Sndbox Crypto Art + Design Contest Results: BTC

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Throughout early and mid-2018, Sndbox hosted a series of ‘Crypto Logo Redesign Challenges’ that rewarded reimagined crypto images with the influence of famous artists and art styles. The list started with Bitcoin, showcased today, and went down the top 10 on CoinMarketCap. Selected entries received Steem-backed upvotes and publicity through the @sndbox account. We’re excited to share the winners of each contest with The Creative Crypto, so without further ado, here are the picks for BTC!

@beate's Murakami

@beate’s choice to integrate BTC with Takashi Murakami’s iconic flowers works perfectly with the scale and aesthetic of the original! See the original post here.

@scuzzy's Dali

@scuzzy shows us that Salvador Dali might’ve gone deeper into his waking dreams if he knew what Bitcoin was doing to our world today... See the original post here.

@basileonardo's Aztec Ceremony

Looks like @basileonardo isn’t just a Steemian but also an avid archeologist and uncovered this gem on his latest expedition. See the original post here.

@heroldius' Mondrian

Simple but punchy, @heroldius show us that the BTC orange might have been deemed a primary color if blockchain had been invented sooner... See the original post here.

@karmachela' Deconstructivist Geometries

Last but not least, @karmachela brings the shapes of Bitcoin to life with some true deconstructivism. See the original post here.

Submitted by @sndbox, see the original post here. Explore all the entries from the original open call here.

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