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So, who won the WILD AND STRANGE PHOTO CONTEST (Round 1)?

After a lot of help from the steemit community, I determined that @ballinconscious was the winner with this entry:

Unfortunately, there can be only one winner, but everyone who entered did an amazing job. The next round of this contest is the art contest, where you get to create a piece of art based off of this photo. The artwork can be in any medium. Here is an example of a drawing and some digital art.

By entering any of my contests you are giving me permission to use your entry any way that I see fit.

You guys can draw, paint, pyrograph, get crazy with the digital, use modelling clay, whatever you can think of.

Feel free to make a post with your entry, but make sure to include an image of your entry in the replies to this post to be entered.

I'll close the contest Sunday Night at midnight (CST), so that should give you some time to get creative.

Not sure what I'm looking for exactly, so if you don't have much skills, that doesn't matter, just get creative and have fun!

Except for the original photo from @ballinconscious,


Awesome Handcrafted @papa-pepper logo kindly donated by @vlad - Thank you!!

OPERATION TRANSLATION logo provided by @oecp85.

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Love this! I am a masked wild creature using advanced light technology!

Also use a laptop to post on steemit very frequently, especially for a wild creature too. Great entry post ^_^

Haha So you're like the modern Steemcreature?

lol I guess I am. Running through the wild and visiting the city periodically for WiFi connection!

Internet is important, even for wild bigfoot yeti creatures!

Very high indeed!

Thanks so much @daveks!


What an amazing job....

I suddenly feel even more low-tech.

Wow! THATS Great! Theres no way i could draw anything even close to that ! Lol,! I say WINNER ! Lets move on to round 3 !hehe! 😂is there a prize for everyone if they finish or enter all the contests!? Thanks
@papa-pepper ! Eigther way its still fun , i really enjoy the interaction! Steem n,on !😉♨👍♨

Thank you so much @karenmckersie! :D

No problem! I just put in my entry , and im busy doing a blog right now! Good luck! And thanks ! ♨👍♨

Ha! Karen good one, truth lol

Thanks, @papa-pepper!
Wanna know my secret? Youtube. I can't even begin to tell you what I have learned to do from the users there. Forget college! Haha

I already did forget college...

gasp Number 5?! Papa is definitely the name for you! haha
I look forward to the "Guess the Gender" contest!

I might try something epic for that contest.... I've got ideas!

Hahahaha! What?! Congratulations, sir! If you revealed that already, I must have missed it.

Just wait until the "guess the gender" contest post!
Number 5 is on that way.. "papa" indeed!

Good for you! I wish more people would - but like me, humans tend to learn the hard way. Luckily my "schooling" was only 9 months.
Psshh only 9 months...Try saying that to a pregnant woman.

You can't make me do it!

@mama-pepper is pregnant right now with only 6 months to go... ain't gonna say it, no way!

Looking forward to the post this is fab!

@rigaronib wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
he turned into a monkey? ahaha or is that a wolf? hahahha

It's a big foot! Haha I will make a post tomorrow with the pictures that I used to make it. :)

@rigaronib I had a good laugh big foot or not
it's very funny
good luck!

Perfect! Then my task here is complete!

I said it awhile ago, your artsy stuff is REALLY good!!!

Hey, thanks a million @barrydutton!

NP!! If you look at my latest posts in this thread or on my blog you will see how am not gifted like you guys. Your stuff is really good, I appreciate it a lot. #Talent

I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear that someone else is enjoying my talent! Thanks for being awesome, guy!

this is dope

Thanks, bro!

Steemit ritual for conjuring the wild and strange:

The eyes were adapted from here.

Edit: Made some slight tweaks and also uploaded a larger version here.

When I get upvoted I touch myself! :p

Awesome creation! Love the steemit light and the creature with the glowing eyes in the dark!

Wow, what an excellent, creative, and surprising entry!!!

Incredible job!

Wow, you guys are setting the bar really high for this contest!

Excellent entry thanks so much!

Thanks for the fun post.
Loving all of the entries so far.

Excellent, I love that coming out of the mist effect!

thanks meesterboom, love your clay man.

This is an awesome creation! I feel like I am a nomad in the desert searching for a clean water!

Also if you make a post about your contest entry I will upvote it and resteem it.

Here іs my entry Into Papa-peppers Wild And Strange Contest ROUND # 2 - Coffee with pepper art !

Coffee and Peppers???

Sounds like the breakfast of champions.

Excellent entry @shady!

Great creation, Never thought I would see the day when I had artwork of myself in coffee ^_^

Awesome coffee artwork. I also like that the pepper is positioned under my legs, almost like I am riding it like a surfboard!!!

Thanks. Spicy and fragrant. Maybe you were born for surfing.)))

Awesome, Never have had a spicy chilli pepper surfboard ride. I guess there is a First time for everything ^_^

Had to bring out the BIG GUNS for this one, and enlisted my daughter to give me a hand!

Thanks, I feel like I have beeen enchanted with the holiday spirit!

Great contest entry post, Merry christmas!!

Merry Christmas to you too @Ballinconscious!

Merry Christmas to you too ^_^

Wow, not what I was expecting...

Original entry though. Thanks for entering.

Great job @ace108!

Thanks for entering!

You're welcome. Thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks for taking advantage of the opportunity!

Great entry post! First time I have every walked on water!

Although people have called me Jesus in the past, I guess that all makes sense now, interesting ^_^

Thanks for your comment. So, Merry Christmas is more meaningful then. :-)

Incredible work once again!

I like the light on the tanks too!

Yay, Feel like I am on cloud nine upvotes!

Haha, Great contest entry post. I like the steem flying everywhere in the background! Also are the tanks on my side or against me?

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Do you want to enter the contest this round??

Sure, I'll post it in a separate comment.


You work so hard I figured you might want to have a little fun!

Haha that is awesome that you inspired @screenname to enter into the contest!

Pretty good, huh?

Taking things up another level!

UV for you.

I know this won't win... I am nowhere near as talented as most of the people on here and I know it but here is what I came up with LOL.

I picked this photo because of the look on Gene's face and also because it is hard to find one without the Devil's Horns being used lol.

Congrats again to everyone on here. So talented

Never go see what made the noise!!!!

It's a trap!

... it never ends well in the movies, does it? lol


They always say, "I'll be right back...
And that's the end if them!

Searching in the woods for a guide to teach me how to rock n' roll all night and party everyday!

Great meme creation, I always love a good story.

Ok ! @papa-pepper ! This was my first time trying this so I hope you guys like it ! As my Entry into contest #2!


I like it and nice job getting creative!

Lol ! I love steemit ! Heh, it took me awhile but at least i know now a bit about how these are made ! Thanks ! I just finished my blog on the process if you want to check it out ! Heres my link ! And good luck everyone!

Thanks, I'll check it out now!

Baby you can light my fire of love^_^

Great contest entry post, I love it. Reminded me of the doors song. Your creation gives a completely different perspective to my picture;)

Haha! Thanks, im back in 1979 and im 16 years old ! Everything is GROOVY MAN ! Glad you liked it ! 😉👍

Blast to the past !! I am feeling grooy too actually. I really do, good choice on the black and white filter!

Haha! Just got back from out of town! Glad your feeling Groovy! Havent said or heard that saying in many years! Thanks again! Steem on ! 😉👍

Awesome , traveling is always fun! Yeah phrases come and go. That one isn't as popular as it used to be but all phrases make a comeback^_^ Steem on!

Way to go!

It is fun isn't it?

Thanks for the WILD entry!

Totally Original!!!!

Tons of fun. I got to practice my fire making skills if you know what I mean. I avoided just flipping the switch with a filter. Everything there was hand made from scratch, with the help of digital paint magic of course. I don't play around with too many photos so again yes, this was a lot of fun.

It looks great and I really enjoy all of it!

You've got some stuff competition, but we will see what happens.

Why did you set the world on fire @ballinconscious? Because I am young? Or maybe it's because I am a pyromaniac.

Great creation, Makes me feel like I am in a anime world ^_^

I read this, suddenly a song from Fallout 3 popped into my head. "I don't want to set the world on fire"...something like that. I have no clue who sang it though.

Haha I have actually never heard that song. But seeing this picture definitely makes me feel completely opposite of what that quote says :p

Thank you! You've a new follower and received a couple of votes of your own.

In for a penny in for a pound,
because who wants to stop at just dressing as a giant cannabis leaf.
Here's my @ballinconcsious entry for phase #2:

Good point, why stop there?

Also, if you make a post out of it, you might get more than the contest is worth anyway!

You've certainly captured the image well in a nice medium... marker art?

Almost looks like water-color paints, but I'll guess marker.

Yes Marker!!! Seriously, it was marker only because I don't eat any grains so I don't have any pasta in my house. Otherwise, it really would have been macaroni and stick glue!

At least Noodle art is still available as an option for others!

Great creation! You really captured the scene well! Love that way you made the dreads individually.

Gives me nostalgia of that moment, that felt like just yesterday (even though it wasn't). :p

I had a bit of trouble with the actual dreads themselves. I couldn't quite capture the whirl or roundness of them, so that makes it hard to tell that they're dreads. I'm glad you like it.

Mmm interesting because it looks like you succeeded in the end from my perspective.I can clearly tell that there dreads ^_^ If at first you don't succeed try, try again and it look like you did just that ;)

Well, thank you. I did ended up going over several of your dreads to darken them, thinking that it might offer some depth for effect. Then, well, I just let Blue Dream do its thing and went with the flow. LOL

MMmm yeah most likely that did help. Blue dream has got those magic powers, so it make sense ^_^

Do you really have dreads or are they part of your mask?

No it's all fake, It's just part of the mask ;)

Yay! thanks for all the support of those who voted for me and thanks for holding the competition @papa-pepper!
I really enjoyed myself while participating in this contest! I it was fun climbing up that dead broken tree branch and posing for the picture taken by @danilamarilu!
Fun Fact: I actually was wearing my steemit T-shirt and my steemfest scarf as a belt in this picture, yet my pose ironically completely blocks any of that from being seen:p

Haha LoLing so hard right now, this is so great. You never cease to surprise me @papa-pepper! I promise you I would have never ever guessed that my winning picture would become the next contest for round 2. Seeing this inspired me to make this meme.

P.S. I am now following all the people who made picture entries of my picture in this picture contest!

P.P.S. I will also be Resteeming all contest entry post that people post to their blog after entering here^_^

You are about to become a steemit celebrity my friend, plus, nice job winning multiple @papa-pepper contests.

Since you were the only one to guess that @puffin gif, I had to let you win that one.... and it was apparent for many reasons that your photo got this contest too, although the amount of really good entries was incredible!!!

Just keep watching as this contest builds, you are starting to pop up everywhere here on steemit!

Yes, I am already starting to see that now, what a surprise that you gave me :p Thanks, It wouldn't be possible if you didn't host so many, So thanks for making frequent contest!

Indeed, I Won by default:p Yay, I think it was the best out of all the pictures I took because of the pose!
I know, It's amazing how many good entries you get into your contests.

Yeah I am already starting to see that, I am really getting a good kick out of all the awesome creations off of my picture. Also anyone who make a post off of there contest entry I will resteem it on my blog ^_^

Cool, I can already see that some people will make more off of their entry posts than they will if they actually win the contest.... which is part of what I love the most!


Yeah, I am seeing the exact same thing. Pretty amazing , maybe I should make a contest entry myself:p I am loving this, every time I see a new entry I get a Really good laugh out of it! Steem On!

As guest judge you couldn't win, but it would be soooo cool to see your entry.

I say, if you're into it, do it!

Haha, great reply ! Love the meme ! Steem on ! And thanks for following !♨👍♨

Thanks, I thought the meme would fit this perfectly. Your welcome, Happy to be able to see your post in the future^_^

Great work honestly, this has turned into a snowball of awesomeness

Right! I never would have guessed there would be a round two of this contest, it has been a great surprise for me!

Hey there, I am going to put up a Meme of the Day featuring your photo! and linking back to this post and my artwork submission based on it -- have a look!

Awesome great post, Just saw it and commented on it! Gave me a good laugh.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

It encourages me when people tell me they get a laugh.... my memes don't get a lot of votes etc and I work hard on them with my limited talents LOL, so I love people getting a LOL.

Yay for confidence an encouragement!

I definitely did. It's fine, if at first you don't succeed try, try again! Who knows when something will blow up with attention ;)

LOL, my post did from about 90 mins ago, most votes I have ever gotten esp. in 2 hours or so but lol, look at the tiny payout. I just don't get that.

Great contest entry post! I love how you created me with Henna<3!

Really love the way you drew my hair and the mask too! I upvoted and resteemed you post too^_^

lol you're most welcome @ballinconscious!
Thank you!
;) ;)

Anytime, It is a great drawing!



Haha lol Of course you have my permission to use my picture however you want :p


Covering bases!

Who covered first base, what covered second?

Who's on third.

whos on fourth? (does that even exist?)

No problem ! You have my full permission @papa-pepper ! Good luck everyone and steem on! ♨👍♨

I forget to mention that sometimes in the posts....


Loling, that is funny. Quick disclaimer!

Ah, the joy of bananas...

This is so strange...I just...I. Can't. Stop. Watching.

ahhahahaha @hilarski this is hilarious hahaha

This is one of the trippiest thing i have seen in a very long time:p

Loving the amazing picture creations of me

Check out how I made my winning picture here

this is the post I made explaining the process I went through of taking this picture of me and my reaction when I discovered that everyone was making new picture creations of me ^_^

Good thing I had you cover your face or this contest may not have been as popular!

(joke) LOL!

Buuuurrrnnn! I touched it and it was got:p It makes sense that papa -pepper jokes are spicy and got ones that can Buuuuuuurrrn sometimes ;')

All in fun... fun flames of fire burning!

Don't step on the floor, all of the floor is lava now!

Glad I made it! Nice contest s so far! :D

We are even rewarding more entries, though still having only one winner!

That's mighty generous!

Probably my last one for this round!

Great timing and title. Really love the way you only stuck to the details that were most important in the picture ^_^

haha - I'm glad you could find something positive in my entry! : )

Your welcome, every entry has its own beauty to it. Yours is completly different from the rest , very easy to find positive aspects to it ^_^

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Thanks for that!

Awesome! Congrats @ballinconcious, definitely my favorite entry!
An edited photo? Aw snap. Count. Me. In.

Do it! And great entry last time!

Maybe even better entry this time...

happy emoji face

Congrats @ballinconscious! Great contest and great winner!