Basic Attention Token (BAT): Very Similar to VERGE

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The similarity in chart between BAT and XVG is pretty impressive. It's as if BAT ICO was in XVG! The below chart shows a five wave completion and the resulting correction is an abc within a wedge pattern. The two rounds of rounded bottom provided the base impetus for the first round of impulse. The wedge could provide the impetus for the second.

The red abc corrective waves have been labeled with subwaves as it is a classic Flat correction (3,3,5). C waves always have five subwaves and this chart shows a count that indicates it could be complete. The breakout generated a wave 1 and while not the most ideal looking, it provides a starting point for the initial round of higher degree of trend impulse (white 1,2,3,4,5). There is leadership within the Cryptosphere and that is the five start General Bitcoin. All Altcoins are awaiting the signal to rise.

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i sold my bat recently, but it looks like a decent project

been holding for a long time, what made you sell? I'm definitely holding for 2018 and then reevaluating

i like bat, but i sold it and some of my REQ for staking coins like neo and vechain

Haejin my man! Thank you for the update on BAT. Is it possible for you to do an update on GCR?

@haejin, BAT/BTC chart looks completely different. Why do you do you TA always against USDT pair? any specific reason? how can we apply this to BATBTC pair?

In this period of time it's very hard to outperform BTC. Comparing with USD is the only way you can get some potitive figures into these charts.

Great analysis i am new to steemit!! it gave me a little bit of a Patton to look out for in the cryptocurrency would !! thank you

Another excellent post. Come on Haejin do a dance and maybe the crypto's will get the signal.

Great analysis, you have a lot of knowledge about it, thank you for sharing with us.

Asking for votes is easily treated as spam. Just engage in the discussions, contribute, add value , and votes will come.

Where you see asking? I don`t ask for votes for me :)less aggression please

What is this?

Are you still denying? Just kindly desist. Like i said earlier on, write good comments, contribute and add value to the discussions, and you will get votes.

You obviously edited your comment to remove the asking for votes, that is good. We all make mistakes.

You keep editing your comments....This is not aggression, just a polite reminder.

I wrote vote for haejin. Not for me. Feel difference? If you thing that i asked for me, sorry, my english is not so good and i could tell something wrong.

Ohhhhhh okay. Thanks @salivores for the correction. Sorry i mistook what you wrote. And don't worry about the English, now that yousay, i understand. Thanks again, a lot.

good information, your opinion may be correct

hmmm, bullish on BAT, but is TA on alts when they're so tied to Bitcoin even useful? Anyways, thanks for the post

Nope. It's a newbie trap.

No, it isn't. Only the upvotes are.

thank you very much for sharing with us .

I appreciate you sharing this cryptocurrency news because you have helped me open my mind further! I am amazed how closed minded my mind still is after all the other amazing experiences I have had, my thoughts easily suggest experiences different than mine are not possible

Good chart

Also, DCN do you think it might drop to a lower low. Always appreciate you Mr. Lee Thank you. Upvote for Life

I have both BAT and Verge! I believe in both these projects. The reason why the charts look similar I imagine is because they attract the same type of fundamental investor.

BAT looks to privatize your personal shopping habbits while keeping business capable of advertising. Promoting privacy and choice.

Verge privacy currency draws the same type of investor that believes what I spend money on, how and when, is my business.

That and both those coins are not 1000 dollars yet :)

If you like privacy that much, why do you missuse someone elses face?

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This Steemit post shows up as a Top Story from Steemit on Google. How cool is that! @ironshield

All Altcoins are awaiting the signal to rise.

By when do you see the signal could rise? Thanks for your work, always.

There is an upper trend line and a lower trend line and BTC is still moving around between them. Since both lines do cross at the timeline of early april, we might have a longer period of these small movements.
Nobody really knows if eventually BTC is gonna go up or down. We might get to the 20K and above (altough I don't believe that anymore) and we can go back between a 6K, 4K or even a 2K / 4K range.
Only the future and breaking one of the two broken trendlines will tell. Nobody else!

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