Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: As Projected, a Lower Low...What's Next?

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The below chart of Bitcoin (BTC) shows that price generated a lower low and it was a wave D breakdown from yesterday's symmetrical triangle pattern analysis. The Elliott Waves have been updated to reflect the five subwaves of red 5 of C. This process itself could also pattern out a downward wedge as outlined by the blue lines. Video has more details!

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Thanx for info

sub 6k incoming


We can expect btc in area of $6900-6800 after that my next target is 12500$-13500$ if you want to be update with any coins follow me :)
Here is my old chart for btc since btc was 9310$

I have read your name quite a couple times on this platform, so actually stumbling over one of your post is actually intruiging.

May I ask what your story on this platform has been so far?

Thank you for the good analysis.
I always watch.
So we learn a lot.
Have a good day.

Before You live Haejin, and if I can not afford bitcoinlive, just one question !
Who are the sellers ?
This question is on my mind 3 months..
Thank You for everything !

Don't you think, guys, that BTC played all its songs and now its the time for other coins? I mean tokens, perhaps not BTC-based. I hold some, eg PKT, and it performs much better and just about to grow

All market goes down this days just hold or buy for the next few months


your commentary proofs you don't know shit! sell in dip? hold in dip? you are supposed to BUY all you have now and sell when its high, not when its low.


Lol i hve made a mistake i mean buy and hold when all goes well ... Thnkx for rply good chance

good hear from you @haejin in order for sharing

@haejin please do an update of Bitshares (BTS)
One of the promising coins that people here on steemit want to see.

I was starting to go through withdrawal. I love your mindset - it keeps me calm and I just don't give a f* what the market does, because I truly think that in 5 years, I'll be laughing...'all the way to the bank'?...or, all the way to my Trezor..?!?

Just invest how much you can loose and forget for next 5 year. Analysis and Alert kill our time. That's why its called Present!!!

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Good to hear from you @haejin

Its simply the JOJO effect. It will fall futher, little up s doesnt matter. The big Sharks are waiting till end Sept. and thats the Santa Claus effect.

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I got admit i'm bullish here. There just isn't enough supply and bearish attitude to drive prices that much lower.

Seems like good ol' Tone wont be completely wrong after all...

Thanks as usual for the update.