The Weekly Bee - 29 August 2016

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Every Monday, I'm going to do a round-up of the interesting bee items  that I found over the past week. If you find any interesting bee news  (or write a bee article), please send me a link and I'll include it and credit (and follow) you.  My company, D161T4L W15D0M, will be attempting  to start up a #bee/#bees  community on Steemit shortly -- please let me know in the comments if  you wish to be included (or, better yet, create a post deserving and  using one of those tags). 

The Weekly Bee - 22 August 2019 (last week's round-up)


Theft of hives hits southwest Florida bee farmers

28 August 2016 -  None of the hundreds of stolen hives have been recovered, law enforcement agencies said.  

Southwest Florida bee farmers are having a difficult summer because  thieves have been stealing their hives, lots of them, to the tune of  $150,000 or more.  More than 500 hives have been taken from large corporate-type bee  farms to small, mom-and-pop operations since June in Lee and Charlotte  counties. Statewide, around 1,200 hives have been taken this year.  The thefts have prompted the formation of a multi-state  task force and have hurt some smaller bee operations enough that some  are considering quitting what had once been been viable honey and  pollination operations.  

Nutrition Matters: Stress From Migratory Beekeeping May Be Eased by Access to Food

24 August 2016 -  In the first large-scale and comprehensive study on the impacts of  transporting honey bees to pollinate various crops, research from North  Carolina State University shows that travel can adversely affect bee  health and lifespan. Some of these negative impacts may be reduced by  moving bee colonies into patches with readily available food or by  providing supplemental nutrition when there are few flowers for honey  bees to visit, the researchers say.  

The answers to the main questions for the beginners beekeepers! Bees.

23 August 2016 -  Hey dear friends. In the last article i told about the main  issues that need to be addressed for the novice beekeeper! now I will  answer all these questions.  Read carefully! Each field has its own quirks.

My boyfriend is a bee keeper and one of his bees stung me! - a jealousy or an accident?:)

22 August 2016 - Yesterday I went to a bee farm with my boyfriend. He is a bee keeper.  I have never been to a bee farm before, because I'm afraid of bees. But  yesterday I thought that it is a high time to overcome my fear. When I  came up to a beehive, I was amazed to watch these small noisy creatures.  They were busy doing their duties and paid no attention to me. And my  boyfriend told me that a bee's character (I mean whether it is  aggressive or not) depends on its breed. His bees are kind.  


SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry Macro Photography : BEES - upclose and personal

15 Aug 2016 -  This is my entry, I posted it pretty early not knowing that the photo  challenge is actually held on weekends and that there are things you  have to have on your post to make it qualify.   

[More and larger photos in the article]


 8 August 2016 - 2 days ago, after 17:00, in my garden ...
Was having a break, was having  a BEE moment ^ ^ ...
They were there - just sitting and nipping a while
in that wonderful world of nectar haven of a passion flower  ~
and then there were three ...
How lucky can I BEE :D to get this pretty close to such cute little BEES ?
Thanks be to God for them BEES ^ ^. 

[More and larger photos in the article]

SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS on How to Capture a Honey Bee in Action

7 August 2016 -  Have you ever tried taking a picture of a honeybee in action using just your smartphone's camera?  Yes!  It is P O S S I B L E!  If you've read my very first post about taking a picture of a hoverfly  using just your smartphone camera, too then you know what my first tip  is going to be.  Honey bees are pretty friendly.  You must know that like us warriors,  they are very busy fulfilling their maximum potentials since their wings  normally just last two - weeks the longest  before they get worn out.   This guy just went on nipping nectar while I kept pressing my shutter -  off  - Samsung galaxy A3 2016 edition phone's camera. 

[More and larger photos in the article]


How to Control Mosquitoes Without Killing Pollinators and Other Important Wildlife

9 February 2016 -  Warm weather and mosquitoes will be here before you know it, leading  many of us to look for ways to enjoy the outdoors without being pestered  by those annoying little—and sometimes disease-bearing—biters. There is a lot of information being disseminated by health organizations about health risks to humans from mosquito bites (see  CDC links, below). But besides protecting ourselves from being targets,  we need to work at eliminating mosquito habitat and controlling their  numbers. There are a number of ways we can do this safely and  effectively. Because mosquitoes have no trouble flying from yard to yard, the best  way to combat them is to work with our neighbors to collectively  identify and implement opportunities to reduce mosquito populations.  Below is a set of approaches that are suggested by entomologists, public  health organizations, and agricultural extension programs. 


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You're an expert in bee - keeping right? Don't give up - you could write on that and maybe just feature the kind of bee on another author's post. You gave me a great advice on not unclogging my bee hotel and you've just saved 22 larvae in it because i was really on the verge of cleaning it up. Write on advice maybe - on how to take care bees, or attract them in your garden or what kind of bees you could see in your place .. stuff like that. The fact that I can still see this post probably means it's ok. I suggest that you always ask permission to use other's posts as reference. Good luck - keep steeming!

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Wait, is that a BLUE BEE!  Steemit Colours!

22 August 2016 -  I was well aware that bees and wasps can come in many different  colours, though usually varying degrees of black and yellow, sometimes  white and black such as the Bald Faced Hornet in North America.  I was  quite surprised when I first spotted this blue bee buzzing about the  cosmos flowers last year! I was even more surprised to learn that it is an endangered species!   Cuckoo bees are cleptoparasites, laying their eggs in the hives of other  bees, having the host colony raise their young for them!  Not such  friendly behaviour from a bee that looks a lot like Disney's Stitch! 

[More and larger photos in the article]

Hello! there is one more aricle about bees. Please llok at it

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