Dürer [Steem Edition] ^.^ Crypto Logo Art & Design Challenge - Entry ^.^

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I present to you my next entry for @sndbox's Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 7: STEEM!]
This time I decided to use the incredible style of the Famous Artist of the Northern Renaissance Albrecht Dürer!
So I hope you like it! ^.^

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The Idea

This was probably one of the easiest idea I've ever had. Mainly because I was truly amazed by the the pen-and-ink drawing of Praying Hands and wanted to try the technique using only Photoshop...
but that's not all.

I wish with this work to show the value of this cryptо currency. For me, it is not just another logo in the competition, but a future for development, income growth, an opportunity to achieve higher goals.
Who knows, may one day will become my main income. ^.^

Border_01 (2).png

The Inspiration

Some of Dürer's amazingly detailed artworks that I used as an inspiration:

And also some references from Pixabay:

So let's get started! ^.^

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As always, the first element (and the most important one) was the Steem logo. I made basic contours, shades and strokes:

Border_01 (2).png

I had to hide the logo for now and concentrate on the hands:

Border_01 (2).png

Then combined the two and added shadows and highlights:

Border_01 (2).png

I didn't like the logo, it was too dark for the composition, so decided to make it brighter.
That way I concentrate the viewer's eyes first on it and then on its subordinate elements.
I also painted some grass behind the hands, because the background was too simple.

Border_01 (2).png

Special thanks to @shotgunscream for his advice to make the background a bit darker, to have more contrast with the hands and the logo.
After some adjustments here's the final version:

Border_01 (2).png

Hope you like it!
^.^ Have a unique day, everyone! ^.^
Thanks for stopping by!


Very pretty, Katalina! Love the detailed shading on the hands and on the logo <3 Great inspiration, also <3 <3 GOOD LUCK IN THE COMPIE~


Aw, thanks, @veryspider! ^.^ <3<3<3
I sincerely thank you for your support and wonderful comments. ^.^

It still amazes me what people can do with and what they can create in paintshop on their computers. One day, I will need to learn how to use the paint program I downloaded, for now I just use it to resize and crop photographs.

Don't worry, we all started from the basics. I too knew only how to crop (without the resizing part) different images. ;)

You are DAMN GOOD! Keep it up!

Thank you! ^.^ I'm glad you like it!

I'd like to see more of your work :)

Oh, thank you, @brentssanders! ^.^ Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to post every day, but if you're curious, you can check Facebook and Artstation pages:

I hadn't heard about Durer before. He's an amazing artist, glad to have discovered him. You did an awesome job at interpreting his style. I'm in awe of the detail you've got here. The shadows and highlights are just so beautifully executed. Great job!

Thank you, @soulturtle! I'm really glad you like my work! ^.^ My main idea was to search, find and be inspired by different but great artists. And also show how many are the possibilities of solving creative problems (like this challenge for example). ;)

Like it so much, I thought this art was hand crafted at first!

Thank you, @fr3eze! I'm really glad you like it! ^.^