Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Could be Ready to Build the Right Wall of Price Rounding Pattern

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While the fractal nature of previous to current price action still stands valid as noted in previous analysis, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) has extended the price correction to fit into the complex type as shown by the blue waves. Based on pattern, there is likelihood that the blue Z wave might not necessarily require a lower low.

The final triangle morphs the complex into a combination type. Note the proximity of price to the apex in the oultined blue symmetrical triangle; its forecasting a likely breakout.

The overall pattern look is that of a price rounding formation. A breakout from the Z triangle could provide the start of the impulse to build the right wall of the pattern.

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Our fingers are crossed, waiting to see how things will turn. Thank you for the information.


BCD pumps about once every 2 weeks. Has little to do with the value of BCD or TA. Wait for it to get low and wind tight, put whatever you want to lock away in there and set a sell order for 50% (not to get greedy).

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Bitcoin Diamond is going to keep taking a hit. Most of the crypto coins seem to be on a downward trend. Hopefully, this trajectory will soon change. Trump's plan to continue the Trade War, does not instill any confidence this dip will end soon. Thanks for the share.

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