Bitcoin (BTC) Mid-Day Update: Lower Low Towards $7,638 Likely to Complete B wave of ABC

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Bitcoin (BTC) was not able to decisively breach the upper yellow line of the downward wedge which is currently representing the red B of the ABC of blue D. The yellow wedge pattern is likely to trigger a lower low towards $7,638 or so and that would be a more ideal position to breakout from as it would be much more proximal to the Apex. Blue wave 5 has be started and remains the last subwave of red B.

On a larger picture, not much has changed. Price is still moving well within the contracting lines of the large symmetrical triangle. IF price declines further, it's clear that the lower support line must hold against any decisive breaches.

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Could the argument be made that we already broke down, as a total cap (referencing your earlier post)?

BTC time to scale up lot of positive things is happening but not reflecting in its price

Always look forward to your posts after I look at it myself. I’d like to get your opinion on the Dow if you would do a post, as we had just broken down last week and appears to be testing support at 23,500.

Very good question. Guys that disagree on it, be aware that a lot of statements are being made right now that we are at the front of THE UPMOST BIGGEST COLLAPSE OF THE WORLDECONOMY!

If this is true, 2008 was a walk in the park compared to the coming one.

A recession most probably. A collapse - not yet. Financial collapses usually occur when nobody expects them and there is plenty of bitcoin in December last year :) Too many people expect a collapse right now..have been expecting it since 2008. On the other hand I agree that it is worth it keeping an eye on the world economy, the trade wars, and especially the unstable EU banks.

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you Provided an important information...i like this post...

it's called eliot waves. Young market(crypto) therefore lots of emotions(stupidity and fear and greed) therefore the patterns are stronger, therefore eliot waves, 3 up then long correction then again ... market cycles ...

My analysis shows Bitcoin is heading down... If things don't turn around (and soon), we are going to see a real bear and what it is capable of.

love the post


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so you are claiming bitcoin will be in the 8200-8800 range because eliot waves...

you sure it's not just april fools, I'm thinking it's a bear market and it will go down probably for around a month or so, then it might spring back up again. but that is just weather forecasts, so yeah think of it like that :D

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Decisive breaches are few and far between at the moment. Lucky I'm not a day trader :-D

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Ignore the hype, trust the chart... XLM work!

It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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