Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Short Term Shows a Bounce; Longer Term Keeps an Eye on the MACD

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Bitcoin (BTC) placed some intermittent piercings of the long term support line. Not exactly what would stand out as wicked bull wicks but nevertheless, price is bouncing. However, I remain suspsect of this bounce and it's likely that price could still dip for a couple days below the long term support line and then return back in.

Keep an eye on the MACD pattern moving within the contracting lines of the symmetrical triangle. The MACD has now touched the bottom support line and so the next probable direction is up. Whether it'll breach to higher highs; we'll have to give it a few more days. The pathway I still believe is likely to be the white brick road withe the blue brick road as the alternate.

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Hey guys, I’m sure a lot of you saw this interview but I wanted to point out the most important things Bill Barhydt said…he works in Silicon Valley…he has massive connections and knows people who either run or work for hedge funds and venture capital firms…none of this money has been brought into crypto yet because they were waiting for clearer regulation and time to understand how to buy, trade and store it…Plus they have their finger on the button, but are just waiting for any signs of a bottom before pulling the trigger…Don’t listen to people on twitter or youtube that haven’t been in crypto during the hard times..also listen to people like Bill Barhydt and others that know high net worth investors and have the pulse on this sector…most important article I’ve read today….cheers guys

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@haejin, where is your long term support line started? Daily close?
Using the July and September dips? My line seem to be a little higher up on all exchanges, so it looks like we are trading a couple 100 below LTS now.




Daily close and include all wicks.


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We have waited for months and 2 days of dip is just fine. Haha! Thank you for the update @haejin.

I agree with a lot you had to say.

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thank you for your helpful analysis.

What do you think about this analysis?

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Will it still reach $ 20,000?

I just read an article from one of my financial newsletter I subscribe to. There is a big investor raising $500B*** for a crypto hedge fund. His upper long term target for Bitcoin is $400,000.

***I made a large mistake in my comment. It's not $500B but $500M. Sorry about that.

I believe that there is huge money that will pour into Bitcoin and the crypto space as a whole, but not until they've absolutely wrecked all the weak hands and new, unskilled day and swing traders. They're out to take every dime for themselves, I mean, why wouldn't they? It's a win/win for big, institutional money because they drain the market for profits now, and when they finally induce the pump, they bring in a new batch of FOMO investors who scream about "Lambos" and "mooning" and shit like that. My strategy, although laughed at by so-called newbie day and swing traders, is to invest in the project(s) I believe will be around in 5 years time, then ignore the swings and go live my life to the fullest. I'm basically poor by U.S. standards, but I still managed to save enough money to live most of the year in Bali Indonesia, hitting up beautiful beaches a few times per weak, spending less than $200 (USD) on rent per month and less than $3 to fill the tank of my brand new Honda Beat Scooter. work hard, live hard, play harder. Good luck everyone.

Well said. Congrats on your dream living. I'm buying only the tokens that have awesome teams behind them, with platform businesses and that are likely to be around in 5 years. I'm not really trading but holding them and buying more of my favorites when I'm gifted with them being on sale. I follow haejin and others to see when the opportunities will present themselves so I don't buy at poor times. There are some incredible companies that are creating big opportunities and/or solving massive problems.

you should check out @yallapappi who's living the dream like you in Thailand!

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That hedge fund won't come in with $500 Bil but will come with $2.5 Bil leveraged to buy Bitcoin. This is the liquidity effect I've been talking about. There is not enough Bitcoins for these Hedgies to come waddling in to buy billions worth. They'll have to bid up the price.

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I completely agree that liquidity will be the reason price will be moving up. To be clear, the fund is not just for Bitcoin. It will focus on all cryptos. The point I was making is simply that there is massive upside ahead when the money starts flowing. When a <$300B market starts to see hundreds of billions from institutional investors, family offices, and pensions, we will get a big uptrend and retail investors will join the party.

there were rumors and in December that in January you will jump 50,000 threshold ... and it was not so

Hahaha... no there most certainly was not--at least, not to anyone who knew anything about crypto at the time. Perhaps some hucksters were saying 50k in January to pump the price, but no person in their right mind believed 50k in January was true.

Will it reach 20k? Absolutely. 50k? Perhaps by the end of 2018, but likely not until 2019. A lot depends on the duration of the current correction we are in.

aaa oky thank you

Without a shadow of a doubt. Give it a few months.

You are right. As I tell people often, with investing, you buy a little now, buy more when prices are better and then you wait for the cake to fully bake. It takes time. Most people don't have patience. But in reality, most of the ligament cryptos that will be around in the years ahead are still working to develop their business. We have to remember these are essentially start up businesses.

There is another issue I don't hear anyone talking about. I think that in 2018 and 2019 the fraudster tokens will start to be delisted from the main exchanges and I've read estimates that greater than 90% of current tokes are frauds. Let's see, but one thing is certain, people will lose money. That's why I have many small positions. I suspect volatility to continue as people lose money and up to 5,000 new tokens are listed by the end of 2019.

Once again I agree. Far too many poor quality coins around. Hopefully the same will happen to poor quality ICOs.

Investors, especially new ones, are sure to scare from FUD, scams (there are MANY of those) and the poor performance of these "ligament coins" (good term). So yes, volatility will continue for the forseeable future.

Way more by end of year.

how it looks coinmarketcap......I do not know what to say...

Way more what? What are you responding to?

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verry good . I like it


I believe that there is huge money , but not until they've absolutely wrecked all the weak hands and new, unskilled day and swing traders. They're out to take every dime for themselves, I believe will be around in 5 years time, . work hard, live hard, play harder. Good luck everyone.


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Do u think the dead cross on the daily can spoil the market condition ?

Potentially, yes.

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Probability to hit 4482 level

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 11.46.25.png

@starjuno & @haejin It's proven many times by your own actions that you both are a beady eyed, two bit good for nothing sociopaths!

Good analysis. Come to my blog and check out my opinions too! Let's think about various possibilities.

I'm waiting for a dip to about $6400, and then I'm getting my spacesuit ready.

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