Slothicorn Daily Art Curation #77

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Welcome to the 77th daily Slothicorn Art Curation.

We’re showcasing 17 pieces by slothicorn artists: 16 pieces of artwork plus the curator’s favourite. Today’s curation was done by @ghulammujtaba.

What is Slothicorn?

Slothicorn is an artist collective on the Steem blockchain whose mission is two-fold:

  1. To help artists become educated in the new crypto economy.
  2. To help cryptocurrency go mainstream through art.

We encourage and promote the creation of cryptocurrency-themed, and Creative Commons art, however Slothicorn is not exclusive to those categories. We are artist-centered which means we let artists decide which license fits them, either All Rights Reserved or Creative Commons. We are an open-source project and have our code on Github. We believe the world can be a better place if talented artists are not starving, but are instead freely able to share their gifts with humanity while being rewarded crypto for doing so. You can view our most recent analysis of the project here.

How To Be Considered For A Slothicorn Upvote

A copy of these guidelines are available in Spanish and Indonesian.

  1. All art genres will be acceptable except for music and photography at this time. Some possible art forms: drawing, painting, animation, video, film, cryptographic puzzles, macrame, sewing, fabric, environmental art, sculpture, street performance, graffiti, collage, food art, comics, puppetry, opera, comic video series.
  2. Add the Creative Commons Attribution License if you want let others to use your art without imposing any restrictions.
  3. If you want to retain the full copyrights, add this statement! Copyright @username - All Rights Reserved
  4. You must include every possible detail to prove that the art is created by you. This can be done by sharing pictures of your art in progress (Example) or through a video.
  5. If you're sharing your previous work, you need to write some details about your artwork along with your picture holding the artwork. If it's a video, then you can share the Youtube link and write your Steemit username in the description of the video (Youtube)
  6. If you are sharing any digital art, you need to mention the program that was used to make that artwork. For example Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc. Artwork made with the help of mobile applications will not be considered for an upvote.
  7. The decision of curators can't be challenged and you are not allowed to indulge in any kind of argument/discussion/argy-bargy with curators on why your post wasn't upvoted.

Thank you and please support these amazing artists!

Curator's Choice

My Reinterpretation of The Four Season - Antonio Vivaldi

Top 3 Posts (Received 100% Upvote From @slothicorn)

Following in his footsteps (Drawing Leonardo Da Vinci)


i want to close my eyes to feel you around me , drawing🎨

Posts That Received 50% Upvote From @slothicorn

My doodle artwork ✔

Animated Investor

La planta Panívora - The Panívora plant

🎨 My Drawings - Traditional Drawing - Inktober, 31Witches2! - ✨ HARPY WITCH ✨ - By: Tesmoforia.

Trunks and Mine ♥ (drawing)

Seascape. Drawing with dry pastel. My detailed creative process

My painting (88)🎨 * Butterfly

✏ Draw with me: Bolt of Alice in Wonderland [Full Process + Video] ✨

My doodle artwork ✔

MANDALA DRAWING - with neon colors 🎨🎉❤️

Mi primer dibujo en mucho tiempo

#ULOG 4: Another Commission Done!

Minsk. Day3. The last day in the city

Thank you all for sharing these amazing artworks with everyone! Join us again tomorrow for another curation of incredible artists. Don’t forget to upvote and support their work

Support Artists!

You can support Slothicorn artists by follow the @slothicorn curation trail using Steemauto. It is a free autovoter, linked via Steemconnect, that lets you auto-vote and collect curations from the art that @Slothicorn upvotes. Just search for “slothicorn” in the trails search function! A video tutorial is available here!

Official Slothicorn Links

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Thank you for support dear @slothicorn!
From me and Animated Investor! :)

Congratulations to all teh artists, whose works have been rewarded. Thank you @slothicorn for your beautiful gallery :)

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