Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Expect Some 3 of 3 Fireworks!!

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Bitcoin (BTC) overnight price action breached out and above the symmetrical triangle (blue lines). There obviously was no need for one more lower low! Price now sits at the belly of the resistance upper trend line.

There is a fractal I had not noticed last evening. The left symmetrical triangle has a very high similarity index to the wedge from which price broke out of. IF the similarity extends to the follow through, we could see some wave 3 of 3 fireworks!

The fractals are better shown in white and blue boxes. The follow-through could be the event that breaches the upper white trend line resistance!

The white line option shows the Inverted H&S Right Shoulder formation should the fireworks start today! Exciting times lie ahead! The video contains the details of a Bitcoin Shortage and exactly how that'll drive the next bull run to six figures potential!!!!

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Seriously doubt it's ever going to retain it's former glory.

I like the fundamental explanation in the end! More of that would be apreciated! I'm on the same thought process as you. Have elaborated a little more on the trendlines from the H&S. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 15.51.15.png

Yes your right :) ... I also liked the comment about the purchase of Poloniex by Goldman Sachs and Wallstreet coming in and the connetion to the price of bitcoin ... I like that :) ...


Did you make that yourself? If so that is cool as ice!!!

Sure. I made it myself by illustrator.
Thanks bro!🤠👍🏻

Hi @haejin, thanks for your everyday content. Your analysis looks a bit like ours. Happy to see that we are all in favor of a upper breakout.
Come and check our article here :
Cheers, see you soon.

I did not have any info about cryptocurrencies before I read your posts but after reading your posts on steemit, I'm going to be a master. Thank you @cryptotradingfr

Very strong last statement @haejin

I'm a BTC pack rat all the way to 1000000...

WOW I could buy a LAMBO!!! Just kidding, I would need 1000 @haejin upvotes to afford a car like that.

very interesting indeed that chart is crazy same thing again and again big and small.....crazy

uff I still have a few projects to invest in, hoped for btc to pull the alt marked just a little lower for making a sweet bargain. seems I better hurry up now.. :-)

They're waiting for you to invest! Lol ... hope everything ok

haha usually you can count on it that as soon as I'm in there will be another dip.. :-)

I just have to put this, rofl!

Thank you Haejin for the update and for the positivity :)

bitcoin chart good~~

2018년 3월 1일 오후 11시 9분 39초 GMT+0900.png

I have a feeling its all down to my megapost on student actors at Parkland! :) Well maybe not, but just the same good to know.

Now viewed 33,480 times - as of March 1st, thus placing it in the Steemit top 100 posts of all time at 62nd place currently right beside yourself @haejin.

And big thanks for helping unhide it when @sneak shut the open window on it.

New reassessment post is now up also revealing more and hopefully helping to bring the traffic to Steemit.

정말 감사합니다. Thank you so much @haejin

Thank you for this update!

@haejin I think this probably is a good news though...the price has breached ..and here we people are expecting further increase so as to ease curosity in upcoming days...thankyou man for update....u...the wise cryptoanalyst

@haejin Yeahhh...hope to see the promising value ..... Man your posts are very much benificial...kindly keep us updated likewise....we learn too much with such weak upvote from my side as mark of respect....although it wont matter for u...but still..

YESSSSSSSSSSSS This is what I want. I come here and this is best thing I see so far today!!!

Hodl lol🤠👍🏻

Done please upvote mine post also

What happened to your famous head amd shoulders. A pattern should not be forecasted and does not exist until it forms. It just causes confusion.
Thanks for all that you do.

how it doesn cause confusion? he points out possible patterns which you might not have noticed by yourself so you can keep them into account and be aware of it early enaugh so you can react accordingly.

What a nice elaboration/ tips towards the end about hedge funds, goes to show mr. Lee has been in this game for long. We Hodler need an advisor like mr. lee even tho on paper he can't do such things. Question tho - according to Elliot waves principles, wave 2 usually a zigzag or zigzag combo right? So is triangle pattern still applicable to wave 2? and what was the ratio of Wave 2 retracement?

Is volume supporting this primary push.

Oh, I hope so!!!

fingers crossed

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Fireworks ready, let's rock and roll.

BTC $100,000 in 2018!
XRP and DGB going to explode higher too!

Thanks Haejin !

You deserve plenty votes,

with couple of beers :-) !

Thank you very much Master H. Thanks to your TA's i'm doing very nice profits week by week.

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