State of the Sndbox Competition Entry - SOTS Neon Lights

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Hello Steemit Friends!

Magandang araw! 😄 (Good day!)

State of the Sndbox Competition Entry - SOTS Neon Lights

SOTS Neon Lights - 1000 x 600

This is my entry for the State of the #Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #9. This is my third time joining this contest. The theme that I have thought for this month is "Neon Lights". I also created animated versions - gif and video. Please check them out!

Video Animation ~ SOTS Neon Lights

1920 x 1080 Video Animation

⚙️ Process ⚙️

I used Adobe After Effects in creating my entry. For the background, I added a brick texture. The diamond shape surrounding the text has the same shape of their logo. For the text, I used Dynalight (state of the) and Clip (SNDBOX) fonts. I used some lights to make it look like the neon lights are illuminating the brick wall behind it. For the animation, I manipulated the opacity to mimic a flickering light effect. Check out the gif animation below! 😁

Thanks to Avnish Parker for the fonts, texture and sounds.

I would love to hear your comments. If you enjoyed this, you can follow me (It's free! 😆).

Salamat! 😄 Thanks!

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congratulations on winning the @sndbox's competition!!!! your concept was executed beautifully!!!! :)


Thanks @dreemsteem! I just nailed it this time but I still need improvement on my skills 😁


We all see places where we can improve ourselves, right? It's a gift to be able to see that and then adapt and grow! :)

and your humility is refreshing.... but.... this entry was fabulous! so.... I hope you enjoy the compliment and the WIN! hehehehe