State of the Sndbox Competition Entry // Abduction [4th Attempt]

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Snd 4  thumbnail.png

Hey guys, its been quite some time since I've posted anything. I'm not sure why I do this sometimes, but I'm glad to be back making a post. I just been busy with school and projects lately and since I only have two weeks left to go, its been crunch time. I have to make two commercial for a video editing class and the other one a presentation. Ugh, I don't really like getting up and talking in front of the class but its what I have to do to pass.

So I finally finished the 4th thumbnail for the sndbox competition, and I gotta say, I really like this one. I tried to be creative as much as possible. Well anyway, I guess I'll talk about the process. (*ゝω・)ノ


Desktop screenshot Process 1.png

I started out making a curved path towards the right with the pen tool. I just found out that you can make spheres in Illustrator CS6 and I was pretty stoked about it. So I ended up choosing the revolve option in the 3D effects panel. I began to miss around with the rotation and the perspective of the 3D object. My main goal was to make an alien spaceship and in my head, I had it planned out on how it was going to look like.

Desktop screenshot Process 2.png

When I was done with the mid section of the spaceship, I started adding shapes and drawing with the pen tool for the bottom pieces. During the 3D process, I added in multiple light sources to the 3D objects. This is so that the spaceship can give off light while the logo is being abducted. (¯﹃¯*) So far I was pretty pleased to see how it was turning out. Learning new techniques and applying them to my work always feels good.

Desktop screenshot Process 3.png

As for the logo, I also made it into a 3D object, but this time I wanted to spread out the individual pieces and make it look like a weightless object that's being taken by the UFO one by one. I then added in the light sources on top of the object. I tried experimenting with different textures for the logo, but I ended up going with a plain object for simple reasons.

Desktop screenshot Process 4.png

Lastly, I moved the spaceship parts one by one into Photoshop CS6 so I can edit and apply effects individually. I added in a texture for the bottom piece, several more textures to the mid and top piece, and a gradient effect to top it off.

SNDBOX 4 Thumbnail.png

ooooOOOh, aliens. б(>ε<)∂

Of course there were more steps to making this thumbnail, but I would be talking about the process forever like Hue, saturation, and tilt shift (my favorite blur effect).


Some phat beats fo ya

Once again, it was pretty fun making this thumbnail, thank you sndbox!

Have a good one guys, and until next time, peace, and thank you.


Programs used:
Illustrator CS6
Photoshop CS6

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For a second there I thought it said ‘16 hours ago’ and that you are back (*´-`)


I thought I was back (lol) but, I don't know, I just been getting weird vibes from steemit lately. In my spare time I'll try to curate content as much as possible so that my voting thingy doesn't go to waste. I do have content that's just sitting here, but I haven't been feeling up to post anything.

I didn't think you would comment on a old post @fukako haha. Maybe I'll post something in the near future, and thank you for commenting.


well hope you ll come back :) steemit is weird, so i use busy instead :P

I really like your job......the shadow under the logo is a detail that is really interesting


Thank you @ran.koree I tried to be creative every month for the contest.


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