairly new here too.

You pretty much nailed it. Some of these steemit people think that there job is to make the playing field fair as that is what they believe their version of a 'free' market means. In reality free market means that things can and probably will be unfair for some due to limited financials. At the same time things rebound and they will also receive a chance of the pie. Socialists don't think think the world can work without their intervention. New Agers, free thinkers and anarchist capitalists believe that their is an equilibrium that will always balance itself therefor we don't feel the need to intervene.

Is because other user downvote the post. You can press on the button "show" to look the post. And then you can go to the bottom and press on the button "show" to see the images. Sorry for my english

There are 2 buttons to help you to show it. You don't have a problem with steemit......

@haejin, I'm a 100% positive on your thoughts on this one. Besides ethereum I found 5 others to keep an eye on:

  • Ox (ZRX) gives me an "up-trend" comparing to BTC
  • Gas (GAS) a little weaker, but still worth looking at
  • Request Network (REQ) .......not sure, but just keep an eye on it
  • Qtum (QTUM) still looks strong
  • Lisk (LSK)

..........and if they go down with BTC they're still a good investment for the coming year to hold

The previous Bitcoin post has video unavailable @haejin

just press 'show video'

fixed, thanks

I hope it skyrockets! I believe <3

Really look forwars to your posts to helpme determine my crypto strategies whilst learning elliot wave theory. Only critisism is the pictures are small in the post. Is it possible for larger ones please. Many thanks

You can zoom in, if you have a mac it's easier

Fix BTC latest post video please, thanks

Flipping? If Ether is 0,2 BTC becomes rank 1 in market cap. ETH is def. still looking strong so can happen.
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Wow. Thanks!

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nonsense.... in 1 video saying eth correction may go to 600$ and in another its going up against btc... and in another one btc is very close to bottom .... all can not be true at the same time @haejin ... make up your mind

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