Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: MACD is SOOO Bullish Looking!

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Bitcoin (BTC) has completed the correction which was requisite from the first impulse sequence (white). It was a fractal of the first wedge (blue) as can be seen by the breakout style. The second impulse sequence is in progress and the fact that price is moving impulsivly is a very good sign.

From a higher degree of trend perspective, the purple waves outline the bigger moves to come. In effect, the first white impulse sequence was subwaves to purple 1. The just finised abc are subwaves to purple 2. So, IF purple 3 is in progress; then the yellow waves are the, it's got much more to go up.

The longer term chart still shows that the upper white trendline of the bull flag needs to be breached. IF the purple wave sequence persists, as shown in the above chart, the breach of the bull flag pattern could be done with ease.

And the near daily chart view shows still what could be a MASSIVE bull setup...the MACD. It's SOO close to the apex and is SOO constrained by the contracting blue explosion is the only release and I believe that explosion is leaning heavily to the upside!

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Bitcoin (BITCOIN) - a digital protected currency, more precisely - a crypto currency. It does not have the usual equivalent for us of gold, diamonds or bundles of banknotes stored somewhere. And its value is determined only by the value of all goods and services offered with payment through bitcoin.
According to the description, the output of the first client program and the actual launch of the currency service network into "independent navigation" took place in 2009. And already in May 2010, the first purchase using BITCOIN - 2 pizzas for 10 thousand bitcoin coins was made. For an incomplete 4 years, the Bitcoin course has grown a million times!
The BITCOIN service system does not have a central authority, it is not officially registered in any state. It does not have special centralized servers for storing and processing operations (transactions) - all this work is done on the computers of network participants all over the world.

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Honest question. Before the big spike in Nov, Dec. The MACD didn't look like it was contracting and stuck between a wedge, yet there was a huge bull run. Why wasn't it significant then, and it is now? Thank you for your posts, and the time you put into this

Usually when the MACD is forming a triangle, it is during corrections where the price bounces back and forth. During strong up trends, the MACD is moving up along with the price and doesn't need nor will form a wedge.

Although a triangle could indicate explosive actions, not all big price moves have to come after a triangle.

Awesome! That makes perfect sense. Your point is also further supported by the fact that so many alts have had that contracting MACD (and they've also been in correction mode for a while). Doesn't have to have a contracting MACD to have a bull's just a good sign that something is about to change.

Hello everyone here.

I need a help is forex is better than cryptos at current situation?

I saw this guy made $5,063 in just 3 days in forex with proof.

any one opnion will be great.


Good Analytics I hope I will continue analyzing the digital currencies

It also looks like BTC is completing an inverse head-and-shoulders pattern. Coupled with the MACD, it looks like a VERY massive bull setup.


You are very correct,

There are soo many airdrops projects going on

I think we will start going up from here!

Thank you for sharing, because this is very useful for us-we can add the science found from this post.

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It's one subscription for all analyst access. Sorry, it can't be carved.

Is private still possible?

@haejin first joined the shortlist weeks ago, tried twice again since then. still no mail in my inbox. would be nice if I could get some confirmation whether I am listed or not. (will disclose my mailadress via pm if needed) Thanks! Top notch analysis btw.

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Thanks buddy

Thank you for your analysis!

Mid-term forecast..


In 3 days the 200 day moving average will turn negative! In 11 days it will really start accelerating down as the big candles between 8k and 20k get removed. Big investors don't usually put money in when the 200 day is turning negative! IMO the 200 day turning will trigger a lot of selling!

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I do find financial analysis so interesting. I try to follow the elliott wave theory and have seen it work. Still also believe that we have to study human emotion. Elliott waves try to predict that from what I understand, and I appreciate your post. Thanks

I do find financial analysis so interesting. I try to follow the elliott wave theory and have seen it work. Still also believe that we have to study human emotion. Elliott waves try to predict that from what I understand, and I appreciate your post. Thanks

Very thorough! Thank you for taking the time to provide this level of education. I feel as though I have a better understanding of the MACD indicator as a result of having read this. Though, I’ll need to read it a few more times before I’m ready to trust my own interpretations.

Very good application for checking cryptocurrency and receive notifications

With the drop out of the symmetrical triangle, could wave 5 already be in where you had 3?

And now doing 2 of 3?

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