Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Update: A Complex Combination Nearing the Terminal End?

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The correction always evolves and the analyst only attempt to identify the terminal ends and not the exact direction of every wiggle, twist and turn. Why the terminal end? Because these are the most ideal and most opportune times to make laddered entries. The below chart shows five waves up and these are subwaves of a higher degree wave 1. The subsequent correction's subwaves compose that of a higher degree wave 2. IF the terminal end of this wave 2 is zoned; a laddered entry could be quite profitable given that wave 3 follows wave 2. Attempting to precision hit every twist and turn of a correction is not possible nor advisable. Just the terminal end zone is needed, IMHO.

See how now the corection has morphed into a complex combination correction type. The blue WXYXZ show tha the final Z wave is potentially a symmetrical triangle which makes it a combination. The subwaves of the W, X, Y display the required abc three and overlapping waves. So, based on this WXYXZ count, does it appear to be at the terminal end? Would a laddered entry make sense?

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today is a bear market and we need to hibernate and be patient. :)

Big Drop coming, Buy BCH @ $605

we still have to wait and watch for bull run

Not looking so good for a bull run when you look at multiple time frames like I did in this post:

still if I say that after 6 months will the scenario change

Yes, correction is the thing that made an Analyst more willing to do its work so good and almost perfect, really happy to see this in you,
Love the way how you explain the facts and figures...

it is so good

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Nice informative post

I had some high hopes with BitcoinCash, mostly because when it first 'forked,' I started mining it and was very lucky to accrue a handful of it. I was exciting to watch grow since then, and when the 'crash' happened I was hoping that BCH would grow back up to where it was before. Although most of the cryptos are fighting some lines right now, I have less faith in BitcoinCash. I am a huge fan of the crypto-community and am still sitting on a little bit, but I have traded most of it over the past couple months while I'm stacking up my Bitcoin and Litecoin supply. Thanks for the post. -Respect

nice post

What do you think about this analysis?

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Hey... I'm also working on this currency...

We can again see
BCH value in $1500- $2500 range mostly in
mid May to July again.

The closes are lower, Bitcoin is still bearish to me.


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